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Transportation in Iran If you have decided to travel to Iran, we should say congratulation for your good choice. So, if...

Transportation in Iran

If you have decided to travel to Iran, we should say congratulation for your good choice. So, if you are going to visit this country and its unforgettable cities and iran tourism attractions, first of all, you need to pass its borders. After that, you need to know how to move between the cities of Iran and iran transportation ways.

Today, in this article, we are going to introduce all iran transportation ways and their advantages and disadvantages for tourists who want to explore Iran. We should mention that for tourists who traveled here with iran tour, their transportation provides by the travel agency that they book their tour.

Airway transportation in Iran

You can travel between most cities in Iran with an airplane.

Airway transportation in Iran

The advantages: by traveling with an airplane you can arrive in your destination fast and save your time for exploring your destination and between the attractions of that city.
Disadvantages: if your trip to Iran is an economy type, booking a plane ticket as a iran transportation way, may be expensive for you, besides that by traveling with an airplane, you’ll lose your chance to visit the attractions or the village between the cities of Iran.

Airway transportation in Iran

How to book: you buy tickets for domestic flights as your iran transportation way, at the airport, or you can book your ticket through a travel agency. There are also many websites that you can book your flight ticket online but you should have a debit card to pay for it.

Railway transportation in Iran

You can travel between the cities of Iran by train. You can enjoy the road and environment until your destination by train with this iran transportation vehicle.

Railway transportation in Iran

The advantages: Usually, the railway paths in Iran are quite beautiful, you can travel between cities and also enjoy watching the way with this iran transportation way. You can also rest in your cabin, watch tv or have lunch in the restaurant of the train till you arrive at your destination. And if your trip takes more hours, you can sleep in beds. These are the advantages that you won’t find in other ways on iran transportation in the road like cars or buses. It is also the safest way to travel inside Iran.
Disadvantages: by traveling by train, as one of iran transportation ways, you’ll spend most of your time in the ways, because trains are not fast and they stop in many stations between the cities and it may take so long to arrive at your destination.

Railway transportation in Iran

How to book: well you can go to train stations and buy the ticket directly from there. you can also book your ticket online from many websites which give tourists these services that you also need a tourist debit card, like Mah card to purchase tickets from them. You can also book your tickets by a travel agency in Iran.

Road transportation in Iran

We can say that between all the ways of iran transportation, road transportation has the most variety. You can use buses, Taxis or use car rental iran services. In the following, we will talk about all of them as iran transportation ways and all of their advantages and disadvantages.

Buses in Iran

Before we talk about the advantages and disadvantages of traveling with buses, we should mention that there are many kinds of buses as iran transportation options. First, there are buses inside each city that you can go to different parts of a city like Tehran with them. They are local buses that have a start and end point and any stations between this way. Iran cities also have BRT buses that run 24/7 in 10 different lines that connect many parts of it together. The second type of buses that we want to talk about in this article, is trip buses that are VIP buses that are suitable for traveling between the cities of Iran. You can use these buses for traveling even at night as your iran transportation vehicle.

Road transportation in Iran

The advantages: These buses are cheap iran transportation way and you can use them for short trips.
Disadvantages: well buses are not that much comfortable and sometimes they don’t stop in good places for going to WC or eating your meal in restaurants and also may not be that much safe especially in the roads of northern cities of Iran.

Road transportation in Iran

How to book: you should go to the bus Terminals and book your ticket to the city you want to travel. There are also some websites that you can buy your tickets and use this iran transportation way.

Taxis in Iran

Besides buses, you can also use taxis for iran transportation inside cities and also between different cities.

Road transportation in Iran

The advantages: taxis and cars are more comfortable than buses and also are faster than them.
Disadvantages: because there is no ticket for these kinds of iran transportation, the taxi drivers may get a lot of money for you and you should discuss with them about the price.

How to book: you don’t need to book a ticket for these ways of iran transportation, in Terminals, there are many taxi drivers that shout the destination that they are going to and you should find them. Be careful to ask the price first.

Car rental in Iran

And the last but not the least way for traveling between cities of Iran is Car rental services as iran transportation. You can rent a car or even use van rental iran services (depends on how many travelers are you) and start your journey in Iran roads.

Road transportation in iran

Advantages: this is one of the safest ways of iran transportation. You can drive a car by your own and enjoy your way and also stop your car wherever you want and visit the cities and villages and some of the attractions that are outside of the cities and in the roads between different provinces of Iran. You can also stop and rest whenever you want. Actually, you have the control of your trip 100%. You can also rent your car with a driver to show you the best attractions and places on the road and you only sit and enjoy your journey.
Disadvantages: maybe some of the car rental companies give you the car with the high process but with researching between car rental in Iran companies and reading their reviews in Google and TripAdvisor, you can choose the best one.

How too book: many car rental companies have online reservations for their customers. You can reserve your car as the way of iran transportation and pay when you get your car. These cars also have full insurance and you also should pay some money as a deposit that they give it back to you in your drop off time.

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