The Best Neighborhoods in Istanbul

The best neighborhoods in Istanbul

Istanbul, with a population of more than 15.7 million people, is a microcosm of Turkey as a whole, with no two neighborhoods being alike due to the diversity of its citizens' cultural origins and beliefs. From extremely traditional regions where the streets can be found in a short stroll to very modern neighborhoods full of shops, art galleries, and restaurants that you should spend hours exploring in this tourist city, there is something for everyone in this tourist city.

The best neighborhood in Istanbul helps you have a more comprehensive and better trip in this metropolis. Also, for people who want to invest and buy a house, knowing the best neighborhoods in Istanbul is the best way.

Fatih, the best neighborhood in Istanbul

One of the best neighborhoods in Istanbul to stay in is Fatih. Istanbul, with a population of more than 15.7 million people, is a microcosm of Turkey as a whole, with no two neighborhoods being the same due to its individuals' cultural origins and beliefs. There is something for everyone in this tourist city, from relatively traditional districts where the streets can be located in a short stroll to very modern neighborhoods full of stores, art galleries, and restaurants that you should spend hours visiting.

fatih neighborhood in istanbul

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The Fatih area has several interesting things to see. They include the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Hagia Sophia Mosque, Arasta Bazaar, Topkapi Palace Museum, Basilica Reservoir, Equestrian Square, and other attractions. The Grand Bazaar, also known as Kapali Charshior, is one of the world's oldest and largest markets. It is in this area and draws a considerable number of tourists each year.

This market ranked first among the world's most visited markets in 2011. Despite its exorbitant pricing and unsuitability for shopping, the Grand Bazaar is recognized as one of the greatest venues for money exchange. Because of the different textures of this area, living in the Fatih region may be quite tempting. The presence of a considerable number of police officers in this region demonstrates the security of the area. For this reason, Fatih is known as one of the best neighborhoods in Istanbul.

fatih neighborhood

 Recommended Hotels in Fatih neighborhood

Highlights and FeaturesNameAccommodation Type
Located in the heart of Fatih, near major attractions. Traditional Ottoman décor. Offers an authentic Turkish breakfast.Ottoman Elegance InnTraditional Inn
Spacious family rooms with kid-friendly amenities. Close to parks and kid-friendly attractions. Complimentary breakfast and free Wi-Fi.Sultan's Family RetreatFamily-friendly Hotel
Affordable dormitory and private rooms. Communal kitchen and lounge area. Walking distance to major historical sites.Travelers' Haven HostelBudget Hostel

Ilche ​​Beşiktaş, one of the best neighborhoods in Istanbul for tourists

You can't visit Istanbul without seeing the Beşiktaş district. As previously said, various historical and tourist landmarks in Istanbul are right in this area, and failing to visit them would be a great mistake. Beşiktaş, a once-forested hamlet, is now an urban area in the heart of Istanbul's European section, home to the upper middle class. Some tourists also know Beşiktaş as a luxury neighborhood in Istanbul.

Besiktas neighborhood in istanbul

Some of the attractions in Istanbul's Beşiktaş neighborhood include Dolme Baghche Palace, Yildiz Palace, Ihlamor Palace, Khadijah Sultan Palace, Ortakoy Mosque, and the Navy Museum. In this neighborhood, you may find inexpensive traditional dinners. Beşiktaş also features a lively nightlife and the option of purchasing fresh fish. Beşiktaş, one of Istanbul's most well-known districts, is home to the renowned Nusrat and Ulus 29 restaurants and several luxury hotels.

Çukurcuma, one of the best neighborhoods in Istanbul’s Asian side

Çukurcuma neighborhood in istanbul

Part of the larger Beyoğlu district, the Çukurukuma district is the city's antique district, where you can find many old objects and antiques. Here you will find famous antique shops such as A La Turca, Modern Tarih, and Asli Gunsiray. You can walk around the neighborhood and enjoy the attractions that are always open. Another of his attractions in Istanbul's Çukurcuma district is the Museum of Innocence, a literary museum built by Turkish Nobel laureate Orhan Pamuk.

For those looking to explore Çukurcuma's hidden treasures, renting a car in Istanbul can enhance the experience significantly. Navigating from Istanbul's bustling airport or any part of the city, car rental provides the freedom to explore Çukurcuma at your own pace. It allows for an easy transition from the Asian side's scenic landscapes or the European side's historic landmarks directly to the doorstep of Çukurcuma's winding streets. This flexibility in travel ensures that visitors can immerse themselves fully in the eclectic charm of Çukurcuma, making the journey as memorable as the destination itself.

car rental in istanbul

The Bebek neighborhood is the best area in ​​Istanbul to live

bebek neighborhood in istanbul

Bebek is one of Istanbul's oldest neighborhoods and a popular tourist destination. This gorgeous neighborhood is near the bay and has produced a very stunning setting for the residences in this region.

The majority of the residences in the Bebek neighborhood are brand new and have unique styles and construction. Aside from the beauty and tourist areas in this neighborhood, you should be aware that the prices of villas and houses in this neighborhood are very high. Even many people believe that the houses in this area are located on one of the most expensive streets in Istanbul.

