Souhan, a window to the culture, language, people of Taleghan

Souhan village in Taleqan Souhan is a village located in the central part of Taleqan Iran in Alborz province. About Sou...

Souhan village in Taleqan

Souhan is a village located in the central part of Taleqan Iran in Alborz province.

About Souhan village

Most of the streets of Souhan village are built up wide. Old and large houses have a beautiful structure, and there are still remains of old windows and wooden doors. There is a long old Soltani house in this village with very beautiful architecture. In the villages of Souhan, especially in the spring and early summer, there are a variety of wild flowers.

Souhan village pictures

taleghan villages

Inside The Souhan village

In the inner regions of the village and gardens, there are various productive and non-productive trees and in lower crop areas, there are arable plants and wild plants. In the mountainous areas of Souhan, a variety of mountain medicinal plants can be found.

 Souhan village vegetation

Due to the prevailing rainfall, especially in the spring, the greenery of the vegetation and all kinds of wildflowers, throughout the region, give a unique effect to the village.

The fruit trees used in the gardens include walnuts, apples, apricots, plums, black plums, grapes, pears, almonds, cherries, hazelnuts and …

Souhan village vegetation

literature in the village of Souhan

Negar-Khanei in the village of Souhan, similar to other Taleqan villages in the past and even so far, has a particular prevalence. Negar-e-Khanei is a narration of the love and affection of Aziz and Negar, who was born in the village of Aradakan in the Taleghan.

It's safe to say that all the old people keep at least some of this famous story and tell it at family parties.

Part of the story happened in Souhan, so some old names of the story are still in the village and the people of this village are particularly interested in this story.

Souhan Attractions

Choreh Waterfall

The famous Sohan waterfall is located approximately 4 km northwest of the village, which is called Choreh by the locals.

choreh waterfall in Taleqan

choreh waterfall

Obar Mahaleh

To start the journey, we first go to the northwest, called Obar Mahaleh. In this place, there is a clear blue water that flows through the sandy road to its source.

Obar mahaleh in Taleqan

Obar Mahaleh in the north of Sohan village

Valley of Haft Cheshmeh

The path to Haft Cheshmeh is quite smooth and beautiful. To the left is the various gardens and to the right of the hill

Valley of haft cheshmeh

Houses located on the Haft Cheshmeh

Zolkan hill

At the top of the Zolkan hill, the surrounding villages and the walls of the Taleghan Dam and the lake behind it, are quite visible.

Zolkan hill in Souhan

Zolkan hill

To understand the beauty of the Sohan waterfall, you should see it closely. However, several photos of the beautiful or beautiful waterfall of the village of Sohan Taleghan are presented.

taleghan waterfalls

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