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Iranian food

If you are a food lover, it's impossible if you haven't heard about Qormeh Sabzi, Iranian Kebab, or other delicious Iranian food. The truth is that Iranian food is famous among travelers who visit Iran, and sometimes, the reason that many tourists travel to Iran is the best Iranian food. The reputation of Iranian food is so epic that many people and food lovers from around the world come and visit Iran's cities to only try Persian food. In this article, we listed 10 popular foods in Iran with Persian food pictures and the most famous and tastiest Iranian foods.

What are the best Iran foods?

Have you ever wondered which of the hundreds of various Iranian cuisines has the most fans? Each of us has our tastes and preferences, and what we perceive to be unique and wonderful may be regarded as average by another. However, there are some dishes that the majority of people in society love eating and are preferred by a greater number of individuals. These dishes are commonly referred to as national foods, which most visitors and anyone interested in international food regard as a sign of a country's eating culture.

When it comes to the most popular Iranian food among foreigners, we must consider several variables. The first consideration is their taste and eating habits. A traveler visiting Iran from Asian nations such as China or Thailand, for example, prefers southern and seafood meals between all the best Iranian foods. Turkish visitors' tastes, like those of tourists from Turkey and Azerbaijan, are similar to the cuisine of Iran's Turkish-speaking areas. When a foreign tourist first comes to Iran, he is frequently provided with Iranian pounded kebab; as a result, this meal is quite popular among visitors, and occasionally Iranian food is solely known as pounded kebab.

Now, the best Iranian foods are:

  1. Vegetable stew( Ghormeh Sabzi)
  2. Shredded stew( Khoreshte Khalal)
  3. broth( Abgoosht)
  4. Mirza Ghasemi
  5. Noodle soup( Ash Reshteh)
  6. Cholo gosh
  7. Kubideh kebab
  8. Bagali pilaf(Bagali Polo)
  9. sour kebab( Kebab Torsh)
  10. Barberry Rice( Zereshk Polo)

What is the most popular Food in Iran- Kebab Kubideh

Kebab is one of the most popular Iranian foods  The simple and pleasant flavor and perfume of kebabs are compatible with the tastes of most international visitors, which is the fundamental reason for kebabs' acceptance by both Iranians and foreigners visiting this country. Kebabs may be cooked in a variety of creative ways in every area and province of Iran. This problem has expanded the variety of kebabs in Iran to the point that each sort of kebab is called after a region or ethnicity. Iranian kebabs are made by mixing meat with herbs and spices or by simply grilling fresh meat over a fire. You can enjoy this Iranian traditional food in any region of Iran and have a great experience.

If we say that kebab is one of the traditional foods in Iran, then we should also know the types of these kebabs.

  1. Kubideh kebab
  2. Chicken barbecue
  3. Grilled leaves
  4. Chenjeh Kebab

They are the best Persian food in Iran.

What is Iran's national dish- Ghormeh Sabzi

Among Iranian dishes, Kubideh Kebab has many fans. Some people believe that Qormeh Sabzi is one of the traditional food in Iran, but others consider it a pounded kebab. Now we want to be among the fans of Qormeh Sabzi.

One of Iran's national foods is the wonderful mix of red beans, or eyeballs with various veggies, meat, and lemon. Qormeh Sabzi is one of the world's most well-known Iranian meals.

Baqali polo: you only can eat it in Iran!

The rich tapestry of Persian food boasts a harmonious blend of flavors, among which the bean and rice dish stands out. Often infused with aromatic spices like saffron and turmeric, this humble combination transforms into a culinary masterpiece in Iranian cuisine. Tender beans meld seamlessly with fluffy rice, often accompanied by slow-cooked meats or tangy sauces. This dish exemplifies the essence of Persian comfort food, providing both sustenance and a nostalgic touch of home. Whether enjoyed in a bustling Tehran bazaar or a cozy home kitchen, it encapsulates the age-old traditions and intricate flavors that define Persian gastronomy.

Abgoosht, Broth Iran food

Abgoosht, a staple in the repertoire of Iran foods, is a heartwarming stew that embodies the soulful, home-cooked flavors of Iranian cuisine. Translating to "meat water," Abgoosht is traditionally prepared with tender morsels of lamb, chickpeas, white beans, onions, and a medley of aromatic spices. The ingredients are slow-cooked into a rich, comforting broth, and the solid ingredients are mashed into a side dish called "Goosht Koobideh". Served with warm flatbread and pickles, every mouthful of Abgoosht transports you to the bustling kitchens of Iran, providing a taste of the country's rich cultural and culinary history.

Mirza Ghasemi, One of the best Iranian foods

Among the myriad delicacies in Iranian cuisine, Mirza Ghasemi holds a distinctive place, often touted as one of the best Iranian foods. This northern specialty is a luscious medley of grilled eggplants, tomatoes, garlic, and a hint of spicy turmeric. The smoky flavor of charred eggplants combined with the rich tomato blend creates an unparalleled umami experience. Typically served with a side of flatbread and sometimes adorned with a fried egg on top, Mirza Ghasemi is both rustic and refined. For those seeking authentic flavors that captivate the palate, this dish stands as a testament to Iran's culinary excellence and innovation.

