driving in Iran

driving in Iran

how to drive in Iran


Driving in Iran and going to cities with your own car in good way for seeing Iran also driving in every country is a little hard . Nonetheless, self-driving  and Rent car in Iran remains a good way of visiting Iran.And if you choose cheap rent car in Iran you can reduce your travel s cost because saadat rent has car insurance in Tehran and Tehran tour and other options for you


Do i need guide


If you rent car from saadat rent we will say everything and we are economic car rental in Tehran

But  It is NOT necessary to have a guide to drive around Iran (as long as you are travelling with a passport other than US, UK or Canada – this is a separate issue). Visa invitation agencies have started to insist on a guide in order to issue a visa authorisation number (which one then takes to the embassy to get a visa). This is, according to an inside contact, not an official rule of the Iranian MFA, but seems to be one coming from the agencies


The simple way around this is NOT TO TELL the inviting agency that you will be bringing in a vehicle. They will ask you explicitly if you are driving, so you need to tell them explicitly you are not. Don´t worry, nobody checks


If you have a valid visa, you can enter at the border with your vehicle. Think about it – do you think every Turkish, Turkmen, Iraqi,… truck driver is taking a guide with them across the country





You also need insurance we will give to you Roro reports not having to pay for insurance at the border in 2011 and 2015. In case you do want insurance, we say to you how you can use insurance


On the major routes, expect no problems as roads are generally very good. Tips on smaller roads are welcome!


Fuel prices, fuel cards and availability


Iran has something called a fuel card which is necessary to buy petrol. Don’t worry, you can get petrol without as well. The word for free (meaning without card) is ‘azad’ in Farsi. The pump attendant will take out his own card and sell it to you at the standard price without fuss. Very occasionally there are petrol stations which do not have their own car, in which case you can either go and find another, or wait for a driver to come and let you use his (he may ask for a small consideration).Petrol and diesel are incredibly cheap in Iran


Police checks


Foreigners are not singled out for police checks. Reports of fines or speed checks are welcomed! From 2011 police have begun testing for drivers under the influence of alcohol and for driving under the influence of drugs


Repair shops and car parts


Common, but all info regarding parts for special makes and other insider tips are welcome


Selling/dumping a car in Iran


It is not possible to import cars older than 3 years into Iran. Additionally, Iran has a protectionist ring around its car industry. Import taxes are very high; customs takes about 3 times the car value as tax

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