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Iran transportation is one of the important subjects in Iran tourism that tourists who want to travel to Iran, should kn...

transportation in Iran

Iran transportation is one of the important issues that you should consider when you want to travel to Iran. transportation in Iran can be divided into two big services: Iran public transportation and Iran private transportation that you can use both when you travel to Iran.

when It doesn’t matter if you are traveling to Iran with an Iran tour or you’re just traveling here on your own, Iran transportation is something that you will need the most in your trip when you want to explore the cities of Iran. it is when this article will help you.

But in this article, we want to talk about Iran transportation for inside every city of Iran that you travel to, especially big cities like Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, and … So, if you think this article may be useful for you, that for sure it is, stay with us in this travel blog.

transportation inside the cities of Iran

In one of our articles, we talked about Iran transportation for traveling between the cities of Iran. If you have not read it yet, here you are: Iran transportation; travel between the cities of Iran

Public transportation in Iran

Public transportation is one of the best Iran transportation ways to go to every point of the city, especially in big cities of Iran like Tehran, public transportation is the best way to run away from the traffic and explore the city and its attractions. In the following, we are going to talk about public transportation between Iran transportation ways and their advantages and disadvantages. So, if you are going to travel to Iran, do not miss this article:

Bus system in Iran

Well, buses are the first option as an Iran transportation way to visit a city and its tourist attraction. Well besides the buses that connect different parts of a city, Iran big cities also use the BRT system and these buses work 24/7 in 10different lines that you can travel with them in different parts of the city and these buses and BRT lines stations around each city, making it easy for tourists to access all part of the city.

Public transportation in Iran

  • The advantages: Well buses are a cheap and suitable way for traveling inside a city. Also, the BRT system has special lines in streets and highways that you won't stick in traffic anymore.
  • Disadvantages: well, buses and BRT buses as one of the public Iran transportation, are most of the times very busy, especially in the mornings and evenings and some times you can’t even get into one of them and you should wait for another bus. Most of the time you have to stand because there is no seat and because buses should stop at different stations, it may take so long to arrive at your destination.

Public transportation in Iran

Price: Tickets for buses are between 10,000 IRR and 15,000 IRR, depends on the road distance, and BRT tickets are 12,000 IRR.

IMPORTANT POINT: for using BRT buses, you need to use Metro and bus Cards. You can get them from subway stations and in most of the BRT stations, in a cabin beside them. You can also charge them as much as you need. You can also use them for buses and pay less.

Subways in Iran

Subways as one of the Iran transportation ways are one of the safest ways to travel to any parts of the city. We should say that it is one of the most popular ways to go to the city center of big cities, especially Tehran is the subway.

Public transportation in Iran

  • The advantages: Subways are one of the fastest and easiest ways between Iran transportation options to visit different parts of the city. Also, we can admit that subways are the safest and cheapest ways of exploring a city. Also using subways is the best way of visiting a city without being worry about the traffic.
  • Disadvantages: well subways are most of the time so crowded, especially in the mornings and evenings you may feel like you’re pressing between people and also it can take so long because there are many stations that subways must have a stop there.

Public transportation in Iran

Price: every one-way ticket for using subways is about 10,000 IRR that you can pay with your Metro and bus card that we mentioned before.

Taxis in Iran

there are many kinds of taxis that you can use for traveling in a city. You can also go to the taxi station, or even you can get a taxi in your way (unofficial taxis).

Public transportation in Iran

Even when you don’t need a taxi, cars will stop in Infront of your foot, so don’t be shocked or bothered when this happens. In the following, we are going to introduce you to all these kinds of Iran transportation ways.

Darbast taxi

Actually. Darbast in Farsi means doors closed. When you are in the street and want to go to your destination directly. You can call any car or taxi that is empty and ask them for Darbast. After that, you will tell your destination and if the driver was ok with that, he will accept that.

Public transportation in Iran

  • Advantages: you can go to your destination easily in a private car and you’ll be sure that the driver knows the ways.
  • Disadvantages: By going by taxi, you may stick to traffic or you have to pay a lot of money.

Price: But first discuss the cost because there is no certain price for Darbast and the taxi drivers may tell a high price.

Shared or Shuttle taxi

These taxis are found both are streets and taxi stations that you can go there and get on the taxis that drive to your destination.

Public transportation in Iran

  • Advantages: well Taxis between Iran transportation ways, are most of the time are faster and easier to use and you can go to your destination easily.
  • Disadvantages: Shuttle taxis are shared between different passengers and maybe some people feel bothered that way.

Price: The prices of taxis are usually written on a sticker on the front window and you can see it.

Unofficial taxi or Savari

Many cars are not yellow and are not official taxi cars but work as taxis and in Iran, we call them “Savari”.

Public transportation in Iran

  • Advantages: they are like shuttle taxis and work on a certain path.
  • Disadvantages: although Safari is so common among people, it is better to not trust all of them.

Price: you should ask it from the driver because there isn’t a certain price.

Private transportation in Iran

Besides public transportation in every city, there is also private transportation that you can also use for traveling inside the city. This kind of Iran transportation is more expensive but also more comfortable and faster.

Iran streets with cars

In the following, we are going to introduce them.

Agency taxis or Telephone taxis

There are some agencies in cities that you call them and they send a taxi for you.

Private transportation in Iran

  • The advantages: these private taxis can take you to your destination easily and most of the time they know the address well.
  • Disadvantages: The price of these taxis may be expensive to form the other Iran transportation ways.

Price: There are no certain prices and drivers usually say the price depends on the distance, traffic, weather, and …

Snapp; Just like Uber

Certainly, most of you experienced using the Uber for your transportation inside the city. Well, as one of Iran transportation ways, you can use Snapp or Tap30 applications that work exactly like Uber. These applications work in most of the cities of Iran.

Private transportation in Iran

  • The advantages: By choosing your origin and your destination, you can easily go to any part of the city.
  • Disadvantages: You need the internet to use this application and you may not access the Internet in some cases. Also maybe drivers for many reasons don’t accept your trip requests. This will be a problem if you’re in a hurry and also prices change because of traffic, weather and … and may it become a little expensive.

Price: As we mentioned before, it depends on the distance, traffic, the time of the day and weather and also many other options.

Car rental in Iran

Well, one of the other options that you have for your Iran transportation is using car rental in Iran services. It’s one of the best options. But why? You can drive and explore the city whenever you want. Also, a private car is much comfortable form the other options.

Private transportation in Iran

  • The advantages: this way of Iran transportation, is safe, comfortable and you can use it anytime and anywhere that you want. You can also use car rental services with drivers if you don’t want to drive by yourself. Using car rental services in certain days costs less for you than using other private Iran transportation ways.
  • Disadvantages: As we said before, maybe in some car rental companies they rent cars with the high price that you should first search for a reliable company. Also, you may have a problem with parking your car.

Price: it depends on the car you want to rent, the days of your trip, and many other reasons.

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