Kandovan Ancient Rocky Village

Kandovan Ancient Rocky Village Kandovan village is one of the most beautiful, unique and effective attractions in iran...

Kandovan Ancient Rocky Village

Kandovan village is one of the most beautiful, unique and effective attractions in iran tourism in the East Azerbaijan Province. It is renowned for its extraordinary houses in the form of honey beehives in the rocky cliffs.

Kandovan Ancient Rocky Village

How has the Kandovan village been created?

Kandovan village is one of the villages of East Azerbaijan province located 60 kilometers southwest of Tabriz. One of the most interesting points about this natural miracle is that the Kandovan village has been created by volcanic interactions between Sahand mountain and other volcanic mountains of that region for thousands of years in one of the most prosperous areas of Iran.

Kandovan Ancient Rocky Village

Molasses and lava from The activities of volcanic mountains are thrown out and accumulated over the years. Also, these masses have become deformed due to natural factors such as wind and rain and transformed into areas that are present you can see in Kandovan village.

Kandovan Ancient Rocky Village

Although the boundaries of the Kandovan village entrance area have been damaged due to atmospheric factors, the eastern and northern boundaries of the village remain relatively healthy due to the high hills.

Kandovan Ancient Rocky Village

Kandovan village has been registered as a valuable attraction in national attractions of Iran, and it has a global reputation and unlike two other rocky villages in the world; one the Cappadocia village in Turkey, and another the Dakota village of the United States, Kandovan village is the only rocky village that currently locals live in there.

Kandovan Village history

There is no consensus on Kandovan village antiquity; some archaeological excavations have estimated the village history about 6,000 years ago, and others say it only belongs to 3000 years ago. Of course, some writings and inscriptions also say that the history of settlement in this village belongs to the seventh century AH, the period of the Mongols invasion.

Kandovan Ancient Rocky Village

At that time, people in another village, 2 km west of Kandovan, decide to stay away from the Mongols and therefore go to the plain beside them. They slowly begin to crawl the village with their hands so that they can shelter themselves inside them, and their residence has started in the Kandovan village.

The architecture of Kandovan Village

The architecture of the Kandovan village is of a rocky architecture. This style has two types of architecture, and the study of it helps us to understand better the history and background of this place. In the usual form of architecture like iranian architecture that we deal with every day, first we create materials and then space and volume, but in rocky architecture, this is quite the opposite, and so it matters more.

Kandovan Ancient Rocky Village

In the first instance of the rocky architecture that the Kandovan village is in this category, people create large, free, and separate cliffs for creating numerous spaces such as houses, shelves, and warehouses. The exterior of this species of rocks is capable of carving and decoration.

Kandovan Ancient Rocky Village

Because of the particular material in these rocks that do not collapse, they can add the windows to carved collections. The architecture of the Cappadocia in Turkey follows this approach.

Kandovan Ancient Rocky Village

But in the second type of rocky architecture, only a few spaces can be created within the rocks and hills, and they can’t change the exterior creating windows. Meymand rocky village is a good example of this kind of architecture.

How is the living in Kandovan village?

Since the Kandovan village is located on the slopes of the Sahand mountains, it has very good weather and there are plenty of lands and lush gardens around it, which is why the nomads choose there as a place for their hometown and they have many traditions and special iranian culture for themselves.

Kandovan Ancient Rocky Village

The people of Kandovan village are more farmers and livestock, but in recent years, many tourists travel to iran to visit this place because of its attractions, and this has led some people in this village to occupy other jobs.

Kandovan village world reputation

The statistics show that around 300,000 tourists visit the Kandovan village in their iran tours every year, which is why many hotels and resorts in this village and around them are made for these tourists.

Kandovan Ancient Rocky Village

Laleh Hotel is one of the best and most beautiful hotels in Kandovan village. We suggest that if you go to this village, do not forget to buy iranian souvenirs from here like honey and nuts.

When is the best season to travel to Kandovan village?

Summer is the best season to travel to the Kandovan village. The pleasant weather of Sahand mountain Range, the river in downsides of the village, the green and breathtaking nature of Kandovan village in this season make it a popular destination in the summer.

Kandovan Ancient Rocky Village

Of course, it should be noted that in the summer, Kandovan village has visitors more than any other season and it will be crowded there.

Kandovan Village Facilities

Facilities in the Kandovan village are electric, plumbing, amusement parks, mosques, schools, toilets, grocery and souvenir shops, buffets, restaurants, hotels and rental rooms.

Kandovan Ancient Rocky Village

It's good to know that in front of the village there is a vast park and there are facilities like children's playgrounds, resorts, restrooms, and chapels.

The access path to Kandovan village

Address: Kandovan Rocky Village - 22 km from Osko Road to Kandovan - Osko - East Azerbaijan Province

For reaching the Kandovan village, if you are using the car rental in iran services or driving your personal car, you must go to Osko from the cities of East Azerbaijan. Then you should start the road from Osko to the south of the city and take the road to Chaikernar Street.

Kandovan Ancient Rocky Village

After passing the Esfanjan city, you will reach a two-way road in 7 km. The way to the left brings you to the Kandovan village.

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