the conditions to traveling to iran in corona time

Travel conditions to Iran in Corona (2022)

These days, because of the coronavirus (COVID 19), you should know the conditions before traveling somewhere. Iran has some conditions for travel too.

Iran is a country in western Asia. This country has the best natural and tourist attractions because of the historic cities and traditions that it has. Coronavirus, change everything. For traveling to this country, you should do some special work. So, before traveling to Iran, check all the conditions after that by your ticket and travel to this country. There are soaring mountains, plains, flat plains, desert areas, rivers, and lakes that have made it possible to see one of the four seasons in any corner of the year at any time of the year.


The first condition for traveling to Iran in corona

As we said before, in corona, you should do a series of things. The first thing that you should do before flying to Iran, fill in the commitment letter and self-declaration form. This form must be submitted to the relevant official upon arrival.


Vaccination is the second condition for entering Iran

Incoming travelers from European countries who have received two rounds of anti-coronary vaccine are not required to provide a PCR certificate, so they can prepare for their trip with a vaccinated card.

According to recent rumors, 3 doses of vaccine should be given to be sure enough. The vaccine is being developed in Iran. To be sure when traveling you can car rental in Iran. When you use your car, you will be sure about the cleaning.


PCR test, for traveling to Iran

All Iranian and non-Iranian passengers must have a PCR test 72 hours before the flight unless they are less than 2 years old. The negative result of the test in English must be submitted to the representative of the Ministry of Health at the border health base. For traveling to Iran, if everything was ok for you, you can use Iran tours. This can help you to have the best travel in this country. The period of issuance of the mentioned certificate should not exceed 96 hours (4 days).


Immediate test )Screening )at the airport

When you travel to Iran, at the airport, they get an immediate test.  If symptoms or signs of coronary heart disease are observed in the passenger, they cant come to this country.



If the traveler is an Iranian citizen, he or she must quarantine themself at home for 14 days. After that, if everything was ok, they can leave their house. If the passenger is a non-Iranian citizen, he/she will be quarantined for 14 days in the designated areas of the Ministry of Health. The cost of testing and hotel stay for quarantine is borne by the traveler.


Mask, an important condition for traveling to Iran

A traveler cannot enter the country without a health certificate and a negative coronary test result. A mask must be worn to be present at the airport as well as during the flight. Without a mask, they can go to the airport. If the passenger is a non-Iranian citizen, he is not allowed to enter Iran and will be returned to his origin. So remember to follow the conditions for travel.


Iran in Covid19

  • Public places

After the thing that we said, you should know the rules of Iran in Corona time. Iran attractions can help you to find the best places in Iran for your traveling. In quarantine and after that, a series of laws were enacted for public and non-public places. In the published list of "high-risk jobs during the Corona", the names of restaurants and cafes are also among the items whose activities require the presence of more people.

One of the requirements of social distance is the closure of public places such as restaurants and cafes. At the beginning of this crisis in Iran, no specific health protocol was defined; many cafes and restaurants closed to protect the health of their employees and the community.

After they decided to open the restaurant and other public places, they made some rules:

  1. The minimum distance between the tables should be one meter
  2. Avoid staff contact with each other including loss.
  3. Avoid crowding in the workplace, including locker rooms, bathrooms, warehouses, or around the workplace
  4. It is necessary to use a protector or protective shield for the cash desk and the moving conveyor or the sales counter between the customer and the operator.
  5. The arrangement of the dining table and the sitting of the customer should be such that a distance of at least one meter is observed.
  6. Receiving cash is prohibited and payment must be made online.


  • Hotels

There are a few things to keep in mind when staying at a hotel in corona Time.

  • Disinfection of public and private spaces

Disinfection and cleaning of public areas of hotels, such as lobbies, elevators, stairwells, corridors, etc., was also on the agenda of hotels before Corona. But the important thing about this is that before the corona epidemic, this was done with water and detergents. With the spread of the virus, the use of water and Vitex, alcohol, chlorine, and advanced disinfection systems to clean the hotel space. It became customary. This helps to clean the surfaces well from contamination and reduce the risk of disease.


  • Check body temperature and blood oxygen

This ensures that suspected cases are known to staff and travelers and ensures the overall health of the people inside the hotel.

  • Mandatory use of masks for hotel staff and guests in the public

Using a mask is what significantly reduces the risk of transmitting the virus.

  • Existence of disinfectant liquid and shoe cover at the entrance of hotels

The most important thing that prevents the transmission of coronavirus to hotels is the presence of disinfectant and shoe covers at the beginning of the entrance. By doing this, every person who enters the hotel disinfects his hands from the very beginning and prevents the transfer of pollution to the hotel space by wearing a shoe cover.


Coronavirus, change everyone's life. to be strong in this time, we should do all the rules that we know about it. For traveling to Iran and other countries, remember to do know about the conditions and do all of them and for having the safe travel, use a car rental. We wish you to be safe in this hard time.

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