Temple of Chak Chak; Zorastrians shrine in Yazd

temple of chak chak

In Yazd, near Ardakan, there is a sacred cave, which has many stories and mysteries. It is said in the traditions, that when you enter this temple if you are a good man from your heart, water drops begin to fall from the roof of this cave so fast. The stressful part is when water drops almost cut off that by this myth means maybe you are not that much good as you think.

Do you think you want to try your chance and enter this cave? Stay with us to know more about this Iran tourism attraction and its amusing story.

About the temple of Chak Chak

Temple of Chak Chak, Chak Chakoo, or Pir-e sabz is the name of the shrine which all Zoroastrians around the world regard as sacrosanct and attach great importance to it.

This temple is the symbol of unity and convergence of the Zoroastrians. Along with the religious significance of this place, the presence of water and lush trees (2 important symbols in this religion) is one of the factors that distinguishes it from other Zorastrian shrines in Yazd.

Temple of Chak Chak story

The reason for the creation of this shrine is still unclear to everyone and there are various stories about it, but ultimately what is certain is the value of this sanctuary for Zoroastrians, which brings together the followers of this ancient religion.

In the following, we will mention the most important narratives of this holy shrine:

Temple of Chak Chak myths

it seems that during the reign of Yazdgerd III, the last Sassanid king, the Arabs invaded the Madaen palace, which led the king to seek a solution to save his family. He along with his wife Katayun, his sons, and daughters went to Yazd. He was also ordered to build a strong city with a tower and ditch to protect him and his family from the harm of his enemies. Yazdgerd starts a war with the Arabs but is defeated and escapes to Khorasan.

He arrives at a mill on his way and hides in it. But he was identified and killed by the miller. Upon hearing the news of the death of Yazdgerd, his family separated and each one escapes to a point in Yazd.

last daughter of Yazdgerd, Nikbanoo takes refuge in the Ardakan mountains. When she was on the hillside near Ardakan, noticed the Arabs, and climbed high mountains to hide from them.

It is said that when she sees himself in the siege, she looks at the mountain, sighs in his heart, and says: "Take me like a kind mother in your arms and take me from my enemies."

At this moment, a gap is created in the mountains and takes this pious lady inside. After a while, water drops start to fall from the top of the mountain to the ground. From then on, the Zoroastrians cherish this place and created a memorial to the lady of chastity by creating the temple of Chak Chak.

They believe that the tears of Nikbanoo are still alive but hidden from the eyes, drop, and soak the earth. For this reason, it has become known as Chak Chak because in Farsi the sound of falling water drops is called Chik Chik. This temple is located right where the drops are falling. The Zoroastrians gather them and use them as sanctification.

There is also an ancient tree that, according to Zoroastrians, grows from the place where Nikbanoo sunk her cane, and today this green is very sacred and famous for Zoroastrians. The interesting point is the emergence of this tree through the rock, which is a natural wonder.

Inside Temple of Chak Chak

The interior of the temple is like the crater of the cave, and the trunk of the ancient tree is also there. There is also a painting of the elders of the Zoroastrian religion, in the inner courtyard of the temple of Chak Chak, which has given it a special beauty.

The floor of the shrine is also covered with marble, and it can be seen that the water drops off the ceiling. The roof is of stone, and a few candles are turned on and the temple guards are responsible to keep them on forever. There is also a place to burn incense and holy wood.

How to enter to Temple of Chak Chak

During the special days of the year, Zoroastrians gather in this holy temple to hold a feast and prayer. Entrance to this holy place also has certain customs, as well as other religious shrines. To enter this place and pay tribute, it is necessary to put a hat on and take off shoes and people who are not clean will not be allowed to enter.

Temple of Chak Chak today has become one of the most popular sanctuaries and destinations for religious minorities in Iran and Yazd and visiting this spiritual site in your Iran tour can make you familiar with the ancient religions and cultures of Iran.



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