?  It is a lake ? what is the Ovan Lake |

? It is a lake ? what is the Ovan Lake |

? It is a lake ? what is the Ovan Lake

On the slopes of Khashchal mountain in the Alamut area, 75 km from Qazvin, is one of the most beautiful lakes in Iran, with its spectacular views of the most famous lakes in Iran. You can easily get to the lake for fun, spending a day, because there is a good road and good facilities things around there. The best time to go to the lake is the summer season, because it is 1850 meters above sea level, it has cold winters, it freezes in the winter, and can be riding skiing. If you want visit Iran tourism places chose ovan lake.

In the autumn, migratory birds like swans, geese, ducks and ... fly some time on this beautiful lake. There are livestock around the lake such as the whole, mountain goat, leopard, brown bear, boar, jackal, lynx, hawk, owl, woodpecker, quebec, frog, turtle and so on. The lake is a habitat for fish such as rainbow trout, duck and carp, but it can not be fishing.

Ovan lake

There are significant vegetation around the lake, and trees such as mustard, plantain, apple, cherry and ... have created a beautiful atmosphere where a picnic can be set up or camped there. The lake covers an area of 70,000 square meters, 325 meters long and 275 meters wide, and the deepest part is 6.8 meters deep. Somewhere near Ovan Lake, there is another lake called Elobom, which knows little about its existence. 

How to go to Ovan Lake

On the beautiful road of Qazvin-Alamut, you pass through the lush green valleys and mountain ranges from Raja'e Plain, and about 3 hours before you reach a two-way route, you head to the lake, and then You can see the lake in front of Zarabad village. you can use Iran tour fore visit different attractions.

Ovan lake

Swimming and fishing is forbidden!

On the Lake of Ovan, hunting and fishing is forbidden. Because unbridled hunting has caused irreparable damage to the ecosystem and life of animals in recent years. In spite of many signs that prevent visitors from fishing, they are still the ones who carry out illegal fishing and endanger the lives of fish.

Ovan Lake Facilities

Restroom, beds for sitting and a small buffet are all available at the lake Evan. There is also a good place to park the vehicles and there are good places to sit around the lake.

Ovan lake

Best travel season

The best time to visit Lake Evan is from May to October, but each season offers some special features:

Spring and summer: Due to the presence of a lake in a mountainous region, its climate is mild and pleasant in the spring and summer, and many travelers come to these seasons.

Fall and winter: With the onset of the cold season and the drop in temperature, cold weather dominates the area, but it can not be seen from the thousands of autumn and fall snowy faces of the winter and these beauties have not been seen.

Travel equipment

Ovan Lake is far from the city, so you should have food with yourself. If you are planning to spend the night at the lake, it is best to take warm clothes and firewood with you because the summer nights are cold in this area and with the lack of firewood around the lake there is a problem. You can also make firewood or charcoal from Rajaya Plain.

Ovan lake

Also, do not forget the flashlight, water, food and other items you need for nightly tents.

More information about Ovan Lake:

Address: 88 kilometers north-east of Qazvin and in Alamut area

Access time: 8:00 - 9:00

Closure time: -

Cost for foreign nationals: -

Suggested visit time: more than 2 hore

Phone number: -


Nearest Tourist Attractions: alamut castle, chehel soton palace

Best time to visit: spring - autumn


Access to vehicles: 




Parking lot: 


Network coverage: 


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