Sheikh Baragh Historical Complex or Chalapi Oghli |

Sheikh Baragh Historical Complex or Chalapi Oghli |

Sheikh Baragh historical building

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All about Sheikh Baragh Historical Complex in Zanjan Iran

Sheikh Baragh in soltanieh zanjan iran

Sheikh Baragh complex history

This mystical monument belonging to the mystic of this time, Sheikh Bargh Baba, is one of the great elders of Maulviyya and a special member of the court of Sultan Muhammad Khodabandeh during the Ilkhani era.

researches in Sheikh baragh complex

Also, archaeologists and researchers attribute this collection to Sultan Chalapi and set the date for the construction of the building in 728 AH.

Sheikh Baragh pictures

sheikh baragh complex

Tomb of Sheikh Baragh

The tomb of Sheikh Sheikh Baragh or Chalapi Oghli, which is located next to the monastery of the same period, is a tower type form of the Middle Islam Ages, comparable to the tomb of Imam Zadeh Jafar in Isfahan.

Sheikh Baragh map

Soltanieh map

More about this tomb

Some researchers and archaeologists believe that the monastery is being built before the tomb of Sultan Chalapi, and some of them announced the date of the construction of the tomb before the monastery.

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