all the strange laws for countries in the world

Strange laws of each country in the world (2022)

As you know, all the countries have some rules. Some of them are good but some of them are strange. We want to check the strange laws of each country.


Many of us are probably unaware of the strange laws that exist in some countries. Laws that are strictly enforced in one country and may not be the least important elsewhere. So we may have to pay huge fines or face severe punishment by doing a normal job in a city or country whose laws we are unfamiliar with. So you should know about the strange laws of each country in the world. There are some laws that when you hear that you will be shocked, but there are so important to their own country.


Strange laws of Dubai

Dubai, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Middle East, has some interesting and strange rules that may surprise you.

  • Eat or drink on public transportation

Eating and drinking are strictly forbidden in the entire fleet of the public transport system as well as in their stations; from the subway and bus to the pedestrian crossing. If you are arrested for eating or drinking in these places, you will have to pay a fine of 100 dirhams.

  • Having a dirty car

Despite the numerous sandstorms in the UAE, you might think that having a dirty and dirty car is normal and forgivable in this country.

Dirty cars, however, are considered "disgusting to the image of the city and public health." As a result, owners of such cars will have to pay fines of 3,000 dirhams.

  • Take photos and share photos of road or air accidents

In general, taking photos in the UAE is a dangerous job. If you see an accident on the street during your trip, you should not take a picture of it; this is just like photographing illegal military buildings, courts, and palaces. If you commit such a crime, you will have to pay 50,000 to 3 million dirhams and you will most likely be deported from this country.

Strange laws of Turkey

Turkey is one of the best countries for traveling. It has lots of places for visiting. Before traveling there, you should know the strange laws of this country:

  • Picking unripe olives in Istanbul, Turkey

Because the Turks have a special interest in the lives of their city, anyone who picks them before the olives arrive will be fined more than $ 500 or, in some cases, even sentenced to two years in prison. So don't pick olives from trees before they ripen.

  • Alcohol consumption is prohibited on the street

It is forbidden to consume alcohol on the streets of Turkey and also to sell it after 10 pm.

  • Payment for the use of Turkish health services

The amount of 50 lire or the same half-crouch is the cost of payment to public toilets in Turkey and the owners of health services are obliged to pay tax on their income.


Strange laws of Italy

Italy is one of the most popular countries in the world for travel. It is made up of the islands of Sicily and Sardinia in the Mediterranean Sea and the Italian peninsula. Before traveling to this beautiful country, let's look at its strange rules.

  • Sitting in Venice, Italy

Venice is a tourist city and is usually very crowded. Therefore, people may feel tired while visiting and want to relieve their fatigue by sitting in the corner without knowing that they will have to pay a $ 588 fine. The local government has banned people from sitting in the area to keep them comfortable, as well as the tourists themselves, and tourists should visit cafes and restaurants if they want to relax.

  • You should always smile in Milan

If you do not want to be fined in Milan, you have to smile at all times. This strange law in Milan requires citizens to smile at all times, even at funerals and hospital visits.

  • Prohibition of the construction of sandcastles on the coast of Araklia

The construction of sandcastles on the coast of Araklia is prohibited. The law banning the construction of sandcastles in Araklia has been enacted because the city authorities consider these castles to be a threat to public safety. Araklia officials believe that the danger of sandcastles is so great that it prevents people from walking on the beach and can be dangerous for them.


Strange laws of China

Have you ever traveled to China? This country has a perfect culture. But it has some rules. Some rules are acceptable but some of them are not. You should know about the strange laws of this country before packing your things and buying tickets.

  • People walk the streets in pajamas

Do not be surprised if you see people in pajamas on the streets, restaurants, and shopping malls wearing pajamas instead of formal clothes or sportswear. It is very common to wear pajamas in this city and most people prefer to wear comfortable clothes to go to formal places instead of changing clothes.

  • Heavy fines for food waste in China

The Chinese government has imposed heavy fines on those who indulge in food cravings, which is why some restaurants pre-weigh their customers before offering them weight-appropriate questions.


Strange law in Singapore

Another tourist country is Singapore. This country has strange laws too. So before traveling there, check all the rules and for enjoying your trip.

  • Chewing gum in Singapore

If you are traveling to Singapore, we suggest using mint pills to freshen your mouth and leave the gum in your home.


Strange laws of German

Germany or the Federal Republic of Germany is located in continental Europe. The population of this pleasant country is about 82 million people, which is one of the most populous countries in continental Europe. Let's check about all the strange laws in this country.

  • Gasoline runs out on German highways

Another of the strangest laws in the world is related to Germany. It is illegal to run out of gas on the country's highways; every esteemed German citizen must anticipate and plan everything for them.


Strange law of Denmark

Denmark is one of the perfect places for traveling. Lots of tourists, visit this country each month. Besides the best things in this country, they have strange laws in this country.

  • Do not lose your child in Denmark

The strangest law in Denmark is that children go missing and their parents can not find them for 2 hours. Danish citizens can take custody of their children.


You should check and know about all the rules before traveling to some country. Strange laws of countries, are the thing that you should have information about them. So, before packing your thing, get a lot of information about that country and after that travel there.


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