Bakirkoy Istanbul, one of the famous neighborhoods

Bakirkoy is one of the oldest districts of Istanbul. This area is located on the European side of the city, between the E5 motorway and the coast of the Sea of ​​Marmara. Bakirkoy is mainly inhabited by middle-class people as a residential and development area. Shopping centers (Carousel, Capacity, and Galleria Mall), botanical gardens, and marsh are located in the Bakirkoy district.

Staying at the Radisson Blu Hotel Istanbul puts you right in the heart of the Bakirkoy district. The area is known for its excellent location near the airport, with metro and bus stations providing easy access to the center. 

Sultan Ahmet-Old City, a neighborhood with many attractions

A visit to Istanbul would not be complete without a visit to the Old City, once the social and political center of the Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman Empires. This district offers a glimpse into the historical center of Istanbul and some of its architectural wonders. Istanbul is a peninsula surrounded by bodies of water to the north, east, and south (Golden Horn, Bosphorus, and Sea of Marmara). Also, because of the old city walls, this part of the city formerly called Constantinople is today taken over by the city of Istanbul.

Sultan Ahmet Old City

The Sultan Ahmed Mosque, which is the source of the neighborhood's name, as well as the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Istanbul Grand Bazaar, Arasta Bazaar, Topkapi Palace, and the Royal Palace Basilica, can all be found in this neighborhood. The Cistern encompasses the entire ancient commercial center, the Hippodrome, as well as the surrounding restaurants and cafés.

Asmalı Mescit, one of the safest neighborhoods in Istanbul

Asmal Mescit neighborhood

One of the best neighborhoods in Istanbul is Asmali. This area, located near the end of Esteghlal Street, has a long history, but different developments have taken away some of its texture and originality. However, some of the neighborhood's draws include the presence of colorful Renaissance-era buildings, live music in Asmaali's alleys and streets, various restaurants, and other attractions. The Asmali Mosque is located in the Beyoğlu district.

Levent, a neighborhood with important tourist centers

levent neighborhood

The Levent neighborhood is another good area to stay in. The existence of three significant tunnels in this neighborhood provides enough opportunity for exploration. Aside from that, the presence of a good transportation system in this neighborhood is regarded as one of its benefits. It should be noted that this area is one of Istanbul's business areas.

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Arnavutköy, another one of the best neighborhoods in Istanbul

This is a historic neighborhood in Istanbul, Turkey, where you can see old and charming houses and enjoy the views while wandering through its alleyways. Arnavut Koy's ancient texture and nightlife have made it one of Istanbul's most famous neighborhoods. Which is located in the Beşiktaş district.

Arnavutk neighborhood

Apart from the surface of the neighborhood and the nightlife, we must mention that the existence of many restaurants and cafés in Arnavot Koi makes it a great place to stay. Not to mention the advantages of comfort and leisure amenities that this neighborhood has over other neighborhoods in Istanbul.

Sarıyer, a neighborhood with a sea view

Saryer neighborhood

This region is one of the closest to the sea, which adds to its allure. Fishing is a popular pastime in this area, although most businesses and consulates are now situated there. Apart from these business spaces, it is worth noting that there are many luxury residences and villas in Sarıyer, Istanbul, and theaters just are beautiful to look at. The confluence of these variables has affected and enhanced tourism in this area.

Other places to visit in Sarıyer neighborhoods include Amirgan Park, which has beautiful flowering areas; Tarbia Beach; Istineh Beach, which has cafes and restaurants; and a nearby park. All of these attractions are placed in the Sarıyer region to add to the region's charms and make it more appealing to tourists.

Last word

Now that you are familiar with the best neighborhoods in Istanbul, it is time to rent a car in this spectacular city and visit all these areas. Rent a car for your next trip and travel to the best neighborhood in Istanbul for an unforgettable stay.


Now, Let's Answer some questions

What is the best area to live in Istanbul?

· Central Istanbul. Etiler, Ulus, Levent, and Ortaköy

· Bosphorus villages on the European side of Istanbul. Bebek, Kuruçeşme, Arnavutköy, and Rumelihisar

· Suburbs on the European side of Istanbul. Kemerburgaz.

Which district is safest in Istanbul?

Some of the safest neighborhoods in Istanbul include Bebek, Etiler, Sariyer, Beykoz, Uskudar, Kadikoy, Florya, Bakirkoy, and Atasehir.

What is the most famous street in Istanbul?

Istiklal Street

What is the most beautiful street in Istanbul?

1. French Street / Beyoğlu.

2. Vodina Street / Balat.

3. Karakolhane Street / Yeldeğirmeni.

4. Şair Nedim Caddesi (Poet Nedim Road) / Akaretler.

5. Perihan Abla Street / Kuzguncuk.

6. İshakağa Street / Beykoz.

7. Soğukçeşme Street / Sultanahmet.

8. Akarsu Yokuşu Street / Cihangir.

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