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the things that you can buy in kerman

Kerman souvenirs and handicrafts

Kerman is one of the widest provinces in Iran, with a special effect on Iran tourism. It is located in the southeast of our country. Iran tourism, located in the southeast of our country, is in Kerman. Kerman has a lot of historical landmarks, and three of these attractions have also been registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

There are many Iranian souvenirs you can buy on your trip to Kerman; among them, plant herbal medicines, and especially pistachios, are among the most important ones. Here you will get acquainted with more souvenirs from Kerman.

Kerman sweets

  • Komaj Sohn

Komaj Sohn is one of the traditional sweets in Kerman province. Wheat germ is the main substance used in its cooking, and the other materials used in this pastry are Kerman's cumin and cinnamon.
This sweet is one of the most popular souvenirs in Kerman, which is also popular among the people of this province.

  • Kolompeh

Kolompeh is also a kind of pancake cooked in areas such as Bam.
The interesting thing about this cookie is that it can be made in different shapes, which is why it is seen in different models.

  • Qottab

It doesn’t matter where you are in Iran. In any case, you've probably already heard the name of the Qottab and at least once tried this delicious sweet. Qottab is one of the most delicious and original Iranian sweets that have a base of almonds.

There are different kinds of this cookie, Yazdi and Kermani types, and if you travel to Kerman on your Iran tour, you should buy the Kermani kind of it as the best souvenir in this city. In any case, the Kermani type has pistachio or nutmeg, and they use sugar as decoration in the outer layer of it. It is interesting to know that this sweet has a long history, and it is said it belongs to the Achaemenid era!

  • Qutu and Qowat

Maybe you have heard the name "Qutu, a cookie that you can buy in Yazd province and that is said to have Kermani roots.
In this type of sweet, different nuts, such as wheat, barley, sesame, and various medicinal herbs, mix in the shape of a sweet. These sweets are often used at the reception of Kerman guests and can be soluble in milk or water.

  • Faloodeh Kermani

The first place of origin of this delicious dessert is indeed Shiraz, but this delicious ice dessert is not exclusive to Shiraz, and people of Kerman also have a particular degree of mastering it, so Faloodeh has now become one of the souvenirs of Kerman. This delicious dessert is obtained from thin strips of starch, which are put in juice and sugar, and is very popular, especially on the hot days of the year.
Of course, Kermani faloodeh is different from Shirani faloodeh, and in its Kermani type, mint sweat and pumice sweat are also used as condiments, and finally, it is used to decorate with chia seeds. On a trip to Kerman, if you go to the traditional ice cream shop, you should try Kermani Faloodeh.

Kerman Handicrafts

  • Patteh doozy

So far, we've talked about edible souvenirs from Kerman. If we want to introduce one of Kerman's souvenirs of the non-edible type, we should mention Patteh's doozy.
Patteh doozy has a special place among women and girls in this province and is an old-fashioned needle that, by traveling to this area of Iran, you can buy as a souvenir of Kerman.

  • Messi's dishes and objects

Copper dishes and decorative objects are very popular in Kerman and are considered by visitors to be one of the most important souvenirs in Kerman. In Kerman, handcrafted craftsmanship with great taste makes these copper products a lasting souvenir.
Types of dishes and cups, kettles and skimmers, utensils, and decorative items such as pottery and decorative plates are produced in Kerman.

  • Ajideh doozy

Ajideh doozy is one of the most traditional and well-known Iranian handicrafts. In crocheted embroidery, a layer of cotton is placed between two layers of fabric, and then it is created with fabric sewing, motifs, and elegant designs.

  • Gabar doozy

Another traditional Kerman handicraft called Gabar doozie or Zartoshti doozie is related to the time of the Zoroastrians, which has been prevalent in this province and is considered one of the most attractive souvenirs of Kerman.
The colors used in Gabar Doozie are bright and vivid, like red, white, and green.

  • Shiriki Gillim

Another souvenir of Kerman is Shiriki Gilim, which has been registered in the village of Darestan as a global Gelim village by the UNESCO Scientific and Cultural Organization.
In the past, bunches of wool were woven only in the form of gillim, but today they are woven in the form of a combination of rugs and carpets.

Last Word

Exploring Kerman's vibrant markets reveals a treasure trove of unique souvenirs. From exquisite handwoven carpets to delicate turquoise ceramics, each item embodies the rich cultural heritage of this Iranian city. Acquiring these souvenirs not only captures the essence of Kerman but also serves as cherished reminders of a memorable journey.

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