Top 10 Iranian Food | Iranian food pictures | Saadatrent

Top 10 Iranian Food | Iranian food pictures | Saadatrent

Iranian food is one of the most attractive parts of traveling to Iran. read about more than 3 popular foods in Iran and delicious Persian food pictures

Top 10 Iranian food - Persian food pictures

If you are a food lover, actually it's impossible if you haven't heard about Qormeh Sabzi, Iranian Kebab, or other delicious Iranian food. The truth is that Iranian food is famous among the travelers who visit Iran and sometimes it is the reason that many tourists travel to Iran. Yes, it's true, The reputation of Iranian food is so epic that made many people and food lovers from around the world come and visit Iran cities to only try Iranian food. In this article, we listed more than 3 popular foods in Iran with Persian food pictures and the most famous and tastiest Iranian food but besides that, we should mention something else. But let me tell you something first. you may think all Iranian food includes meat, especially red meat. 

but we should say that there is a lot of Iranian food that is suitable for vegetarians. we also have an article that listed the top vegetarian food and also restaurants whose menus are designed especially for them. you can read it by clicking here.

Iranian food

Now we are going to introduce you, to the top 10 Iranian food:

1. Kebab: the most famous Iranian dish

Kebab is a piece of lamb or chicken stuffed on charcoal and placed on a rice dish. This food is one of the most important Iranian meals. Next to that are grilled tomatoes, yogurt, green vegetables, and crispy pickles.

A Cholo Kababi restaurant is found on all the streets of Iran. If you like to eat in a luxury restaurant, Shandiz Restaurant in Tehran is a good place for you. Joojeh Kebab is also a favorite Iranian cuisine from chicken.

2. Fesenjoon: a different taste

Fesenjan or Fesenjoon is a symbolic and integral part of Iranian cuisine at weddings and parties, which is an excellent blend of pomegranate and chicken or duck paste. that is why we put it on our top 10 Iranian food list.

Sometimes they use saffron and cinnamon to taste it and sometimes add a little sugar to balance the taste.

3. Qeymeh: a delicious combination 

Qeymeh is one of the noble Iranian food that no one can take an Iran tour and not eat this tasty stew with rice in restaurants. This food is cooked with meat, split peas, and potatoes.

Also, you can add eggplants and tomatoes to it. that’s called Khoresht Bademjoon (Bademjoon Stew) and is one of the most popular Iranian cuisines and is consumed with rice.

4. Qorme Sabzi: the unique Iranian food

Qorme Sabzi is one of the most delicious and most popular Iranian cuisines in our top 10 Iranian food list, which is impossible to find someone who does not like it. This is a mixture of fresh vegetables, such as parsley and coriander, cooked with red beans and lamb.

One of the unique flavors of Qorme Sabzi is the Fenugreek vegetable, which is a new and unfamiliar taste for many European tourists.

5. Baqali polo: you only can eat it in Iran!

If in Iran they put a dish of Baghali polo in front of you, its green color from vegetables and beagles will show off before anything else.

Often, this food is served with tender or boneless lamb meat. and is accompanied by a fragrant saffron flavor.

6. Zereshk Polo: a combination of sweet and savory tastes

Zhereshk polo, this ancient and popular dish is a member of the top 10 Iranian food list, is full of red barberry that is dried before cooking with Rice and butter, which helps to barberry savor and tasty chicken.

7. Ash Rechte: a food you'll never forget

Ash is a kind of soup with a dense texture of noodles, a delicious blend of beans and legumes, and aromatic and leafy vegetables such as spinach and beet leaves. Before serving, they decorate it with fried onion, fried mint, and curds.

It is interesting to know that noodles used in Ash have gone a long way from eastern Asia and reached Iran, which in Iranian culture is a symbol of different ways of life.

8. Dizi: a must-try Iranian food

Dizi or Abgoosht is made with veal, chickpeas, and potatoes, and all the ingredients are put up in a clay sack for several hours and its meat is cooked that much you can squeeze it with a fork.

Dizi Iranian food

As a travel guide, All traditional restaurants serve Dizi for lunch or dinner. You should split the bread into small pieces and dip it in the meat water bowl to eat it. That’s what we call "TILIT KARDAN". Then you mix all beans and meat and potato and eat it with bread.

9. Tah Chin: a different taste of saffron 

prepare this delicious food, rice is first mixed with yogurt, egg yolk, and saffron, and layers of chicken or spicy meat are placed in it and cooked till it becomes golden.

Moslem restaurant in Tehran. It is in the grand bazaar of Tehran near Golestan palace.

10. Morassa Polo: all material in one food!

The Food in our top 10 Iranian foods, is used for special occasions. Moraasa Polo is a kind of rice, in which the nuts and fruits are shining like jewelry on it.

This Sweet and tasty food is used to cook from a variety of Iranian beverages and fruits such as pistachios, almonds, sweet orange peel, barberry, carrot, and saffron.





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