Cantor Church in Qazvin |

Cantor Church in Qazvin |

Cantor Church in Qazvin

Cantor Church in Qazvin is one of the Iran tourist attractions, which its red color attracts the attention of everyone. a church that once in a time was a temple for the Russians, and now is in deep silence.

Russian Church in Qazvin

Meet the Cantor Church in Qazvin

In a corner of Qazvin, a red-headed church reveals that for many years nobody has worshiped there anymore, and it's like the forgetfulness mist is sitting on it. Its name is Cantor, but it is also known as Russian Church, as it was made by the Russians. At that time, Orthodox Christian followers prayed and held their ceremonies here, but now there is no trace of them, and even you can't hear the sound of church bells.

Russian Church in Qazvin

Today, the Cantor church has become a small handicraft market, but why did the church comes to this day and how it got here, it's a question that we will tell you later on our Iran travel blog.

Cantor Church history

Cantor church in Qazvin located in one of the old neighborhoods of this city. This area was at the disposal of the Russians during the late Qajar period when the Russians invaded Iran during World War II, and they called it Cantor, meaning the headquarters or center.

Russian Church in Qazvin

Most of the people in the neighborhood were Russian engineers and staff who worked on the Qazvin Roads Project. They built their administrative offices in this part of the city, and in addition to the building of the Russian Consulate in Qazvin, they built other facilities such as water supply, theater in this city.

Russian Church in Qazvin

One of these buildings was a small church located in the south-east of these buildings and the Russian road construction company built it. The Russians who unjustly occupied Iran, survived from September 1320 SH to the spring of 1325 in Iran. After their departure, since there was no Orthodox follower in Iran, the Cantor church in Qazvin was abandoned and gradually became a historical and symbolic event of the bitter occupation days.

Russian Church in Qazvin

For a while, Cantor church in Qazvin had no particular user, but it was opened to people as a historical monument and then used as a school warehouse. Now this is a small marketplace for Iranian handicrafts and is being visited by people.

Cantor Church Architecture

Cantor church in Qazvin has a structure similar to many other churches and is built on the basis of the Cretaceous plan. The irregular polygonal plan, the use of glazed red brick in the facade and the dome roof of the church, distinguishes this building from many buildings in Qazvin and other churches. Most of the Russian church's facade is brick and is made using bricks and mortars. On its wall there are windows that are drawn like a horseshoe and are framed in two rows of bricks.

Russian Church in Qazvin

Of course, architects' inventions in the use of geometric forms cannot be ignored, which has a special effect. One of these forms can be the decorative pillars of the church's exterior. The arches are other elements that are abundantly in sight and are used in rooms, entrances, logs and hall.

Russian Church in Qazvin

Because Orthodox followers worship God while they are standing, they tore Cantor church and refrained from decorating them to speed up the construction and preparation.

More information about Russian church in Qazvin:

Address: Daraee St. – Ayatollah Taleqani St. – Qazvin province - Iran

Access time: 9:00 till 20:00

Weekend closure: -

Cost for foreign nationals: Free

Suggested visit time: about half an hour

Phone number: -


Nearest Tourist Attractions: Chehel Sotoun museum – Qazvin museum – Naderi mansion

Best time to visit: Spring – Summer - Autumn


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Wow! I have seen this church before but I didn't know it was for Orthodox Russians. So that's why they change its usage.

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I really wanna travel to Iran and enjoy the traditional and historical areas same as this

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