Saadabad Complex in Tehran; the last residence of Pahlavi in Iran

Saadabad historical complex is a collection of palaces, buildings, and museums located in the northern and most peaceful...

Saadabad Palace in Tehran

Saadabad Complex is one of the royal residences of the Pahlavi family in Tehran, the capital of Iran. this complex includes many majestic palaces with eye-catching architecture and amazing design and decorations that will make you look at them for hours and hours without becoming tired.

Saadabad complex was originally built as a summer resting place for Qajar kings in the 19th century and later became Reza Shah's palace in 1300 AH. The palaces and villas are built next to the old and beautiful cedar and spruce trees. The complex has 18 palaces, some of which have now been turned into museums.

Saadabad Palace is a collection of palaces, buildings, and museums located in the northern and most peaceful areas of ​​Tehran that surrounds with natural forest, springs, aqueducts, green gardens, greenhouses, and streets. so not only the palaces but its garden will make you fall in love with this place.

Saadabad palace in Tehran

Saadabad historical complex is at an altitude of 1650 to 1800 meters above sea level, with the average annual temperature reaching 12.9 degrees Celsius, which means a good place to spend hours enjoyable. In this collection, you can take a step in the Qajar dynasty and take a few hours to review the history of the Pahlavi. This historic event takes you on a fascinating journey and exploring it becomes a memorable experience for you.

Saadabad historical complex

To reach this palace, you must go to the old neighborhood of Tehran in the north of this busy capital. After reaching the bustle and entering the adjacent streets, you'll reach the entrance of Saadabad historical complex, the door which can be considered the border between today Tehran and yesterday Tehran. Just take a few steps away to find yourself in a different space from all places you will go in your Iran tour. You can take a breath of comfort and discover the fragments of this great garden.

Saadabad Complex history

Saadabad historical complex was the place where the Qajar kings settled during this dynasty, and at the time of Pahlavi, I was the resort of Reza Shah.

Saadabad complex

Saadabad palace then reaches the second Pahlavi king, Mohammadreza Shah and he speeded up the expansion and construction of this palace. This palace includes 18 different museums, each of which has been for one of the members of the Imperial Family in the past.

Inside the Saadabad palace

You can take a walk and cross the historic passageways. Collect the map of the palace in your hand and look for museums. Step by step this great garden offers an excuse to stand, watch and enjoy.

Saadabad palace in Tehran

Saadabad can also be considered a romantic place; throughout the day, you see couples and families who have decided to turn their journey into history and stay away from watching historical events while walking and talking.

Saadabad palace in Tehran

You can also go to every building and a new story awaits you; somewhere you disappear from watching royal clothing; in the corner of the fun garden you experience the royal kitchen; in another part, you go into the art world and Iranian architecture, and partly You will benefit from the experiences of the first Iranian tourists.

Saadabad historical complex

You can enjoy watching the history that has blended with Tehran's nature in this Iran tourism place. Photographers are always in Saadabad historical complex, and you will likely see groups of photographers who practice different techniques and aim to portray all the beauties of this collection.

Saadabad historical complex

In the end, note that you have to discover all the parts of the collection yourself; and do not go into this collection once, as an Iran travel guide, we suggest you visit Saadabad historical complex much time.

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