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Filband Iran; on the top of the clouds

Today, in this blog, we are going to travel to one of the most eye-catching villages in the north of Iran with pristine nature and fresh air named Filband village. a village that is located on the top of the clouds in Mazandaran province and people call it the roof of Mazandaran.

 So, let me tell you more about this village. Filband is one of the most beautiful villages in the northern parts of Iran that is one of the best places you can see in Iran. one of the most prestigious districts of Babol. here is one of the rarest places where you can watch the ocean of the clouds phenomena.

Even the local people in the warm months of the year, travel to Filband Iran and enjoy the cooler weather in that area. But on the contrary, in the winter, due to the cold and heavy snow, it is left uninhabited and only a small number of people remain in this village.

Filband village is one of the most beautiful villages in the northern cities of Iran which is most often drowned in the ocean of the cloud. Its sunrise and sunset is another unique Iran tourist attraction of the village where you can experience spring weather during the hot summer season.

Filband Iran

Where is Filband Iran?

Filband village is one of the best destinations for nature enthusiasts who take a tour and is located in one of the highest mountains of Mazandaran and has a very beautiful landscape. This village is, in fact, one of the best villages in the province of Mazandaran and the best destination among all Iran tourist places in the hot season of the year.

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Filband village in Iran

Filband village is 2,700 meters above sea level and surrounded by a sea of clouds most time of year. The ocean could be a phenomenon where you can feel yourself on the clouds.

The village, also known as the Mazandaran roof, has many natural and cultural attractions. Also, there are many springs in the Filband village, Lar is a small spring in the area that has a lot of mineral salts and is used to treat kidney pain from this spring.

Why this village is named Filband?

Because of the high altitude and hard access of the village in the past, it was difficult to reach it, and as such, it is called the Filband in the local dialect, which means difficulty and fatigue.

What can you do in Filband village?

Filband village in Iran

1. Photography

The best thing to do when you travel to Filband village takes photos of various landscapes of pristine nature. Most of all, the ocean of clouds and sunrise and sunset view from the mountains and forests is so spectacular for photography in the village.

2. excursion in nature

the incredible nature of Filband village makes you want to walk through it forever. The bells of the sheep of the locals, thick fog, or the smell of rain, can make you feel fresh and alive. One of the paths you can take to explore is the path to the Stone Mountains, but be careful not to run this way without local guides and equipment, and you may be in trouble later or get lost.

3. Mountaineering

One of the recreations that various groups of tourists experience on a journey to the Filband village is Mountaineering and climbing the summits around this village.

Note that these activities should only be accompanied by a group familiar with the area and the equipment and complete preparation.

The two most popular climbing paths in Filband village are:

  • Climb to Hasin bon peak
  • Scrolling the Ridge of Filband village to Emamzadeh Ghasem and Alimistan Village (Two-day tour)

Fillband iran in summer

Accommodation and Amenities in Filband

The village welcomes guests in the spring and summer more than its capacity, so finding a place to stay in these two seasons is not easy, and besides, Filband has no hotel. But with the rental of local houses you can spend the night in the village Also camping in the landscape of the village in warm seasons is the most popular kind of staying in Filband.

In this village, you will have access to services such as plumbing water in houses and villas. there is a place in a village named tekiye-e qarb, which can be used for various occasions, such as renting rooms, using a bathroom, etc. but, water may be cut off at noon during the day in holidays and summer due to the high number of tourists.

Best season to travel to Filband village

The best time to travel to Filband is spring and summer. The weather in fall and winter is cold and it's difficult to tolerate these cold ordinary people and tourists. The village is vacant every year in these seasons.

Filband Iran tour

Access path to Filband Iran

To reach the village from Tehran or other northern cities, you should reach Haraz road, 25 kilometers from Amol, after passing through the village of Sangchal, you'll arrive in Filband village by a road trip in Iran and you can enjoy its stunning beauties and landscapes.