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Javaherdeh Village |

Javaherdeh Village

Javaherdeh village, with its breathtaking nature, cool and pleasant climate, attracts many tourists every year. By visiting the village of Javaherde, you can enjoy life alongside the people of the village and learn more about this kind of life. Iran's nature in the northern cities is very beautiful.

Road to the village

The journey to the village of Javaherdi is not the only visit and enjoyment of the village itself, but the beauty of the path to the charming road of Ramsar to Javaherdeh can also takes more than 1 hours. This heavenly road, with the help of German engineers, was made for the easier access to Javaherdeh in 1350. This route is located in the west of the city of Ramsar, along the valley and the river Safarood, with a steep slope.

Javaherdeh Village

Javaherdeh weather

Javaherde village is located at 2000 meters above sea level, and in the late spring and summer the air is temperate and in the rest of the year it has cold air. The average temperature varies from 10 to 12 degrees Celsius. Only a few years ago, tourists could use the village only in summer because the weather was extremely cold, but nowadays they can be used in almost all seasons with increasing facilities.

Javaherdeh Village

Safarud River and forest park

There is a glorious garden with a beautiful river on the way of Javaherde which they call safarud. The river begins its route from the eastern tip of Mount Semamus and passes through the village of Javaherdeh to the Caspian Sea. There is a natural well in this forest park. At this location, there are facilities for picnics, relaxation, iranian delicious foods, super market for snacks and junk food, finally restroom at the bottom of the stairs for tourists.

Javaherdeh Village

Adine mosque

Today, most people know the javaherdeh village because of the weather and its spectacular nature, Adina Mosque, with its 700-years old, was one of the main attractions of the village. People came to see it from afar and attended special ceremony.

The old mosque was damaged several times by natural disasters. But the main damage occurred in recent years due to the collision of the lightning strand with the Gongeshk tree and the fire of the entire mosque. The current building of the Adina mosque was rebuilt after the fire and embraced the passengers and people at the entrance to the village of Javaherdeh.

Javaherdeh Village

Best travel time

Summer is the best travel season in the Javaherdeh. You can travel to this village when you are tired of the warmth in other northern cities. Of course, in the spring and autumn, tourists can travel to this village, but given the cold and precipitation, the roads are slightly slippery, and you should also have warm clothes.


Suggested travel equipment


 Extra clothes

 Warm clothes

Extra shoes


 Garbage bags

And finally, we must say that Beautiful nature, lush forests, an exciting road, local food and the hospitable people of this village attract many tourists.

More information about Javaherdeh Village

Address: Mazandaran province, Ramsar city, Javaherde road

Access time: 8 A.M - 8 p.M

Closure time: -

Cost for foreign nationals: -

Suggested visit time: more than 3 hours

Phone number: -


Nearest Tourist Attractions: -

Best time to visit: summer


Access to vehicles: 




Parking lot: 


Network coverage: 



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Tatiana Bell 02 October 2018

Javaherdeh is a part of heaven. I traveled here last year. It was really beautiful!

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