Rosewater festival in Kashan

Rosewater festival in Kashan

The Rosewater Festival in Kashan is a cherished annual event that celebrates the city's rich history and cultural heritage. Held during the blooming season of roses in late spring, the festival transforms the streets into a vibrant tapestry of colors and scents. Visitors from far and wide gather to witness traditional rituals such as the distillation of rosewater, a process that has been practiced in Kashan for centuries. The festival also features music, dance, art exhibitions, and culinary delights infused with the essence of roses, creating an immersive sensory experience for all who attend.

What is the Rosewater Festival?

The Rosewater Festival is an annual event celebrated in various parts of the world, particularly in regions where roses are cultivated and esteemed for their fragrance and cultural significance. The festival typically coincides with the blooming season of roses, often in late spring or early summer.
During the Rosewater Festival, communities come together to celebrate the beauty and versatility of roses. Traditional rituals, such as the distillation of rosewater, are often showcased, providing insight into local customs and practices related to rose cultivation. Additionally, the festival may feature various activities such as parades, music and dance performances, art exhibitions, culinary events, and workshops focusing on topics like gardening, perfume-making, and floral arrangements.
The festival serves as a platform for people to appreciate the cultural, historical, and economic importance of roses in their region, as well as to promote tourism and local businesses associated with rose-related products. It also offers an opportunity for locals and visitors alike to immerse themselves in the enchanting world of roses, fostering a sense of community and connection with nature.

What is the Rosewater Festival?

What is the History of the Kashan Rosewater Festival?

The Rosewater Festival in Kashan, Iran, has deep historical roots that stretch back centuries. Kashan, renowned for its rose gardens and the production of rosewater, has been hosting this festival as a celebration of its cultural heritage and economic significance.
The festival's origins are intertwined with the longstanding tradition of rose cultivation and the production of rosewater in Kashan. Rosewater has been produced in the region for generations, with techniques passed down through families and communities.
Historically, the festival served as a way to mark the peak of the rose harvest season, typically occurring in late spring when the roses are in full bloom. It was a time for locals to come together to engage in traditional rituals, such as the distillation of rosewater using age-old methods.
Over time, the Rosewater Festival in Kashan has evolved into a larger cultural event, attracting visitors from across Iran and around the world. While still rooted in the traditions of rose cultivation and production, the festival now includes various activities such as music and dance performances, art exhibitions, culinary events, and workshops.
Today, the Kashan Rosewater Festival stands as a testament to the region's rich history, vibrant culture, and enduring love affair with the rose. It continues to be a cherished annual tradition that showcases the beauty and significance of roses in Iranian society while also serving as a platform for community engagement and tourism promotion.

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Kashan Rose Ceremony

The Gulab Giri Kashan ceremony, held annually from mid-May to mid-June in Kashan and neighboring cities and villages, stands out as one of the region's most renowned and eagerly anticipated events. Drawing over a million tourists, this month-long celebration revolves around the meticulous transformation of freshly harvested flowers into fragrant rosewater within traditional workshops. Visitors are invited to partake in these workshops, offering a firsthand glimpse into the intricate process. Furthermore, the festivities are enhanced by lively music, jubilant foot-stomping, and a warm welcome extended to all attendees.

Kashan Rose Ceremony

What is the process of extracting rose water in Kashan?

Kashan's traditional method of extracting rosewater, known as "Letan," is renowned globally for its excellence and efficiency. In this meticulous process, steam from boiling roses in large copper pots is channeled through tubes into containers of cold water. As the steam cools, it condenses into precious drops of rosewater. Repeating this distillation process enhances purity; the second distillation yields the prized "Rose of two flames," while the third delivers the ultimate purity. This thick, exquisitely fragrant rosewater is achieved through precise measures: one liter of water per kilogram of roses, sealed within copper pots with a mixture of mud and bread flour. Special tools regulate pressure, with each boiling cycle lasting five to seven hours.

process of extracting rose water in Kashan

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Gulab Giri venue around Kashan

  1. Kashan
  2. Qamsar
  3. Niaser
  4. Mashhad Ardahal

They are among the most important cities where the rose water ceremony is held. The most famous rose-water harvesting ceremony of the cities and villages around Kashan is held in the city of Qomsar.

Gulab Giri venue around Kashan

What is the best season for Rose picking in Kashan?

