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Hormuz island is called the rainbow island of the Persian Gulf. It is a place full of different colors with red beaches...

Hormuz island; the Persian Gulf rainbow island

Hormuz island is one of the most extraordinary islands of Iran that is called the rainbow island of the Persian Gulf. Here is a place full of colorful soils, beaches, and mountains. with unique beaches and a completely different culture so that you will feel that you enter another planet as you travel there.

Hormuz Island is an island of colors and wonders that have come out of the sea. The Hormuz island boasts spectacular landscapes from colorful soils to quaint architecture, with a fascinating story to hear and a sight to behold. It is interesting to know that the soil of Hormuz can be seen in seventy colors. 

Here we are going to talk about this spectacular island. you can also visit Hormuz tours 2020 and Iran tours by clicking here. and we will give you a useful travel guide for traveling to Hormuz island that you can use it whenever you want to visit this red island and enjoy its phenomenal sightseeings.

Hormuz island in Persian Gulf

At the bottom of the Iran map, between the Persian Gulf islands Hormuz island is located. Hormuz is not just an island, but it is the land of wonders; a red island that has come out of the sea. A thousand colors island that its every corner has a story to hear or something to see.

Hormuz island in Iran

Hormuz is an island full of wonders. The land of colored soils. Where the redness of its soil and the sea become together. An island that says it's one of the places you should see before you die.

How to reach Hormuz island?

For reaching Hormuz island, you should first go to BandarAbbas. You can go there by train or using car rental in Iran services or even the airplane. Then you should take lodge in Shahid Haqani pier and 40 minutes later you are in Hormuz.

Hormuz island in Iran

You can also go to BandarAbbas and go to Qeshm island and after that, reach the Hormuz island by boats. In Bandar Abbas, you can reach the lodges and the quay boats, which go to Qeshm every 15 minutes from 4 am to 4 pm, and then go to Hormuz.

Hormuz island

Where is Hormuz island?

Hormuz Island wasn’t known as a destination in Iran tourism in years and tourists when they wanted to travel to the Persian Gulf islands, they would think of Qeshm or Kish island.

Hormuz island in Iran

Hormuz island tours

when the first nature groups went to Hormuz and make albums with photos of colored soils and wonderful attractions, Hormuz island becomes more known and many Iran tours held there especially in winter.

Hormuz island tours

Why you should visit the Hormuz island?

Traveling to Hormuz island brings a different experience for tourists, and maybe that's why they say that everybody should visit this island before they die. Surely you will ask what different experiences? It is only an island with a sea and a large cliff around. 

Hormuz island sea

But there is not only one sea and rock. Hormuz island is full of colors, from soils to rocks and mountains and corridors, all you see is red and orange, white and yellow colors and when you walk through them and winds up, it feels like you are in mysterious islands where it is completely different from everywhere.

Hormuz island history

Hormuz is an old island. The sources say this island is 600 million years old. The same sources say that Hormuz island had a brutal trade before the Mongols attack.

Hormuz island in Persian gulf

When the Mongols came, they took their homes and villages. Some people moved to Qeshm, and others moved to the Gambaron pier and built a city that they named it Hormuz because of the name of that ancient city.

Best time to travel to Hormuz island

The best time to visit Hormuz island in winter. Natural events like the migration of birds and turtles also occur in this season.

Hormuz island wonders

Where to stay in Hormuz island?

When you decide to travel to the Hormuz island, you need to prepare yourself, because in Hormuz there is neither a shopping center or a luxurious hotel. Everything is pristine and intact, and actually, this is what makes this island unique that there are no urban elements there.

Hormuz island at night

If you prefer to stay in the locals’ houses in Hormuz island, you can ask for their traditional bread. This bread that is made with flour, oil, and Sooragh that is cooked with the edible red soil of Hormuz island is one of their Iranian traditional food.

accommodation in Hormuz island

There are other ways to stay in Hormuz island too. One way is to go to the shore and stay at low prices tracks that are made for passengers. There are also many traditional guesthouses that you can stay there at a suitable price. Another option is to go to Qeshm and stay in one of the Qeshm hotels.

Camping in Hormuz island red beach

Camping in Hormuz island is very popular, and this is one of the motivations of traveling. For Iran ecotourism lovers, camping and having a couple of days by the sea, and living like a primitive is like a dream. Just have to have enough camping gear with you, things like tents, cookies, dishes, and cooking utensils.

Hormuz island soil

Hormuz island is full of cliffs and maybe crazy to camp on one of them, but you should be careful if you choose small islands around Hormuz for camping, be sure to bring enough water and food with yourself because there's no supermarket and local houses there.

Hormuz island red beach

And as another Iran travel guide for camping in Hormuz island, if you want to camp near the sea, be careful to distance enough from it because half the nights the water is rising due to tides and if your tent is near the sea, water may enter your tent or the sound of waves won’t let you sleep.

What to eat in Hormuz island

There is only some delicatessen in Hormuz island, which sells Felafel and Samosa but you have other choices too. For example, you can order foods for local people. Qaliyeh Mahi is one of the most popular foods on the island because they made it there with fresh fish. You can also eat it in local restaurants or even cook by yourself.

What to do in Hormuz island?

Hormuz itself is an attractive island, so you do not need to go to certain places to visit its landmarks.

Hormuz island colorful soil

Also, its red soil, is considered as Iranian souvenirs and is used by locals as a spice of food and bread, and has a cosmetic application too. Being near the sea, despite the rocks that are visible only a few hours and then they go underwater, are one of Hormuz island attractions.

Hormuz island souvenirs

During the day, you can ride on three-wheel engines and explore the island, or go to the salt goddess cave, visit the Portuguese fortress, which is more beautiful than the Portuguese castle of Qeshm.

Hormuz island attractions

You can also visit the seven-colored mountains in Hormuz island, or see the Valley of the Statues where its rocks and corridors are in the shape of the animals, and pass through narrow corridors and reach the abyss to astonish at its height.

Hormuz island in Iran

This is the famous Strait of Hormuz, a point at the edge of the abyss that you can watch ships moving down there.

Hormuz island attractions

Special places in Hormuz island

Hormuz island is indeed a pristine island, but in some places, it is more secretive.

Hormuz island at night

Like the environment beach, Mofanaq Island, which is 40 minutes away from the village, and places like seven trees. All of this can make your day and at night you can see much phytoplankton that has lightened the beach.

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