Qazvin Chehel Soton Palace |

Qazvin Chehel Soton Palace |

Qazvin Chehel Soton Palace

When the name of the Chehel Soton Palace comes out, everybody's thoughts goes to the Chehel soton Palace of Isfahan. Perhaps less people know that there is another Chehel soton palace in Qazvin, which was built on the orders of Shah Tahmasb, the second king of the Safavid dynasty.

Qazvin Chehel Soton Palace

This palace is also known as the Paleolithic Mansion, located in the heart of the historical part of Qazvin city. The Chehel Soton Palace, at the time when Qazvin was the capital of Iran, was the king's Mansion.

Qazvin Chehel Soton Palace

Today, Qazvin Chehel Soton Palace has become a museum of calligraphy, and works by some Iranian calligraphers and along with historical works that gained from this palace, are shown here and is one of favorite Iran tourism places for tourists.

Qazvin Chehel Soton Palace

Chehel Soton Palace history

Qazvin Chehel Sotun Palace is one of the most beautiful and most valuable monuments of the city of Qazvin during the Safavid period. King Tahmasb, due to the attacks of Ottoman Turks, decided to transfer the capital from Tabriz to Qazvin.

Qazvin Chehel Soton Palace

According to the poems that came out of the chalkboard on the front of the hall: "The Most Blessed Buildings of the World" Sentence, which is based on the letters of Abjad in 1057 AH, is said that this Palace actually built in the fifth year The reign of Shah Abbas II.

Qazvin Chehel Soton Palace

Although most of the historical quotations state that this building and garden were built on the orders of Shah Tahmasb Safavid, but some sources say that this building was constructed in the time of Shah Abbas, or it Rebuilt in its present form. It is also quoted that for building this Palace they palace inspired from Hasht Behesht (8 paradise) Palace.

Qazvin Chehel Soton Palace

Chehel Soton Palace architecture

Qazvin Chehel Soton Palace is an octopus-like building with an approximate area of ​​500square meters, built on the basis of a Turkish architect's map in two floors, with halls and small rooms on each floor. The first-floor paintings are an example of the Qazvin School of Painting and has a worldwide reputation.

Qazvin Chehel Soton Palace

The roof of the first floor has a beautiful Mogharnas, and there is a pond at the bottom of the building, which is located in the north and south of the building, like the pool, and the water makes the air inside the building flow.

Qazvin Chehel Soton Palace

Of course, only the central and southern ponds remain and have been repaired, but the northern pond has been destroyed and the flow of water has been cut off to prevent moisture.

Qazvin Chehel Soton Palace

The floor of the building was in the past a carpet brick, but today it is covered with pottery ordered by the cultural heritage to be restored. Access to the lower and upper floors in the past through the eastern staircase that is blocked today and entering the northern staircase.

Qazvin Chehel Soton Palace

This staircase was also found in the carpet bricks, but today it is restored with marble. The high hall has beautiful vivid colors, with its colored glass from Germany, and it shows four seasons in archeology and Iranian architecture. Green (spring) red (summer) yellow (autumn) blue (winter).

Qazvin Chehel Soton Palace

Chehel Soton Palace paintings

Qazvin Chehel Soton Palace

Paintings on the walls and roofs have been damaged during the time. Due to the fact that Qazvin Chehel Soton Palace became a governor and they covered the paintings with white plaster, and that cause a lot of damage to the decoration.

Qazvin Chehel Soton Palace

More information about Qazvin Chehel Soton Palace:

Address: Azadi Square – Qazvin city center – Qazvin province - Iran

Access time: 9:00 till 18:00

Weekend closure: Days of martyrdom in Iran calendar

Cost for foreign nationals: 80,000 IRR

Suggested visit time: 1 hour

Phone number: -


Nearest Tourist Attractions: Ali Qapu gate – Naderi mansion – Qazvin museum – Safavid garden

Best time to visit: Spring – Summer - Autumn


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