Iranian delicious food in southern Iran

Southern foods of Iran When answering the question of why you travel to Iran, most tourists respond: " i want to v...

Southern foods of Iran

When answering the question of why you travel to Iran, most tourists respond: " i want to visit iran and experience the taste of its food." persian food tours were always popular and so we decided to introduce Iranian foods in the series of iran tourism articles.

About Iranian southern food

South of Iran, besides all the attractions, has a special food culture that is well illustrated by the hospitality of its people. The cuisines of southern Iran are so delicious and unique that you should not miss the taste of their pleasant taste.

List of Iranian southern food

Qalyie Mahi

persian southern food

In southern Iran, fish are cooked in a variety of foods, including Qalie Mahi, traditional Khuzestan food.

Qalyie Mahi is a traditional food made with fish, pomegranate sauce, Vegetables (fenugreek and coriander), onions, peppers, salt, tamarind, oil, turmeric and garlic. Like most Iranian food, this is also commonly used with a rice plate. If you go to the cities of Khuzestan province, go to a local restaurant and order this traditional dish, because you will surely admire its unique taste.


iranian southern food

Falafel is one of the most popular foods not only in the South, but also in all of Iran's cities. The main ingredient of this food is peas and it does not contain meat. Therefore, those who are unwilling to eat meat can use this nutritious and protein supplement.   Although this food is native to Khuzestan province, it is today made in most Iranian cities. To prepare this food, ingredients such as pea, oil, red pepper, egg, parsley and ... are used.


Persian southern food

Opiyozi is actually Eshkeneh(one of Iranian traditional food), of course it is cooked in Dezful. This early cuisine is prepared and many families in the province, if they have little time to cook, immediately start baking it and prepare after a couple of minutes of hot, tasty and yet delicious food. To make this, use walnuts, sugar, turmeric, pomegranate sauce, onion, egg, salt, pepper, dry bread.


Iranian southern food

You may not know that the same Sambouseh which is popular in most cities of Iran has been introduced from Khuzestan province to Iran. Why do you think Khuzestan people love this food so much? Because of the excessive taste of her pepper! To make this dish, fill Lavash bread with ingredients such as meat, fragrant vegetables, potatoes, spices and ... and they are tangled like triangles.


local food in southern iran

Hawari is a brass and native Hormozgan variety. To make this meal, onion, dill, fenugreek, coriander, garlic, and then rice have been used.

Dopiazeh Maygo(Shrimp)

delicious persian southern food

Whenever it comes to a traditional and gourmet food in the South, it is essential that the fish and the firm shrimp are the ingredients of the food. Dopiazeh Maygo are from Qeshm's traditional cuisine, and to make shrimp, along with onions, spices and red pepper. In this meal, good spices are used to add flavor to shrimp.

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About Iranian Food


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