Ash Reshteh: a food you'll never forget

Ash Reshteh, a quintessential dish in the realm of Iran food, is a thick, hearty soup brimming with a blend of herbs, legumes, and noodles. Rich in texture and flavor, it showcases the perfect balance between the earthy greens, beans, and long, slender Reshteh noodles. Topped with kashk, a fermented whey product, caramelized onions, and mint oil, the dish offers an explosion of flavors in every spoonful. Celebrated especially during Nowruz, the Persian New Year, Ash Reshteh is more than just a meal; it's a cultural expression of Iran's deep-rooted culinary traditions and communal gatherings.

Cholo Goosht, the unique Iranian food

Cholo Goosht, often referred to as Chelow Kebab in many regions, is a cornerstone of Persian food. This iconic dish pairs fluffy, saffron-infused rice known as "Chelo" with tender chunks or skewers of marinated meat, typically lamb or beef, termed "Goosht" or "kebab." Often accompanied by grilled tomatoes, a slice of raw onion, and sumac for an added tang, it captures the essence of Iranian culinary traditions. Its enduring popularity, both domestically and internationally, highlights the dish's timeless appeal. When one thinks of Persian food, the aromatic allure of Cholo Goosht is an image that often comes to mind.

Khoreshte Khalal (Shredded stew), is a delicious combination

Khoreshte Khalal is a standout amidst the pantheon of dishes that make up the popular food in Iran. This delightful stew is characterized by its rich blend of meats, saffron, and most distinctively, slivers of almonds (Khalal) that impart a unique texture and nutty flavor. Often slow-cooked to perfection, the dish melds the aromatic spices with tender chunks of meat, ensuring each bite is a flavorful journey. As with many Iranian stews, it's typically served alongside fluffy rice. For many, Khoreshte Khalal is not just a meal but a taste of tradition, echoing the rich culinary tapestry that Iran proudly showcases.

Sour kebab (Kebab Torsh), a must-try Iranian food

Kebab Torsh, with its succulent pieces of meat marinated in a tangy blend of pomegranate molasses, crushed walnuts, and aromatic herbs, has rightly earned its spot as one of the best Iranian foods. Originating from the lush Gilan province, this dish epitomizes the fusion of sweet and sour flavors cherished in Iranian cuisine. Skewered and grilled to smoky perfection, each bite of Kebab Torsh is a delightful explosion of flavors, representing the culinary mastery of Iran. As enthusiasts and food connoisseurs venture to taste the best Iranian food, Kebab Torsh remains an unamicable gem in this rich gastronomic journey.

Zereshk Polo: a combination of sweet and savory tastes

Zereshk Polo, a celebrated dish in the vast repertoire of Iran foods, is a symphony of flavors and textures. This delicacy consists of fragrant basmati rice adorned with tart barberries (Zereshk) and sometimes sprinkled with saffron and pistachios. The contrasting flavors of the rice and barberries harmoniously blend, creating an experience that's both zesty and comforting. Traditionally, it's served with succulent chicken, making it a feast for the senses. As one delves deeper into the complexities and variety of Iran foods, Zereshk Polo emerges as a timeless classic, capturing the heart and soul of Persian culinary artistry.

What are the best restaurants in Iran?

Iran boasts a rich culinary tradition, with foods reflecting its vibrant history and culture. The best restaurants in Iran offer a tantalizing array of dishes, from succulent kebabs to aromatic rice dishes and hearty stews. Some notable names include Shandiz in Mashhad and Divan in Tehran, which serve classics like Ghormeh sabzi, dizi, and saffron-infused tahdig. Visitors should not miss trying the local variations of bread, such as sangak and barbari. These restaurants not only offer the tastes of Iran but also immerse diners in an ambiance that's uniquely Persian, making dining a multi-sensory experience in this enchanting land.

Other popular restaurants in Iran include:

  1. Milad Tower revolving restaurant is a different and stylish restaurant
  2. Kohpayeh restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Iran
  3. Naib Vizara stylish restaurant in Tehran
  4. Tamasha restaurant is one of the most luxurious and best restaurants in Iran
  5. The classy and beautiful restaurant of Khan Gostar, Isfahan
  6. Spectacular and attractive Koh Noor restaurant in Kish

How to travel to Iran? By tour or individually?

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Last word

In this article, we tried to introduce 10 of the best foods among tourists in Iran. By renting a car in Iran, you can travel to the best restaurants of this spectacular country in all cities and make a memorable memory with your loved ones.


What's that rose-flavored, noodle-like dessert in Iran?

That's Faloodeh! Faloodeh is a traditional Iranian cold dessert consisting of thin vermicelli noodles made from cornstarch mixed in a semi-frozen syrup of sugar and rose water.

What makes it different from Iran ice cream and regular ice cream?

Bastani Sonnati is a traditional Persian ice cream flavored with saffron, rose water, and sometimes pistachios. Its rich yellow hue from saffron and the unique taste of rose water makes it distinct from other ice creams.

What is the most popular Iranian food?

Kebab Kubideh

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