The strangest laws and behavior of Iranians that you should know

the strangest laws for iranian people

Current cultures in different countries are sometimes very popular, such as the happiness of the Spanish people, the German order, or French art. But sometimes the rules and regulations of a country seem so strange to tourists that, after returning to their country, they tell the story of their trip to those around them or even publish their knowledge in cyberspace. So, you can have this kind of experience too. Now the possible question is, "What are the Iran laws for tourists?" Are these laws complex? In this article, we will review all the Iran laws for tourists so that you can have a safe and secure trip to the vast country of Iran and, when returning to your country, make a good memory for your loved ones.

Hijab, one of the most important Iranian laws

This is the first strange law for people who don't live in Iran. The first thing that all the tourists search for is a hijab. Iranian rules are directly derived from Islam, and each religion has distinct characteristics from the others. The religion of Islam also considers a special type of covering suitable for its followers and condemns some outward features, but nowadays, most ladies wear the normal mantou and scarf. It's required for all girls and women to wear the hijab. So, wearing a hijab isn't such a big deal that everyone worries about it. Iranian women also have beauty with the hijab because many of them wear colorful scarves and coats with taste and style. The way Iranian girls dress is called "fashion." It is said that most tourists follow Iranian women after seeing colorful clothes and patterned scarves in Iran. 

When the question of hijab comes up, some tourists ask, "Is taking photos allowed in Iran?" We must answer yes to this question. In Iran, photography is not outlawed. By the way, there are several gorgeous locations in Iran where men and women may snap photographs.

The only noteworthy point is the Iran Drees code for ladies and the Iran Drees code for males. As we mentioned above, all women in Iran must wear hijabs. Men should also wear long pants and at least a T-shirt in public places. By following these rules, there is no longer an Iran dress code for tourists.

Can you drink alcohol in Iran?

Can you drink alcohol in Iranian hotels? Can I buy it somewhere? These are the questions that most tourists have about it. In short, alcohol is legally banned in Iran. It means that it is not allowed to produce or sell alcohol here. As a result, there are no liquor stores, nightclubs, or bars. but you can use it. There are no places for you to go and sit and drink, but there are some places where you can buy it privately and enjoy it.

Free travel, is one of Iran's laws for tourists

When you see this title, you are shocked for a second. The people of Iran are the best and kindest people in the world because they always want to help people who travel there from other countries. When you are a guest in this country, you do not have to wait for more than 5 minutes because people in Iran treat tourists kindly and, in many cases, will take you to your destination just because their route is the same as yours without charging you. When you travel to this country, you can rent a car too. Saadatrent is a company that helps you find the best cars at the best price. You can rent your favorite car from this company and enjoy your trip as much as you want. Free travel is another strange Iran law for tourists, too.

"Compliments" rules in Iran

Undoubtedly, "complimenting" is the first thing that comes to mind for every tourist. How to compliment, The first thing you should learn in Iran is how to compliment, because it is a large part of Iranian culture. Iranians love to be complimented. For example, if you refuse to pay for your restaurant or cafe, they will tell you, "Let me pay for you," and if you refuse again, they will tell you. You may utilize Iranian culture to observe the beauty of Iranian culture and learn about it before traveling to this nation to learn more about it.

In Rials or Tomans? What is the currency of Iran?

How can a zero change the whole situation?

One must live in Iran for a long time to gain skills and speed in distinguishing between rials and tomans. Most websites, banking panels, and online shopping sites use the unit price of rials, while people use the unit price of rials in their conversations, when shopping, or even on some websites for convenience. But you should know that, if you have any problems with riyals and tomans, people can help you understand the difference between them.

Is dating illegal in Iran?

Dating apps are popular in Iran, but Iranian law also criminalizes consensual sexual relationships outside marriage. But it doesn't mean that if you hold your partner's hand and walk outside together, they are going to arrest and imprison you. You can walk with your partner and enjoy your trip together. One of Iran's rules for tourists is to avoid amorous gestures in public areas. because it could be an issue for you.

Last word

Each nation is identified with its own unique culture; perhaps if it were not for these differences, a curious desire to explore and get to know other countries would not have formed in the human heart. So let's accept the differences and enjoy them. Now that we have properly read all of Iran's regulations, we may rent a car and travel around the nation, visiting all of Iran's tourist attractions. Renting a car in Iran helps you have the best trip at the best price and fully immerse yourself in the pleasant culture of Iran.


Are there bars in Iran?

No! There is no bar in Iran for tourists.

What are the punishments for drinking alcohol in Iran?

As it was mentioned before, the law is totally against producing, selling, having, and consuming alcohol in Iran. Accordingly, if you get cut while drinking or carrying alcohol, you will be faced with punishments like lashes, paying fines, or even going to jail.

Can tourists drink alcohol in Iran?

No, they can't.



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