Best time to go to Iran

Car rental Iran and Best time to go to Iran   Ranked eighteenth in size among the countries of the world, Iran is...

Car rental Iran and Best time to go to Iran


Ranked eighteenth in size among the countries of the world, Iran is a vast country with a variable climates and car rental iran is a good idea for going everywhere finding best car rental Tehran is easy too. With rent a car in Iran you can go From freezing winters in the west and northwest to hot summers in the south, each corner of the country has its particular weather condition. As a traveler, much depending on your personal taste about seasons and generally your trip intentions, you can travel to Iran all year round. Let’s look what’s going on in Iran month by month and for rent a car in Tehran what should you know about iran tour and seasons


Late November to February: Low season with subfreezing temperature


Snow is highly probable in late November particularly in Tehran, west, and northwest of the country. The snowfall usually lasts for few days, but the weather gets subfreezing in west and northwest including Tabriz but just relatively cold (fluctuating around zero) in the plateau where major tourist cities including Tehran, Isfahan, and Shiraz located. The rain is also highly probable. The days are short, and the sun sets around 5 pm. Passionate about skiing? It’s your time so

Winter is the season of an Iranian festival called Yaldā or Shab-e Chelleh (the winter solstice), usually on December 20, 21 or 22. Iranians - friends and families- gather and celebrate this night by reading poetry (especially Hafez) and eating nuts, pomegranate, and watermelon. Yes! Watermelon in the winter

Fall and winter are the Low seasons of domestic trips. There are no crowds in the tourist sites and all prices including hotels, and domestic flights are discounted. Iranians usually choose the beautiful beaches of southern islands including Kish and Qeshm as their winter destinations because of their pleasant climate during winter.

The disadvantage of the winter in Iran is not the low temperature or rainfall but is the air pollution in most of the metropolises especially in Tehran


Early March: The sun returns


The weather is slowly going to get warm. Nights still are cold but days have a pleasant temperature. Heavy rainfall is rare in March. For example, according to, the Isfahan’s maximum temperature in March 1, 2016, was 13 °C and it reached to 18 °C in the middle of the March. These are great temperatures! Tourist sites still aren’t crowded, and Hotels are empty and cheap. So the early March until a week before the beginning of the Nowruz holidays could be a good time to visit Iran.



Late March to June: Best months to visit Iran


Nowruz, new Persian year (two weeks starting 21st March) is on the way. People are getting ready to celebrate the beginning of the spring and of course for the holidays. Iranians shake their houses before the Nowrouz. Well, that’s the term is used for the new-year major cleaning or renovating of houses. Streets are getting busier, and people start shopping especially clothes for the new year. The weather getting extremely pleasant throughout the country and all families plan for their holidays ahead. All transportation services are tripled before and during Nowruz. All prices rise significantly, and tourist attractions get very busy. Forward planning is essential in this season. A traditional advice to foreign travelers is not to visit Iran during Nowruz because of the high prices and also busy tourist sites unless you intend to celebrate it too

Domestic traveling is significantly declines after Nowruz. The southern Iran is going to get hot, but in the other parts, the weather is still pleasant for two next months. Prices are getting lower than Nowruz and even lower in early June. Tourist sites are also not crowded.

So late March to early June is the very best time for the foreign tourists to visit Iran



July to August: It’s so HOT


The weather gets very hot during these months. It’s summer anyway! Walking and sightseeing could be very exhausting. The northwest of the country and also the coastal areas of the Caspian Sea are still mild during summer, and both are the main destinations of domestic travelers. Prices are low, but if you can’t tolerate hot weather, visiting Iran is not recommended in these months


September to Early November: Temperature starts to drop


September and October are other great time to visit Iran. The rainfall is very rare, the temperature starts to drop, and the weather gets cooler especially in October and early November. The crowds aren’t too intense and almost disappear at the end of September because the school holidays finished. The prices are lower than April and May. Public transportation including flight and train are easily found because there are almost few non-business domestic travels in this period. Everything is ready to enjoy your trip. So this period is another great time to visit Iran



Avoid to Travel to Iran during Religious Events


Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, and Muslims fast during this month. As it’s not a part of Persian calendar, it shifts forward each year. Eating, drinking, and even smoking are forbidden in public from dawn until sunset. Since fasting is not obligatory for travelers, few restaurants serve travelers, and you can eat in private. In 2017, it lasts from 27th May to 25th June

Travel to Iran during the Remembrance of Muharram is also not recommended. In the first 10-day of Muharram, the first month of the Islamic calendar, people usually participate in the anniversary of this religion mourning event. Muharram also shifts forward each year. In 2017, it lasts from to 21th-30th September

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