Street Food in Iran | 2024 Update

Street Food in Iran | 2024 Update

This article will explore the vibrant world of Iranian street food, revealing the rich flavors, traditions, and cultural significance behind these delicious, quick meals. From the origins of iconic dishes to the stories of the people who serve them, prepare to discover how street food is more than just food in Iran—it's a celebration of community and heritage.

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Street Food in Tehran

For those looking to explore the rich street food culture of Iran, Tehran offers a variety of popular spots known for their diverse and delicious offerings. Some of the top locations to enjoy street food in Tehran include:

Si e Tir Street (30th Tir Street):

30tir street food

This touristic area is not only famous for its museums and attractions but also for its diverse range of street food, offering everything from Persian dishes like kebab to international cuisines such as Indian, Turkish, and Lebanese. The vibrant atmosphere here is enhanced by the availability of food until late at night, making it a perfect spot to experience Tehran's nightlife and culinary diversity​​.

Note: 30 Tir Street has been permanently closed due to its location within a historical site in Tehran. This measure was taken to prevent potential damage to the site, preserving its historical integrity.

Dolat Abad Street:

Known for its Arabic cuisine, particularly falafel and sambooseh, Dolat Abad Street is a go-to for those looking to try authentic Arabic flavors. The area's dense Arab population ensures a genuine taste experience, with various Arabic dishes available​​.

Bahman Square:

bahman square tehran

Located in the south end of Tehran, Bahman Square is a haven for liver kebab enthusiasts. The square is bustling with vendors who have been perfecting their craft for years, offering a steady stream of delicious liver kebabs to their customers​​.

Tehran Grand Bazaar:

A visit to Tehran would only be complete with exploring the Grand Bazaar. After wandering through the maze of shops, visitors can enjoy a variety of delicious snacks and meals, from saffron juice to traditional Persian teas, making it an ideal stop for foodies looking to refuel during their explorations​​.

Bob Homayoun Street (Baab Homayoun):

bob homayoun tehran

This pedestrian-only boulevard comes alive in the evenings with food carts offering a wide selection of fresh foods, ranging from local and traditional to international dishes. Its proximity to the Imam Khomeini metro station makes it easily accessible for those eager to dive into Iran's street food scene​​.

Street Food in Isfahan and Shiraz

Isfahan, known for its stunning architecture and Persian gardens, also offers a rich street food scene. Shahin Shahr and Ferdowsi Street come alive at night with food trucks serving delicious street foods, allowing visitors to taste local flavors against the backdrop of Isfahan's historical beauty​​.

isfahan street food

Shiraz, famous for its poetry, gardens, and historical sites, invites food lovers to explore Chamran Street. This area becomes a haven for street food fans, offering a taste of local and traditional Iranian snacks and meals​​.

Rasht Shahrdari Square (Municipality Square)

Rasht Shahrdari Square

Shahrdari Square, being a central and vibrant location in Rasht, is surrounded by various restaurants, tea shops, and street food kiosks, especially active at night. This area is an excellent spot for tasting local Gilaki dishes and experiencing the rich culinary culture of Rasht.

Most Popular Street Foods in Iran

  • Ash Reshteh: A hearty soup made with noodles, beans, and herbs, often enjoyed in the colder months, symbolizing warmth and comfort​​.
  • Balal: Grilled corn on the cob, a simple yet flavorful snack found especially in parks and recreational areas. It's typically roasted over charcoal and can be seasoned with salt water and lime for an extra zing​​.
  • Baghali: Boiled or steamed fava beans seasoned with salt and sometimes Golpar (Persian hogweed) powder, offering a warm, nutritious snack during colder days​​.
  • Jigar: Grilled lamb liver, a quick and nutritious option available throughout Iran, showcasing the nation's love for kebabs and grilled meats​​.
  • Falafel: Deep-fried balls made from ground chickpeas or fava beans, seasoned with spices, and served with various sauces and vegetables, highlighting the versatility of vegetarian options in Iranian street food​​.
  • Laboo: Hot, boiled beets sold by street vendors, particularly in winter, providing a sweet and nutritious snack that contrasts with the cold weather​​​​.
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