Ali Qapu Palace

Ali Qapu Palace is located in the west of the Naqsh-e-Jahan Square, facing the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque in the city cente...

Ali Qapu Palace is located in the west of the Naqsh-e-Jahan Square, facing the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque in the city center of Isfahan. This palace is one of the most important architectural masterpieces of the early 11th century and has a world renown.

History of Ali Qapu

Ali Qapu Palace was built in the year 1054, and its founder is Shah Abbas I Safavid. The king of Safavid, the ambassadors and great figures in the Inca accepted. The Safavid king met important people, such as ambassadors and great figures in this palace. This palace was the central gateway and the entrance of all palaces built during the Safavid period in the area of the Naghsh-e-Jahan Square of Isfahan. what do you think about Iran beautiful country and different cities ? Stay tuned for information

About the building of Ali Qapu

From the under-head in the palace, which is all made up of stone, you arrive at the mansion and reach the upper floors by a staircase on both sides. Ali Qapu has 6 floors, each with its own special decoration. On the ground floor there is 2 hall, which was dedicated to administrative and civic affairs. On the third floor there is a large porch with 18 high and lofty columns. There is a marble pond in the middle of this porch.


In general, Ali Qapu Palace consists of two distinct parts: the front of the entrance to the mansion and the main building of the palace.

The entrance of the palace is ahead of the main building and the entrance to the mansion is in the same area. The entrance has a crescent arch, and in the two floors there are sideways and smaller arches. There is a veranda above the entrance which is open from 3 directions and has a wooden room.

The pond with marble edges is located in the middle of the porch, which has fountains; the dock is made of copper. From travel writers such as Tarunya and Shardin, it turns out that in the distant past, wall of the end of the porch and the surface of the columns were covered with a mirror. There are two spiral staircases in the corners of the first floor, which form communication paths.  There are four floors on top of the first floor, both floors in addition to the rooms have a large hall. The first hall opens to the front porch of the mansion by a large doorway. On the wall of this hall there is a beautiful and colorful artistic painting, which is based on the works of Reza Abbasi.  


Particular features of the palace

The sixth floor has a large hallway, which is completely plastered. The hall, also known as the sound chamber, is based on sound physics and its reflection in a way that, like a sound recording studio, it eliminates excessive resonance of sound, and smooth sounds to the whole Part of the forum.

In the last forty years, due to the threat of destruction, the high palace of Qapu was threatened, as well as due to the attention of the people and government organs to cultural heritage, repairs were done by internal and external specialist departments.


In general, the building of Ali Qapu is a beautifully constructed ceremonial building and is another achievement of the Safavid era architecture.

More information about Ali Qapu Palace:

Address: opposite the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Naqsh-e-jahan Square, Isfahan province, Iran

Access time: 9 - 21

closure time: -

Cost for foreign nationals: 200,000 IRR

Suggested visit time: a bout 1 hour

Phone number: -


Nearest Tourist Attractions: Chehel Sotoun palace, Vank Cathedral

Best time to visit: spring, autumn


Access to vehicles:  




Parking lot: 


Network coverage: 


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