Vegetarian Persian food

Vegetarian Persian food; Where can we eat vegetarian food in Iran

Today in our Iran travel blog we want to introduce you, Iranian food for vegetarians that are available in most menus of Iran restaurants. So do not miss it.

Vegetarianism is not just a diet but a lifestyle that has attracted many people these days. there is much vegetarian Persian food and also because Iranian food culture is so varied that you can find it for your taste in vegetarian Persian food.

Vegetarianism has many branches, ranging from veganism that does not consume any meat ingredients and products such as dairy products, eggs, and honey, to vegetarians who permit the consumption of dairy products and eggs.

The choice of each of these methods is a choice that people make based on their beliefs and, like all other lifestyles, has its pros and cons. Many of us know herbal foods such as vegetables, asparagus, Mirzaqasimi, and so on. Here are some examples of lesser-known vegetarian Persian food.

Iranian food for vegetarians

Being a vegetarian sometimes may cause a problem especially when you travel. In many countries like India, veggies can eat whatever they want because Indians don’t eat meat too, and in many countries, in Europe, many restaurants are made for vegetarians or have a special menu for them.

vegetarian Persian food

vegetarian Iranian food restaurants

In Iran, we don’t have many vegetarian restaurants. Some of the restaurants that have a veggie menu in Tehran are:

  • Babylon Bistro in ASP towers
  • Prana in Jordan Street
  • Garden restaurant in Fatemi Sq.
  • Fresh box

That you can order food from them from useful applications that we've introduced you to before. you can read them here.

  • Ananda restaurant
  • Zamin Vegan Restaurant in Farahzadi Blv.
  • Iranian Artist Forum Veggie Restaurant in Iranshahr St.

are also some vegan restaurants in Tehran that you can go to.

Besides that, Iranian food culture is so varied that you can find any tastes. In Iran, we don’t have many vegetarian restaurants but there are many Iranian veggie cuisines that you can find in many restaurants when you are taking an Iran travel tour.

Today in our Iran travel blog we want to introduce you, to vegetarian Persian food that is available on most menus of Iran restaurants. So do not miss it.

1. Koo Koo sabzi

vegetarian Persian food

One of the most delicious Iranian food is Koo Koo sabzi. For preparing this food, we cook and fry fresh herbs and vegetables, like parsley, coriander, and dill, along with onions and eggs, and salt and pepper. Also, we can add barberry and walnut.

2. Ash Rechte

Iranian food for vegetarians

There is no meat used to prepare Ash to recite, so it is considered a very tasty and authentic Iranian food. For the preparation of this food, we use chickpeas, beans, lentils and noodles and fresh vegetables such as parsley, coriander, spinach (or beet), and also they add whey to it that is from the dairy category.

3. Mirza Qasemi

vegetarian Persian food

One of the most famous vegetarian Persian food is Mirza Ghasemi that is a traditional cuisine from the Northern cities of Iran. For preparing this food, grilled eggplant, garlic, tomato, and egg are cooked especially together and served with bread.

4. Baqala qatoq

vegetarian Persian food

A delicious vegetable soup that originates from northern Iran is called baqala qatoq, which is also very delicious. To prepare this vegetarian Iranian food, fresh beans and Also, garlic, fresh dill with salt, pepper, turmeric, and eggs are used in cooking it.

5. Kashk-e Bademjan

vegetarian Iranian food

Kashk-e Bademjon is delicious vegetarian Iranian food, that you can find almost in all restaurants. it is made from eggplant, garlic, onion, mint that are dried with oil, then added whey to it.

6. Felafel

vegetarian Iranian food

Felafel is one of the famous Iranian foods that is served as a sandwich and is made with pea, onion, garlic, and Chickpea flour that is cooked and shaped like a triangle.

7. Samosa

vegetarian Persian food

Samosa is one of the most delicious vegetarian Persian food that is from the south of Iran and is made of potato, vegetables that are fried with oil and spices and roll it with bread.

8. Yatimche

vegetarian Persian food

This food is one of the traditional vegetarian Iranian food that has low calories too and we use eggplant, tomato, onion, and spices for cooking it in a very delicious way.

9. Adasi

vegetarian Iranian food

Adasi is one of the foods that are especially used in breakfast meals, and it is only cooked with Lentils and mashed potatoes.

* Besides these foods, you can also eat salad and soaps in all Iranian restaurants.

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