Where to stay; five economy hostels in Tehran

5 economy hostels in Iran, Tehran In the progress of tourism, especially iran tourism, activists came to the concl...

5 economy hostels in Iran, Tehran

In the progress of tourism, especially iran tourism, activists came to the conclusion that not only wealthy people are not going to travel. The majority of people who like to travel are middle class and young people who can’t afford to spend a lot of money on travel or pay for luxury travel.

hostels in iran

Attracting this class and providing conditions for traveling will bring a lot of money to host countries. These middle-aged young people are much more valuable because they tend to travel to more exotic places and adventurous trips. Offering cheap flights, accommodation and car rental iran services is the best way to attract young people.

hostels in iran

For young people, cheaper accommodations are available in most of the world's tourist destinations, which they call "hostels" or "youth hostels." The halls are a mixture of Iranian guesthouses and student dormitories, albeit slightly more modern. These halls are usually a small one-story building or one floor of a large building.

What is a Hostel?

Hostel, global phenomenon

The Hostel is a low-cost sleeping area for renting one-room beds, and in fact, a room between several people is shared. The number of beds in each room varies from 2 to 8 beds. The halls have nothing less from hotel facilities to offer, and the only thing that lowers them is the simultaneous use of several people from a room.

hostels in iran

Of course, as the experience has shown, it is rarely the case that all the rooms of the one-room are full of passengers, in 80% of your time, you will only be accommodated with one or two others in that room. valid halls have an international union and serve travelers and tourists who want cheap accommodation throughout cities around the world.

hostels in iran

Some Hostels are very clean and stylish. There may also be single or double rooms or dormitory rooms, from 4 to 12 beds in one room and renting each flat to someone. This means you can stay in the same room with many other people who have never visited, and, of course, this will reduce the cost of your stay that not many hotels have this feature.

Hostels facilities and safety

In a five-star hotel robbing maybe happens, but in a hostel, no; of course, caution is the condition of reason. In the dormitory rooms, they usually put small chests for precious stones. So, it's better to always have a small lock. The manager of the Hostel is one who can almost be trusted and handed over documents and money.

hostels in iran

The hostels are always provided with bedding and blankets, but some people wear towels in exchange for some money. So, it's best to have a towel with yourself. Do not forget slippers. It's natural that you do not expect a multi-star hotel service from a Hostel.

hostels in iran

If you do not have the experience, you will not even like it at first, especially if you've already stayed in luxury hotels. But soon you get used to these types of residences and after a while you enjoy it. Find it like an international dormitory.

Stay at a Hostel; how much does it cost?

The price of a night at the Iranian hostels varies from 500,000 IRR to 1,500,000 per person. Of course, private room prices are a bit higher. Private rooms are a better option for married couples. This is really good compared to the hotels' prices.

hostels in iran

Also, at the Hostels, you can buy cheap raw materials from supermarkets and use a bowl of utensils in the kitchens of the halls to cook your favorite food at Hostels, and even store it for tomorrow in the refrigerator.

Hostels in Iran

Hostels in Iran are becoming so popular these years. Their price and comfy and friendly atmosphere are all the reasons that many tourists prefer to stay in these hostels. as iran travel tips we also recommend you these hostels.

hostels in iran

Another reason in the architecture and interior design of these hostels. The builders of the hostels in Iran, by using iranian culture and architecture, have constructed these traditional Iranian hostels that everyone finds it very wonderful when they are staying there as if they were residing in rural Iranian houses in their iran tour.

5 top Hostels in Tehran

In this part we are going to introduce you, 5 top hostels in Iran that have a very good quality besides their suitable price:

Tehran Heritage Hostel

  • Address: Kamal-ol-Molk, No. 22، Tehran.
  • Phone: (+98) 21 3398 8739

Seven Hostel

  • Address: Pamenar St, District 12, Tehran.
  • Phone: (+98) 919 199 3463

Hi Tehran Hostel

  • Address: Tabatabaei Alley, Street 2, Bahar Shomali, District 7, Tehran.
  • Phone: (+98) 912 053 0663

See you in Iran Hostel

  • Address: No. 2, Vahdati-Manesh (3rd) Dead End, South Kheradmand St., KarimKhan Ave, Tehran.
  • Phone: (+98) 21 8883 2266
  • Website:  See you in Iran hostel

Kargadan Hostel

  • Address: District 6, Tehran.
  • Phone: (+98) 21 8834 7760

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