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If you want to travel to Qazvin

Ovan lake is one of the most spectacular places in Iran near Alamut in Qazvin that can be a great Iran tourism destination, especially for nature enthusiasts. To reach Ovan Lake you have to go to Qazvin-Alamut Road, a winding and mountainous road that may not have asphalt but is welcomed with endless blue sky and spectacular scenery. Get ready to get to know this beautiful lake. Together, we take the path to Ovan Lake to reach this natural attraction of Qazvin. We are going to talk about Ovan lake facilities and explore the fun opportunities along this lake. Stay with us.

ovan lake in qazvin

Migratory birds, including swans, geese, ducks, and others, spend time on this lovely lake in the autumn. Animals like the entire mountain goat, leopard, brown bear, boar, jackal, lynx, hawk, owl, woodpecker, Quebec, frog, turtle, and others may be found around the lake. The lake offers a home for species including carp, duck, and rainbow trout although it is off-limits to fishing.

There is significant vegetation around the lake, and trees such as mustard, plantain, apple, cherry, and ... have created a beautiful atmosphere where a picnic can be set up or camped there. The lake covers an area of 70,000 square meters, 325 meters long and 275 meters wide, and the deepest part is 6.8 meters deep. Somewhere near Ovan Lake, there is another lake called Elobom, which knows little about its existence. 

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Preserving Ovan Lake's Ecosystem

  1. Status: Protected area to maintain ecosystem and wildlife.
  2. Prohibitions: Fishing and hunting strictly banned.
  3. Challenges: Illegal activities threaten lake inhabitants.

Visitor Responsibility

  1. Respect environmental regulations.
  2. Contribute to conservation efforts.
  3. Avoid engaging in or encouraging prohibited activities.

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Amenities at Ovan Lake

  1. Restrooms: Clean and accessible for visitors.
  2. Seating Areas: Benches and picnic spots for relaxation.
  3. Buffet: Small buffet offering snacks and refreshments.
  4. Parking: Ample space for vehicles.
  5. Scenery: Beautiful spots for enjoying the lake's natural beauty.

How to go to Ovan Lake

On the beautiful road of Qazvin-Alamut, you pass through the lush green valleys and mountain ranges from Raja's Plain, and about 3 hours before you reach a two-way route, you head to the lake, and then You can see the lake in front of Zarabad village.

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Swimming and fishing are forbidden!

On Ovan Lake, hunting and fishing are forbidden. Because unbridled hunting has caused irreparable damage to the ecosystem and the life of animals in recent years. Despite many signs that prevent visitors from fishing, they are still the ones who carry out illegal fishing and endanger the lives of fish.

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Ovan Lake Facilities

Restrooms, beds for sitting, and a small buffet are all available at lake Evan. There is also a good place to park the vehicles and there are good places to sit around the lake.

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Best travel season

The best time to visit Lake Evan is from May to October, but each season offers some special features:

Spring and summer: Due to the presence of a lake in a mountainous region, its climate is mild and pleasant in the spring and summer, and many travelers come to these seasons.

Fall and winter: With the onset of the cold season and the drop in temperature, cold weather dominates the area, but it can not be seen from the thousands of autumn and fall snowy faces of the winter and these beauties have not been seen.

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Essential Travel Tips for Ovan Lake

  1. Food: Pack sufficient snacks and meals.
  2. Warm Clothing: Essential for cool evenings and nights.
  3. Firewood: Bring your own for overnight stays.
  4. Flashlights: Crucial for navigating in the dark.
  5. Water: Stay hydrated; carry enough for your visit.
  6. Camping Supplies: Tents, sleeping bags, and other gear for those staying overnight.
  7. Self-Sufficiency: Prepare for limited resources due to the lake's remote location

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Last words

Ovan Lake, with its serene beauty and tranquil waters, offers a perfect escape into nature. Whether you're seeking adventure or a peaceful retreat, this hidden gem in Qazvin awaits. Embrace the natural splendor and contribute to preserving this unique ecosystem for future generations.


Questions and answers about the qazvin ovan lake:

What is the best time to visit Ovan Lake?

Spring to fall (May to October) for mild weather and scenic beauty.

Are there facilities available at Ovan Lake?

Yes, including restrooms, seating areas, a buffet, and parking.

What should I bring to Ovan Lake?

Food, water, warm clothing, firewood (if staying overnight), and camping supplies.

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