Varzaneh Desert in Isfahan, Iran; the confluence of earth and sky

Varzaneh desert is one of the most beautiful places in Iran, along with forests and mountains.

Varzaneh desert in Isfahan, Iran

Varzaneh desert is one of the most beautiful places in Iran, along with forests and mountains. the best seasons for desert climbing is fall and winter, as it reduces the heat of the Varzaneh desert and makes it the best destination for tourists who like to experience excitement, beauty, and silence together. 

Varzaneh Desert is one of the beautiful deserts of the eastern part of Isfahan and the central part of Iran. At the heart of this desert, sandy hills make a wonderful view that wind beautifully crafted them in various shapes, including longitudinal hills, crests, and sandy pyramids.

One of the most important features of the Varzaneh Desert is that it is close to Varzaneh's historical city, so in addition to enjoying the desert, you can also visit the historic town. Another important feature is its proximity to the Gavkhoni Wetland, which has a variety of vegetation due to the moisture it receives.

Varzaneh desert in Iran

About Varzaneh Desert

If you are interested in desertification, you must've heard the name of Isfahan, with its unique deserts; one of these deserts in Varzaneh. This desert is located in the city of Varzaneh, somewhere between Yazd and Isfahan, with an area of more than 1000 km, about 100 km from Isfahan.

Khara desert

The city of Varzaneh has a long history of countless natural and historical attractions. Stay tuned to learn more about it in our Iran travel blog. you only need to click here.

Why Varzaneh desert is special?

The dunes in Varzaneh desert are very spectacular. The wind blows and brings them into beautiful pyramids, crests, longitudes, and so on.

Varzaneh desert in Iran

This same issue has caused the Varzaneh desert to be special in the Iranian desert and has a special place in Iran ecotourism.

Khara desert or Varzaneh Desert?

The entire area is known as the Khara Desert, but nowadays it is considered as two distinct parts; a part of the Varzaneh Desert and the other part of the Khara Desert. The part that is called the Khara Desert is 30 km away from the Varzaneh Desert and near the village of Khara.

Varzaneh desert

This part of the desert does not have such facilities, and its features are not very welcome. Locals say that because the section is located at the end of the desert, its hills are loose and not suitable for desert recreation.

Entertainments of Varzaneh Desert

There are several exciting entertainments in the Varzaneh desert you can enjoy, although the largest desert recreation site in Varzaneh has provided a great place for tourists to enter this area. In this section, we will introduce the recreations of the Varzaneh Desert.

1.Walking on the rhymes and dunes of the desert

Varzaneh desert

One of the most popular recreational activities in the desert is walking on hot sands. So take off your shoes so you can walk on the hot hills of sand and relax in this beautiful desert.

2.Riding a camel

Another recreation of Varzaneh desert is riding camels. This recreation can bring about the experience of the native living atmosphere in the past for you.

Varzaneh desert

 * Every year in May, the Camel riding competitions are held in Varzaneh Desert. Camel riders from different parts of Iran participate in the tournament. If you go to Varzaneh this season, there's a chance to see this competition closely.

3.Sand riding

Sand riding in Varzaneh

This desert has high ramps and is very suitable for sand riding. To do this, you can use the boards in the residences that they rent them to tourists.

4.Four-wheel motorcycle driving (ATV)

Varzaneh desert

Another exciting recreation is driving four-wheel motorcycles that move fast over the dunes. Of course, you cannot get it alone as a non-professional, so motorcycle drivers do it for you.

off-roading is also another type of Varzaneh desert recreation. Due to the presence of sand, only SUV cars can move in these areas.

Varzaneh desert

6.Zip Line

In this desert, there are two Zipp lines, one is located in the Khara desert, about 30 meters in length, while the other is in Varzaneh recreational site with a length of 400 meters.

Varzaneh desert

Travel tips:

If you want to ride the zip line, give your stuff such as glasses, mobile phones, headphones, etc., to your friends or companions, because it might fall off and finding them between the sand is not easy!


An exciting sport that is done in the windy and usually high-altitude areas. Desert areas because of wind blowing are a good place for this kind of sport.

Varzaneh desert

8.Viewing the sky and photography at night

Perhaps this is one of the main goals of traveling to the desert areas. Sky of Varzaneh desert is extremely spectacular and beautiful at night and makes a wide range of different groups interested in astronomy and night photography, from professional and amateur to come to these beautiful areas.

Varzaneh desert

9.Camping and nightlife

Another exciting recreation of Varzaneh Desert is camping and Night staying. Many people who like camping in deserts travel to these areas with camping equipment. Besides that, turning on the fire and nightlife is also considered as a popular recreation in deserts.

Varzaneh desert in Iran


Buggy is a large-wheel-drive motor vehicle with a wide range of tires designed for use in forests, dunes, beaches or deserts, and has high maneuverability and speed.

Varzaneh desert

Where to stay?

If you travel to Varzaneh Desert, you do not need to worry about your accommodation. The facilities of Varzaneh Desert and its surroundings are adequate and suitable.

Varzaneh desert

If you want to stay in the desert, you can use the facilities of the Wahe Tourist Complex or go to Varzaneh city, 11 km from the hills, and take advantage of the beautiful accommodations in this city. The third solution is an exciting stay, camping!!!


Varzaneh Desert is not a remote nature and is located near the city, so access to amenities is easy.

Varzaneh desert

The closest accommodation is located in the Wahe Complex, but you can also try the city residences. The Wahe Resort, located in the Varzaneh Desert, can satisfy all your needs as a passenger.

Varzaneh desert

Live performances, fireworks, drama performances, and various celebrations.

Best season to travel to Varzaneh dessert

Spring and Summer: Early April is your deadline to visit the desert, and after that, you will only receive heat.

Varzaneh desert

Autumn and Winter: Maybe we can say that the best season to travel to Varzaneh desert is fall. The days are not very hot and at night it does not get too cold, but it should be a little cautious in winter because the cold nights of the desert are always famous.

Essential accessories for traveling to Varzaneh Desert

As we all know, nature is always unpredictable, so we need some essential accessories to go to nature, such as the desert, so we can experience a good and safe trip.

Varzaneh desert

Stuff you better have with your self are drinking water, general medicine, sunglasses, cool clothes, power bank, blankets and bedding, sleeping bag, binoculars, camera, travel tent, sunscreen, insect repellent, map or GPS, identification card, Cellular phone, backpack, first aid box, mobile charger

Access path to Varzaneh desert:

Address: Varzaneh sandy hills - Isfahan-Varzaneh road – Isfahan - Iran

This desert is located in the eastern part of Hassan Abad-Varzaneh and has access to the western part It is easily possible by car; so you can use the car rental in Iran services to visit Isfahan attractions and after that travel here.

Varzaneh desert

but if you are planning to visit the eastern border, there are two ways for you. Or you have to pass through the Varzaneh city and sandstones to reach the eastern side or continue to the southern margin of Varzaneh along the Zayanderud to the east, which both routes are accessible only with off-road cars. To follow these paths, you need to have expert guidance.

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