hot Water springs in East Azerbaijan province in Iran |

hot Water springs in East Azerbaijan province in Iran |

Hot water springs in Iran

why not travel to iran? In response, I must say that you are fascinated by Iran, as the first iran tourist attractions, I should introduce nature and its natural blessings.

In different parts of Azerbaijan Iran, there are a variety of hot and cold water springs that are exploited by the public and other parts of Iran. There are 149 springs in Sarab and Bostanabad and 141 springs in the Tabriz and Azarshahr area.

iran hot water springs

Water therapy history in the world

The history of water therapy or hydrotherapy, which is considered to be the oldest therapeutic treatment, goes back to the civilizations of Egypt-Greece and Rome. The Egyptian courtiers had ponds containing water, flowers and plants and certain oils, and thought that spa springs could improve the health of the human body by improving blood circulation.

Iran hot water springs

The most important springs of the water of East Azarbaijan are located in such cities as Azarshahr, Kalibar, Ajab Shir, Sarab, Bostanabad, Varzaghan, Heris, Hashtrood, Maragheh, Shabestar, Charoymagh, Malakan and Kandovan.

This article refers to some mineral springs of this province.

hot water springs in iran


Natural warm spring of Gorge

Water is used for agriculture. Gorge water is in the row of chlorine-sodium, hydroxide - calcium and sulfate with a temperature of 22 ° C.

Natural warm spring of Lighwang

This spring comes out of the gulf of igneous rocks of the Sahand volcano. The formation of this spring is Sahand volcano. Inside the fountain, an artificial pond with dimensions of 6 * 6 meters is built to a depth of 120 cm and surrounded by a wall enclosed. The water of this spring is in the row of sodium chloride and calcium sulfate, it is tired to 32 degrees Celsius.

tabriz hot water springs


Hamam Natural warm spring

This spa springs out of the gap of volcanic rocks at a temperature of 55 degrees along the Ahar- Kalibar road in the west of the road. In the manifestation of a pool spring enclosed by a wall.

Kandy Qale Hot Springs

This spring is located in the northwest of the Cheshmeh Hamam and is separated from the gap of Eocene igneous rocks and has a temperature of 45 degrees. The reason for the formation of this spring is the fault with the direction of northwest - south east.

The water of this spring is in the row of sulfate-chlorine waters and is accompanied by various cations.

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