Abyaneh red village in Iran

Abyaneh red village in Iran Abyaneh village is one of the most beautiful and oldest villages in Iran that is so popular...

Abyaneh red village in Iran

Abyaneh village is one of the most beautiful and oldest villages in Iran that is so popular in iran tourism and the is named Natanz Red Spirit. This village between all historic villages in Iiran has more tourists from around the world every year.

Abyaneh red village in Iran

Abyaneh village on the slopes of Karkas Mountain, located 2222 meters above sea level, to be one of the highest elevations in Iran. The inhabitants of Abyaneh village have been far away from civilization and developments in other parts of the country for centuries, which has led to its people to keep their traditional customs and their ancient language and dialect. Hence, Abyaneh has become a living museum.

About Abyaneh village

Abyaneh village is like Masuleh, when you look at it from a distance, a multi-storey village that looks like the roofs of the lower houses are the courtyards of higher houses.

Abyaneh red village in Iran

The houses in this village are small, with wooden and lattice windows facing narrow streets, and the porches that sometimes Abyaneh village inhabited sit there that is considered as one of the main attractions of the village. Abyaneh village is a red village because there are mineral materials near village that have red soil.

Why Abyaneh village

It is not possible to estimate Abyaneh village antiquity by reference to clear evidence, but it is said that the oldest human habitat on the edge of Dasht-e Kavir is 1500 years old.

Abyaneh red village in Iran

This long dating will be completely believable because of the Abyaneh village ancient monuments. In Abyaneh village, you can find monuments from different periods of history such as Sassanid, Seljuk, Safavid, and Qajar, which depict the long life of the Abyaneh village.

Abyaneh red village in Iran

When you take iran tours and travel to Abyaneh village, you will be rooted in a historic village, but maybe when you go to this village, tell yourself just this? There's nothing special. Your answer is many believe that Abyaneh village local people, although few of them are still living in the village - and their original culture has made Abyaneh village popular in iran tourism, and if you expect something extraordinary like breathtaking iranian architecture or huge historical buildings, you're wrong.

Abyaneh red village in Iran

As we mentioned, Abyaneh village is famous because of its ancient iranian culture. People of this village still retain the traditions of the past. Pahlavi words are still visible in the dialect of the people, and men like the old ones still wear wide and long trousers from black fabric and women wear long-flowered shirts and beautiful white scarfs with flower patterns on them.

Abyaneh village Attractions

Abyaneh village, besides its people culture, has another special feature too; the local architecture of Abyaneh village is really interesting, and its monuments are very diverse. Religiously, you can see various elements in this village; the remnants of a fire temple, a mosque, and Imamzadeh with a special sanctity and respect in this village. All these together make Abyaneh village so much special in iran tourism.

Abyaneh red village in Iran

Abyaneh village religious attractions

The most famous place in Abyaneh village is a fire temple, an example of Zoroastrian temples that existed in the heart of the mountains.
Abyaneh village has 11 mosques, the most important of them is the mosque of the city, which has a very old wooden plinth. Another mosque is Barzaleh mosque that is related to the ilkhanate dynasty.

Abyaneh red village in Iran

Abyaneh village also has two shrines. One of them belongs to prince Christ and prince Yahya in the south of the village, which according to documents, were the seventh Imam of Shia Muslims sons and the other one is the shrine of Hinza.

Abyaneh village historical attractions

Abyaneh village has 3 castles, called Takht- Haman, with 200 years’ lifetime, Paeen Harde castle, which is also 200 years old, and the Pala castle in the northwest of the village.

Abyaneh red village in Iran

The two houses of the Qolam-e Nader Shah and the Nayeb Hossein Kashi house are also from other historical places of Abyaneh village.

Abyaneh food

Abyaneh village food is similar to other desert regions of Iran and is very delicious. The local food of the village is called Gepa, which is a stew with lamb meat. Carvani and Jooben is another Abyaneh food that you can find them in village restaurants.

Abyaneh red village in Iran

Best season to travel to Abyaneh village

Abyaneh village is attractive and lovely every season and has its own beauty. This village has many visitors in Ordibehesht, because of Rosewater festival in Kashan. Also, Abyaneh village is also very crowded during Nowruz, and it will be a bit difficult to visit.

Abyaneh red village in Iran

What can we buy from Abyaneh village?

From Abyaneh village, you can buy fruits such as apples, plums, pears, walnuts and almonds from sell vendors in the alleys and streets. These fruits are arranged from the gardens of this village. There are other souvenirs such as veggies, rugs, embroidered costumes, corkscrew fabrics, and local bread.

Abyaneh red village in Iran

Where to stay in Abyaneh village?


Abyaneh village has two hotels; Viona Hotel and Abyaneh hotel. The Viola Hotel is a three-star hotel with modern facilities and its restaurant serves traditional and iranian cuisine. The 3-star Abyaneh hotel also has a lot of restaurant meals and a village-style architecture.

Abyaneh red village in Iran

The price for one night staying in Abyaneh and Viona hotel starts from about 3,000,000 IRR,

Local guest houses

Har Park is a local lodge in Abyaneh village that you can choose from your stay. The price of the rooms of this lodge starts from 1,200,000 IRR

Abyaneh red village in Iran

Rental houses

There are also a number of rental houses that are different from each other that you can choose in Abyaneh village. You can rent these houses between 200,000 IRR and 1,000,000 IRR for one night.

Facilities in Abyaneh village

Abyaneh red village in Iran

Abyaneh village is a good place for amenities, and tourists can take advantage of the facilities they have. These facilities are:

  • W.C
  • Hotel and accommodation
  • Asphalt road
  • The mosque
  • snacks shop
  • bakery
  • Bank and ATM
  • traditional clothes Rental
  • Restaurants and Cafes
  • Health Center

The access path to Abyaneh village

Access to Abyaneh village will be possible through Kashan road to Isfahan or Kashan road to Natanz and Abyaneh. You can find the village easily by paying attention to signboards along the way. Please note that inside the village you can’t drive vehicles. Therefore, if you travel to Abyaneh village in your own car or you use the car hire iran services, you should park the car at the entrance of the village.

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