Mazichal village in the north of Iran

Mazichal village in the north of Iran

Mazichal village is a beautiful village near Kelardasht, with a height of 2600 meters, that keeps you above the clouds. Standing in the highlands of Mazichal village and looking at the cloud ocean in front of your eyes will bring you an unforgettable feeling.

If, for natural reasons, the phenomenon of the clouds ocean does not happen, from the top of the Mazichal village you can see from Chalous to the nearby Ramsar.

Mazichal village in the north of Iran

Why Mazichal village is special?

Filband village is not the only village in Iran that is located above the clouds. There is also an ocean of clouds in Mazichal village. In this village, all you see around you are green and lush trees and you can spend as much as time you want in the quiet nature of Mazichal village.

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One of the reasons that make Mazichal village so special is that this village is full of oak trees this region's name is also is taken from this. In the local dialect, an oak tree is called "Mazi" and the pit is called "Chal"; thus, it's not far from imagination if we say you are going through a path to the pit that is full of oak trees.

Mazichal village in the north of Iran

What do we see on a trip to Mazichal village?

In Mazichal village, if you pass from the interconnected trees of the forest, you will be able to reach the beautiful rangelands at high altitudes. This is where you can arrange your tents and spend the night listening to the sound of crickets or rain, and you will wake up in the morning with the sound of the birds.

If this idea was pleasing to you and you decide to experience traveling to Mazichal village, this heaven between all-natural Iran tourism places, remember to not experience this trip alone and be sure to be with professional and familiar Iran tour groups. Because sometimes the way can be foggy and you lost your path or even if you've been so fortunate and not lost, you're at the risk of attacking wild animals in your loneliness, and it maybe ends this pleasant experience.

Since you are at high altitudes, every part of the path of Mazichal village you are traveling has a beautiful view, and the subjects of photography show themselves one after the other.

Wooden cottages, oak trees, colorful flowers are just some of the beauty of Mazichal village. Another attraction of this area is the possibility of experiencing foraging among the passionate forests where you can breathe fresh air on your path full of your lungs of air and return to your urban life with energy.

When is the best time to travel to Mazichal village?

Mazichal village in the north of Iran

For traveling to Mazichal village due to its geographical location of this area, to stay safe from cold weather, snow, and rain, the best time to enjoy the nature of Mazichal village is the second half of spring and summer. At this time, the beauty of nature, along with the airy atmosphere, provides a delightful blend of a memorable journey in your Iran tours in Mazichal village.

In the autumn and winter, Mazichal village also has a special beauty of its time, and, it will create a great experience if the cold weather and difficulty of the road do not hinder you.

Mazichal village facilities

Do not expect to find facilities like electricity, plumbing, public bathroom, gas, or telephone in Mazichal village. Mobile rarely gives antenna, so it's going to be a real vacation far from urban life.

The nearest shop and gas station are in Kelardasht. So as Iran travel guide, we suggest you buy everything you will need in kelardasht from food and water to flashlights, charcoal, firewood, and other appliances then travel to Mazichal village.

What to eat in Mazichal village?

The best meals you can get in Mazichal village are fresh dairy products. Villagers are mostly engaged in livestock and dairy jobs, and as we said, there is no store in the area; therefore, there isn’t any restaurant around and you need to cock all your meals.

Where to stay in Mazichal village?

Some ecotourism enthusiasts prefer to stay all their moments in Mazichal village nature instead of the Iran hotels in that area. If you are one of those people, you can tent in the plain areas of this village. But if you like to spend your day in Mazichal village and at night sleep in a hotel, you have two options: Kelardasht hotels and Abbas Abad hotels because as you may guess, this village hasn’t any hotels or guest houses.

Your distance from Kelardasht is not so long. This city doesn’t have 5-star hotels, but it has good intermediate hotels. The price of the hotels in Kelardasht starts at 1,700,000 IRR for one night.

Access path to Mazichal village

If you crave to visit Mazichal village between Iran northern cities, first you should go to Marzanabad from Chalous Road. Then Choose the output of Kelardasht. When you arrive in Kelardasht, drive till you reach about 2 km to Abbasabad. Then drive 17 km to this highland road to reach the highlands of Mazichal village.

It's very important that if you use car hire Iran services, choose a car like Land Rover or Nissan.

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