Gahar lake; Zagros mountains diamond

Gahar lake; Zagros mountains diamond Gahar Lake is one of the most beautiful and rare places between iran tourist attra...

Gahar lake; Zagros mountains diamond

Gahar Lake is one of the most beautiful and rare places between iran tourist attractions, located in the eastern part of Lurestan province, between the Zagros Mountains and Oshtoran Kuh valley. Gahar Lake is one of the Iranian permanent lakes with a total area of 107 hectares with a height of 2400 meters above sea level that divided into two parts called the big Gahar and the small Gahar.

Gahar lake; Zagros mountains diamond

Since the access to the lake with cars is impossible, this area is less infested. Many tours to the Gahar Lake are often organized by travel agencies in Iran Every year. Therefore, if you are interested in iran ecotourism and visiting the natural attractions of Iran, we suggest you to visit this lake and do not miss it in the itinerary of your iran tour.

The Big Gahar

Gahar Lake is an appropriate habitat for aquatic and animal life and is regarded as one of the most valuable natural resources of Iran. The Big Gahar is the main part of the Gahar Lake, with a length of 1.5 km, 600 meters wide and 28 meters deep that there is only one difficult way to access it.

Gahar lake; Zagros mountains diamond

The main part of the Gahar Lake water is provided by the Tapleh River. This river first goes down to the Small Gahar, then to the Big Gahar, then finally find its way through the valley. The other part of the beautiful Gahar Lake water is provided by several seasonal rivers. Despite the difficult route, about 70,000 tourists visit Gahar Lake every year and enjoy the pristine and natural landscapes of the area for a few days.

The Small Gahar

The Small Gahar is a little 2 km from the Great Lake, so you can get to the Small Gahar from the Big Gahar with the 30-minute walk. The low depth and Transparency of the Small Gahar Lake makes it possible for you to see the fishes in the lake.

Gahar lake; Zagros mountains diamond

Other spectacular attractions in this part of Gahar lake are the Spar Valley, the Kamandan Snowy Tunnel, and mountains around there.

Gahar Lake Beach

The coast of Gahar Lake has two sand and rocky parts. The western and eastern shores of the lake are sandy and are good for swimming in the summer, but rocky parts are not suitable for this activity at all. In the northern and southern part of the lake, there are also massive forests that unfortunately have been at risk of extinction.

Gahar lake; Zagros mountains diamond

Access to Gahar Lake

The Gahar lake is located in Dorood city in Lurestan province. Usually a part of the route runs by bus and part of it by walking on the dirt roads. on the way, there are horses, mules, and donkeys for carrying tourist's baggage.

Gahar lake; Zagros mountains diamond

Recreational facilities of Gahar lake

In The Gahar Lake, in addition to the nature and beautiful scenery of the area, you can also use the lake recreational facilities. These features are:

 Fishing at the Gahar Lake

Fishing is one of the most popular related activities around the world. fishing in the Gahar Lake is only possible by obtaining a license from the regional unit of the region and otherwise, it will be illegal. Salmon is usually caught in this lake.

Boat ride on the Gahar Lake

If you are going to visit Gahar lake, do not miss a boat ride on this beautiful lake. boat riding in the clear waters of this Lake and the Pleasant weather of the area will make you an unforgettable memory. It should be noted that it is only possible to use wind boats in this lake, and you must carry all the necessary equipment for boat trips.

Biking on the Gahar Lake

There is a section for riding bicycles in the area around the lake, so cycling enthusiasts can take their bikes to this area and enjoy biking in this beautiful natural area.

Photography on the Gahar Lake

Photographers and art enthusiasts, do not forget your camera! The Gahar Lake is a collection of beautiful natural landscapes. therefore, here is one of the best places for nature photographers.

Mountaineering in the Gahar Lake Region

One of the most popular places for mountaineering enthusiasts is Gahar Lake. this lake located in the range of the Zagros Mountains, hence Mountaineering in the beautiful nature of this Lake will be an unforgettable experience for you.

What you need to know before traveling to the Gahar Lake

Gahar lake; Zagros mountains diamond

1.    The best time to travel to the Gahar lake is late spring and summer.

2.    You cannot fish in the lake till the end of the spring. Also at other times, as we mentioned above, you need fishing licenses to get permission from the Gahar Lake area.

3.    To set up a camp next to the lake, it's better to go to the western side of the lake because there are more amenities and security in this area.

Gahar lake; Zagros mountains diamond

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