Gulab giri or Rose picking, typically commences in early May and extends throughout the spring season. During this period, rosewater extraction occurred not only in traditional factories and workshops but also in numerous households, where families engaged in the age-old practice in their backyards.
Throughout this time, the streets and fields of Kashan are permeated with the enchanting fragrance of roses. While roses are ripe for picking in June in higher altitudes with cooler climates, warmer regions witness blossoms as early as May. For travelers planning a visit to Kashan, Ordibehesht is an ideal time to experience the spectacle. With its warmer climate compared to Qamsar and Niaser, Kashan's roses are ready for harvesting as early as May.
In Qamsar and Niaser, the harvest of flowers and rosewater typically commences in mid-May. During this time, the weather offers a pleasant reprieve from the scorching daytime heat and the chilly desert nights that characterize other seasons. Generally, the optimal time to partake in the rose ceremony spans from mid-May to mid-June.

What is the best season for Rose picking in Kashan?

Kashan Rose varieties

Rosewater finds versatile applications across industries including food, cosmetics, health, pharmaceuticals, and perfumery, owing to its aromatic allure and beneficial properties.
However, the quality of rosewater varies based on its intended use. The refinement process, characterized by the ratio of mud to water during extraction, determines quality. Multiple extractions and distillations yield higher-quality rosewater, termed "two-fired" and "three-fired," albeit the latter is produced in limited quantities and by specific order. Thicker, purer rosewater boasts a more intense bitterness and commands a higher price.
The most economical variant, “after water” rosewater, is derived from residual flower waste, possessing a weaker fragrance and lower concentration. Additionally, the rose Anber residue left in copper pots post-extraction serves medicinal purposes, offering relief from bone pain and muscle cramps.

Kashan Rose varieties

What are the other products obtained from rose water?

Additional products resulting from the rosewater extraction process encompass rose essence, dry petals, dry buds, rosewater liquid, oil, and flower syrup, each serving diverse purposes.
These various Rosemary products can effectively alleviate ailments such as sore throat, digestive issues, nerve weakness, headaches, heart conditions, and rheumatic diseases, offering a holistic approach to wellness and healing.

What are the other products obtained from rose water?

How can we Travel to Kashan to participate in the rose ceremony?

To reach Kashan, travelers have the option of utilizing private cars or intercity public transportation like planes, trains, or buses. While the rail network is somewhat restricted, it provides access to Kashan from select cities. For instance, tickets can be purchased for journeys to Kashan from Tehran, Mashhad, Zahedan, Karaj, and Isfahan.

cheap car rental in Iran

What are other Gulab Giri places in Iran?

The tradition of Gulab Giri extends beyond Kashan and its neighboring cities, flourishing in various regions across Iran. This cherished ceremony is observed in locales such as Khoi, Shaft, Zabul, Oramanat, Babol, and Fars, showcasing the widespread cultural significance of rosewater production throughout the country.

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Last word

The Rosewater Festival in Kashan stands as a testament to the city's rich cultural heritage, vibrant traditions, and deep-rooted connection to the enchanting world of roses. This annual celebration not only highlights the meticulous process of rosewater extraction but also serves as a gathering point for communities to rejoice in the beauty and fragrance of this revered flower. Through centuries-old rituals, lively festivities, and the warm embrace of visitors from near and far, the Rosewater Festival in Kashan continues to enchant and inspire, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and senses of all who partake in its splendor.


What is the Rosewater Festival in Kashan?

The Rosewater Festival in Kashan is an annual celebration that honors the region's rich tradition of rose cultivation and the production of rosewater. It showcases various cultural activities, including traditional rituals, music, dance, and culinary delights infused with the essence of roses.

When does the Rosewater Festival in Kashan take place?

The Rosewater Festival in Kashan typically occurs during the blooming season of roses, which is usually in late spring or early summer. Exact dates may vary each year, but it generally spans several days or weeks during this period.

What can visitors expect to see and do at the Rosewater Festival in Kashan?

Visitors to the Rosewater Festival in Kashan can experience a wide range of activities, including witnessing the traditional process of rosewater distillation, participating in workshops on rose-related crafts, enjoying performances of local music and dance, exploring art exhibitions, and savoring rose-flavored culinary delights.

How can I attend the Rosewater Festival in Kashan?

Travelers can attend the Rosewater Festival in Kashan by making arrangements to visit the city during the festival dates. Transportation options include private cars, and intercity public transportation such as planes, trains, or buses. It's advisable to plan accommodation due to increased tourist activity during the festival period.

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