Quran Gate in Shiraz

Quran Gate in Shiraz

Quran Gate in Shiraz was made by the command of Azdo- dole Dailami. The Property of this is for the Quran, which was ordered by the Amir to allow passengers to safely pass through it.

This vault, over time, went into ruin, until it was made at the time of Karim Khan Zand, and the Quran, known as "Seventeen Maan", attributed to the line of Sultan Ibrahim, the grandson of Shahrokh Timurid, was placed in the upper chamber. The Quran is currently in the Pars Shiraz Museum. first choose Shiraz province, if you want to visit Iran and the best attractions.

History of Quran Gate

Quran Gate in Shiraz was destroyed by dynamite damaged by the inadequacy of Shiraz municipality in 1315 AD. Once again, this gate was restored by one of the famous Shiraz merchants, Hussein Eigar, in the year 1328.

After this reconstruction, Quran Gate in Shiraz for a while returned to its magnificence, but several earthquakes that occurred during the Qajar regime caused damage to the building, which was restored by Mohammad Zaki Khan Noori.

quran gate in shiraz

He built rooms for passengers on both sides of the building, which were used as a checkpoint. In addition, water storage was created alongside the gate, which was supplied from Rokn Abad, the famous Shiraz Spring, and renewed the lives of the passengers. In the chambers of the building, Eger and his wife are buried.

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This building has been registered on the 19th /1375/1800 in the national monuments list. Quran Gate in Shiraz is located in the northeastern part of this city, in Tangollah Akbar, between the Chehel Magham Mountain and Babakouhi Mountain, and is located at the exit of Shiraz to the city of Marvdasht.

shiraz quran gate

Of course, there are 5 more gates instead of the Quran Gate, which remained only these gates from these gates. Although these gates do not have a physical presence, they are recorded in the memory of the people.

History of the Quran at Shiraz Gate

As it is known from the name of the Quran gate in Shiraz, this building has been the site of many Quran manuscripts throughout its lifetime. Each of these Quran has many stories that have a high reputation. Because of the weight they had, these Qurans called it seventeen Maan ) maan is a weight measurement unit in ancient times). The simple writing of these Qur'ans and that they were without illumination shows that this Quran was written in the course of Shahrokh Gurkani's time.

Each volume of the Quran has an initial weight of over 51kg. But over time, with the damage to the body of these Qurans, their weight has been reduced. Each of them now weighs more than 21 kilograms.

view of quran gate

The people of Shiraz had a strange belief in these Qurans, and for this reason, the lunar month came to the Quran gate in Shiraz and went below it, and insured themselves by the end of the month against disasters. It was also done 40 years ago. Some narrations also say that this work was done every Friday.

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The architecture of the Quran gate

The structure of the Quran Gate in Shiraz, like most of the gates of Iran, is decorated with verses from the Holy Quran. Based on the testimonials of the Qurans gate of Karim Khan Zand, and the images retrieved by Zaki Khan, it seems that in the past and at the upper gate there was a room that was decorated with lattice windows.

visiting quran gate

The current gate is larger than the previous gate, and its openings are arranged articulately. Two small entrances are created on the sides of it, and the rectangular room is a special place for Quran. The foreheads are made with seven-tone tiles.

Sightseeing around the Quran Gate

Shiraz, the historic and cultural city of Iran, hosts many magnificent monuments that visit to bring people to this city. Some of these buildings and natural spaces are located around the Quran gate in Shiraz, which we briefly describe here.

Tomb of Hafez

Hafezieh is one of the most famous and most famous shrines of poets in Iran, and many visit this beautiful mausoleum in Shiraz. The tomb of Hafez was restored in 1314 during the Reza Shah of Pahlavi on the orders of Colonel Ali Riazi (head of Fars culture) and the help of Ali Asghar Hekmat (Minister of Culture of the time), based on the design of Andre Godard, today.

tomb of hafez

Address: North Side of Shiraz. Between four classes of literature and four ways

Visit time: You can visit Hafezia in the first six months of the year from 08:00 to 22:30 and in the second six months from 08:00 to 21:30.

Ticket cost: entrance fee for domestic tourists is 30,000 IRR and for foreign tourists 200,000 IRR

Eram Garden

The Eram Garden is located northwest of Shiraz, on the slopes of the Triple Mine Mountain. It is said that this beautiful garden was first laid out during the Seljuk period and has come to its fore in different periods. One of the reasons to name it is the famous Eram Garden, which was built by Shadad, the legendary king. Today the garden is used as a botanical garden and is under the supervision of the University of Shiraz.

eram garden

Address: Fars Province, Shiraz, District 1, Eram Street

Time of visit: The first half of the year from 08:00 to 21:00 and the second half of the year from 08:00 to 20:00

Ticket cost: The entrance fee for people living in Iran is 30,000 IRR and for foreign nationals 200,000 IRR.

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Last Word

The Quran Gate stands as a testament to Shiraz's rich historical and cultural heritage. Beyond its architectural beauty and historical significance, it symbolizes the passage of knowledge, protection, and the profound respect for the Quran that has been woven into the fabric of Shiraz's community. As visitors walk through this gate, they step into a narrative that bridges past and present, inviting reflection on the enduring influence of cultural and spiritual traditions.


Let's Answer some questions

Can visitors see the original Quran from the Quran Gate?

The original "Seventeen Maan" Quran is now in the Pars Shiraz Museum for public viewing.

What are the visiting hours and ticket costs for Hafezieh and Eram Garden?

Hafezieh: 08:00-22:30 (first half) / 08:00-21:30 (second half), ticket 30,000 IRR (domestic), 200,000 IRR (international). Eram Garden: similar hours, same ticket pricing.

Are there other historical sites near the Quran Gate?

Yes, the Tomb of Hafez and Eram Garden are notable nearby attractions, each offering a unique insight into Shiraz's cultural heritage.

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