Why should we travel to the cloud forest in autumn?

Why should we travel to the cloud forest in autumn?

The cloud forest, which is an extension of the country's northern green woods and covers an area of close to 35,000 hectares, is regarded as one of Iran's most stunning and unique natural attractions. This woodland is situated on the boundary between the provinces of Semnan and Golestan in Shahroud City, Bastam Section, and Kharghan Village in the middle Alborz area.

It appears as though the sky is near to the earth here because of the peculiar position of this region and the confluence of two low-pressure regions (Gorgan plain) and high-pressure areas (Abar area), and if you're lucky, you'll be able to see the sky under your feet.  You can use Iran tours and visit all the best places in this country.

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Cloud forest

Introducing Shahrood Cloud Forest

An area where the sky is near the ground, the cloud forest is one of Shahroud's natural wonders and one of its most beautiful vistas. It is thought that this forest, which is the narrowest portion of the Alborz mountain range, marks the boundary between the semi-desert and forest ecosystems because it is situated where two different weather climates, namely two low-pressure areas (the Gorgan plain) and a high-pressure area (the Abar area), meet.

This position is what led to the construction of the ocean of clouds in this region, and the forest's name derives from its resemblance to the sea of clouds there as well as its low height, which contributes to the area's attractiveness.

The reason for the formation of the cloud ocean in the cloud forest

The geography of the cloud region, where this forest is situated between two high- and low-altitude areas and two low-pressure and high-pressure areas (the Golan plain and cloud region), is one of the most significant factors in the development of the cloud ocean.

Cloud forest vegetation and animal life another factor that contributes to the formation of a cloud ocean in this forest is that the Alborz Mountains' thickness diminishes there, allowing the clouds that are held behind it to escape via the valleys and migrate southward. As a result, the weather cools down and the woodland is shrouded in clouds from the afternoon till midnight.

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The reason for the formation of the cloud ocean in the cloud forest

Where is the cloud forest?

One of Semnan's best-known attractions is the cloud forest, which is found in the districts of Bastam and Kharghan, 40 kilometers northeast of Shahroud. This forest spans most of the boundary between the provinces of Semnan and Golestan and is situated in the eastern Alborz area, 12 kilometers from the settlement of Abar. The woods of Golestan Province in the north, Olang Region in the east, Mount Qasim, Mount Abar, and Qatari in the south, and Mount Yacham and Tekiato in the west are the only places where they can be found.

Sights of the cloud forest

In the cloud forest, there are several locations to visit. These locations are accessible to you and your loved ones.

  • Alochal waterfall

The main waterfall at Bashar Alochal is made up of two sizable waterfalls that are separated by a few hundred meters and fall on top of one another. This waterfall, which may be found on the eastern Alborz's northern slopes, is around 25 meters tall. After an hour of wandering through the cloud forest, you can reach the Alochal waterfall and take in its stunning magnificence.

  • Shorshor waterfall

If you are a mountaineer, you must view the Shorshor waterfall before leaving the cloud forest.

  • Corridor of Heaven

On the way to the Alochal waterfall, there is a stunning spot called Dalan Behesht that is lined with tangled trees.

  • Maran Castle

From inside the cloud forest, it is possible to glimpse the summit of the mountain where this castle is situated. A local guide and special tools are required to reach Maran Castle. Other sights in the woodland include the tops of the beds, the tables, and the rear of the castle.

Sights of the cloud forest

The best time to travel to the cloud forest

This woodland is accessible year-round. However, the first half of the year, from the beginning of May to the beginning of October, is the finest time to visit this forest to view the clouds.

You might thus decide to visit this ideal location as your next vacation destination and go there with your friends or family.

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