Tourism in Iran

Tourism in Iran

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Tourism in Iran

Tourism by car rental and tour of Iran

Car rental company going introduce the places for tourism is tourism, Safari or tour you are generally regarded as leisure travel.

You will need to rent a car for you in Iran, although in recent years the tourism travel that includes any person to mediate it or your life outside of work. Someone who makes tourism tour

Visiting different areas of Iran and Iran tour is also to have a company vehicle renting a car this car is at your disposal.


Tourism in Iran to help the car rental company

The word emerged that when tourists from middle-class people attempting to travel up to do this. and use of rent of the car when people find more financial ability, and a longer stay, this is possible..


The needs of tourists in Iran.

More TOUR more than anything to the water and air, their destination or the nature of the Iranian culture are interested in Iran car rental with you. you can travel to Iran to srsar the rich always travel to distant areas, of course, is not accidental, but rather for a particular purpose.

For example, to see the famous buildings of Iran and of Iranian art, learning new languages and tasting different foods. Tourism is a crucial industry organized today in the whole world Iran is among the countries that have a lot of places for tourism.

We want to rent a car in your beauty trip in Iran, Tehran, Iran.

Tourism in Iran include tourist facilities including collection of monuments of Iran, Iran-recreational places, nature, transportation, car rental, Iran, Iran.


Car rental iran and tourism in Iran

Tourism in Iran as a very high capacity of the industry to grow and develop.

Among the safest countries in the region and the world in terms of security for tourists.Rent a car in Tehran and Iran's large car rental the tourists. 2 million foreign tourists have visited Iran in the year of 842 million have visited the world traveler, and many of the TOUR of the car rental companies have used To the opinion of experts, car rental and tourism industry is developed in Iran

The reasons being the tourism industry boom and low-rent a car in Iran is not appropriate for the economic structure attract investment in hotel construction and other industries the pointed side.

Another reason for the low boom being tourism and car rental in Tehran in Iran sent investors out of existing fields in Iran and poor advertising and also inaccurate and negative news from Iran, the religious and social constraints to foreign tourists as well as political tensions with some Western countries as well as other obstacles on the way car rental and tourism industry growth of Tehran in Iran.


Car rental and iran tour

For example, in 2007, only about 15 million foreign tourists from the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates in the southern Gulf meet. the while Iran with a share of less than one-fifteenth the number of tourists to the city of Dubai in the same year, only less than one percent share of the world income of the tourism industry and the car rental.

Tourism and car rental car rental and Tehran Iran-tourism industry on economic section of f vacuum collection of those providing travel services offices and services including car rental package, lingering Bliss s air transport, railway, marine and road, guest lounges, hotels and tourist attractions, the operators of guests, restaurants, shops of HOL Chan handicrafts, souvenirs, clothing shoes, least bothered, least bothered about them leather and other ALA what is tourists.

A variety of activities relating to the tourism industry of Iran car renal Tehran has led the economic boom, the seedbed preparation for the country's economy is no high in comparison with other economic sectors.

Great car rental industry development role in reducing unemployment, and Tehran also improve income distribution and increase of the State. This is especially of unemployment in our country as the country's main economic problem is necessary for day to day for the serious attention of policy makers and programmers in the country.

Tourism in Iran although the development and expansion of the traveling and tourism in order to make use of the numerous advantages it more inevitable, but numerous difficulties in the way of the growth and development of the tourism industry in Iran should stay away from these problems, some of the comments are as follows:

-The lack of a comprehensive strategic plan and the lack of clear objectives and our tourism industry in Iran in the form of an Executive program.

-The main obstacles to the development of tourism in Iran, the stunted development of appropriate facilities and the Gulf Coast Marine (marine Gardens – Garden and tourist islands, etc.)


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