petrol price in iran

How much is the petrol price in Iran?

Petrol price in Iran is something you need to know especially when you want to travel to Iran. here we are going to know about gasoline in Iran and more.

Petrol price in Iran

Petrol price in Iran is one of the most visited news these days. besides that, Iran gasoline is one of the most important pieces of information you need to know when you want to travel to Iran. especially when you are going to use the car rental in Iran services.

then the petrol price in Iran is something that will affect your trip costs. In this article we are going to give you the most useful information about cheap petrol in Iran, the gas stations in different cities and roads and also some tips and tricks, so stay with us.

How much is a 1-liter petrol price in Iran?

The current Petrol price in Iran is 30.000 Rials per liter.

If you compare petrol prices, you can still find one of the cheapest petrol prices in Iran.
That’s why we suggest that you have the plan to travel to Iran and stay in this country for a few days and visit many cities, car rental in Iran, is still the best option for you.

Petrol in Iran for cars

You can find the petrol price in Iran and also in other countries in the world on the global petrol price website. It also shows that the petrol price in Iran is how much cheaper than the other countries of the world.

Iran gas stations

You can find all the gas stations in the cities of Iran via Google Maps or Waze.

Gas station in Iran

Some tips about petrol in Iran

  • There are many gas stations on the roads:

There is a point that we should mention that if you are going on a road trip to Iran, you don’t need to be worry, because you can find many gas stations on the road between the cities.

  • Only use Petrol for your rental cars:

You can go to any gas station in Iran. but there is a thing that you should remember. Petrol is the correct fuel for Iranian cars, so don’t use CNG gas or gasoline for your cars during your rental.

  • Regular petrol is the best one:

In the gas station, you may see two types of petrol: regular and super. The regular one is suitable for cars, so it's ok to take that one.

Iran gas stations

Now that you know the petrol price in Iran and also know how cheap it still is, we are pretty sure you get that point that how exciting a road trip will be in beautiful Iran. So, don’t miss your chance and contact us for a car rental reservation.


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