The Ultimate Guide to Traveling Cheap in Iran in 2023

cheap traveling to iran

Travel on a budget in 2023

As coronary restrictions fade, people are eager to travel more than ever. Iran and Iran's attractions are one of the destinations that many decide to visit after the Corona, but after all the struggles that we have been through, a huge percentage of people are determined by the costs of their trip. It is always said that travel costs a lot of money and that it is not possible to travel on a low budget. But we must say that traveling cheaply in Iran is very easy. Just follow a few tips and see how easy, cheap, and worry-free it is to travel. Stay with us to learn all these tips.

Transportation in Iran

One of the trivial issues that seem very big and difficult in people's minds is transportation. One of the things you need to know about traveling on a budget in Iran is that each destination has several access routes. You must consider your budget and select one of the options based on it.

Car rental

Car rental is the best way to travel within a country and visit different cities in a short amount of time, and it is also one of the most affordable modes of transportation. This service is one of the options that some tourists may not consider. Maybe they think they can’t find a trustworthy car rental company in Iran. But Saadatrent, as one of the pioneers of car rental in Iran provides the best services at the lowest price. If you are looking to travel on a budget but still have an unforgettable experience, we recommend renting a car for your transportation.


This is the easiest and fastest way to transport an airplane, but keep in mind that this convenience makes this type of transportation more expensive. If you want to pay less for your transportation, skip this option and use other methods.


The next option is always to train. At present, Iran's railway network has trains to many parts of the country, which will greatly reduce your costs. You can compare different train tickets that have different prices and buy them for a low-cost trip.


You may find the bus difficult, but you should know that there are various VIP buses for most locations that you can use to drastically reduce your costs. Choose one of the night buses, and in the morning when you arrive at your destination, you will easily get ahead of the cost of accommodation overnight.

Residence and accommodation in Iran

The second case for traveling on a budget in Iran is accommodation. Usually, we all think that staying somewhere is only possible in a hotel, and because hotels are usually expensive, we skip our trip altogether.
OK! There is a solution to this! Accommodation is not limited to hotels, and there are many accommodation options throughout Iran.


Hostels are usually shared accommodations. That means you rent a bed in a common room. You can find the best hostels in Tehran in this article:


One of the types of accommodation in Iran is guest houses, which are cheaper than a hotel. Guest houses usually have fewer facilities than hotels, which makes them cheaper. In our opinion, this feature is also very good for a tourist who wants to see a destination on a budget.

Apartment Hotels

Apartment hotels are usually cheaper than hotels and have good features. They usually have a kitchen where you can reduce the cost of your food by cooking it.

Local houses

The local house can be considered one of the most popular low-cost accommodations in Iran. Staying in local houses is very exciting. Because in addition to seeing a destination, you can also improve the economic situation of the people and better understand the feelings of the people in that city or village.

Ecolodge or ecotourism resort

These resorts are similar to local houses, except that they are designed and built for tourists. These are usually accommodations that are established in different areas for tourism, and their purpose is to acquaint tourists with the customs, culture, history, and architecture of a region. This type of accommodation is also very suitable for travelers on a budget in Iran.


Yes! Tents are another cheap way to travel. You can buy a travel tent and camp wherever you go instead of staying in an expensive hotel, which the municipality of each city usually prepares. If your destination is somewhere in the heart of nature or a village, camping is a great idea. In addition to being low-cost, it will be a very interesting experience for you.

Food and Beverage

Another topic is the discussion of food, which is simpler than the first two. It is better to stay away from restaurants that are full of tourists on your travels. Instead, look for local restaurants or caterers in whatever city you are in. In this way, you both eat cheaper food and contribute to the local community's economy. Cooking and serving canned food is always a good option for travelers on a budget in Iran.
By following these tips, you can easily have a low-cost trip to Iran and get rid of the belief that you always have to spend a lot on a trip.

Last word

By studying these guidelines, you may travel effortlessly and enjoy your vacation.




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