Where is Dezful? |

Where is Dezful? |

Where is Dezful?

Where is Dezful?

Dezful is in a special geographical location and a unique place in iran tourism, which ends on the one hand to the Zagros Mountains and on the other side to the Khuzestan plain, as well as the passing of the rushing river, Dez, in the middle of it, has an unusual nature and is very pristine among other parts of the country.

Where is Dezful?

When you travel to Dezful, you can see at the same time unbeatable waterfalls, beautiful valleys, rushing streets and plains and fruit gardens and also many historical attractions that remained from the iranian culture and ancient dynasties.

If you become interested to know more about this iran tourism city, stay with us.

About Dezful

Where is Dezful?

Dezful city located in the southwest of Iran and north of Khuzestan province. Dezful has a Mediterranean winter and autumn, and its lush green birch is very pleasant from the end of the winter to the beginning of spring, and this is why this city has become a beautiful place for tourists from all over Iran to visit here in their iran tours.

Dezful history

Dezful is located in the middle of the Zagros slopes and its historical background belongs to the Sassanid era, but before the Sassanid, it was also a civilized city and was part of the lands of the Elamite and Achaemenid empires.

Where is Dezful?

The culture of Dezful people can be seen as a mixture of the ancient culture of Khuzestan, where people have lived in its surrounding areas around 5,000 years ago.

How to travel to Dezful?

You can use several options to travel to Dezful. The cheapest ones are using a private car or using car rental iran services.

Where is Dezful?

You can also travel to Dezful by bus, and the most expensive way to reach Dezful is by plane, but the safest option is to travel to Dezful is taking a train ticket. With these options, you can easily go to Dezful and visit one of the oldest cities in the world.

Where to stay in Dezful?

Where is Dezful?

  • Dezful Tourism hotel

Dezful Tourism hotel is a three-star hotel. This hotel is one of the well-appointed Dezful hotels, with a private parking lot and a restaurant. It is close to the airport and shopping centers, but at the same time located in a quiet area near the Dez River.

Price: a room for 1 night starts from 2,250,000 IRR.

Address: 15 Khordad Boulevard – Dezful

  • Ronash Hotel

The two-star Ronash hotel was built in Dezful in 1996. The hotel lobby, restaurant, and 17 rooms are on the third floor. This hotel is located near the Dez River, which records a delightful view for its dear guests. Other benefits to staying at the Ronash hotel between iran hotels in Dezful include the hotel's location in the city center and easy access to shopping malls and the Dezful Anthropology Museum.

Price: a room for 1 night starts from 2,265,000 IRR.

Address: The interval between the new bridge and the third bridge - North Coast Road - Dezful

  • Avan Hotel

The Avan Hotel is another place that you can stay in Dezful and has a good occasion in the city.

Price: a room for 1 night starts from 2,080,000 IRR.

Address: between Hemmat and Post Street – 15 Khordad Boulevard - Imam Hossein Square - Dezful

What to eat in Dezful?

In this part of our travel blog and introducing Dezful, we want to talk about the local food that you can eat in Dezful. Follow us.


Parparagh is actually Dezful especial vine leaf roll with grape leaves. This food has been integrated with the culture of the people of this city.

Where is Dezful?

In the spring, when fresh leaves grow, gardeners cut leaves and bring them to the market, and it's a special food in Dezful for this season.

Shole Ardeh

Shole Ardeh is delicious food in Dezful that is like soup and is made of rice, beans, and some other materials.

Where is Dezful?

Ash-e shoot baqla sooz

This is one of Dezful traditional iranian cuisine that was specially made for the eve night, but now it is cooked with chicken or fish.

Where to eat in Dezful?

Where is Dezful?

  • Termeh garden and restaurant

Address: in front of Dezful tourism hotel – 15 Khordad Blvd. - Dezful

  • Traditional Shoadon Dezful restaurant

Address: 15 Khordad Blvd. – Imam Hussein square - Dezful

  • Traditional coastal restaurant

Address: Under the New Bridge (Shariati Bridge) - Coastal Road - Dezful

What to buy in Dezful?

Kapu bafi

One of the special handicrafts of Khuzestan and Dezful is a product called "Kapu", which is formed by twisting and weaving the young stems of palm trees and colored woolen in the form of a basket.

Where is Dezful?


Woodturning has long antiquity in Dezful. Due to the quality and authenticity of woodturning in Dezful, one of the craftsmen of this profession has received the authenticity from the UNESCO World Organization.

Where is Dezful?


Dezful muffins are one of the city's most delicious iranian souvenirs, and tourists can buy them in the city center, and especially the old market of Dezful.

Where is Dezful?


Giveh is also one of the Dezful handicrafts that have many fans. You can buy this product from the old market of this city.

Where is Dezful?

Where to go shopping in Dezful?

Where is Dezful?

  • The old market of Dezful (Traditional Bazaar)  

Address: the interval between Ayatollah Moazzi and Shariati underpass – Shariati Blvd. - Dezful

  • Mehregan Shopping mall (Modern mall)

Address: Zargar alley – Shariati Blvd. - Dezful

Dezful natural attractions

For decades, Dezful has become a familiar name among iran ecotourism enthusiasts. Dezful has a wild, very pristine nature.

Where is Dezful?

So it's very dangerous to travel to some places without familiarizing yourself with the basics of fitness and equipment. In this part of our article, we are going to introduce you some of Dezful most famous natural attractions.

Dez River

Dez River is one of the Iran rivers that pass through the beautiful city of Dezful and make it more beautiful. Dez river always has clear, clean water because its floor is rocky. The difference in water temperature with the outside of the summer has made it possible for people to take refuge in the cold water during the warm season in Dezful.

Where is Dezful?

At present, along with the river's route in Dezful, there are some resorts and promenades like Chal Kandi, Dowlat Park, Ali kale and coastal parks.

Where is Dezful?

It is enough to go to the Dez River in one afternoon to find the joy and gladness of the Iranian people in Dezful. People who enjoy from their time beside their family along the beautiful river almost every night.

Shevi waterfall

Shevi Waterfall, the largest spring waterfall in the Middle East and one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iran. This waterfall is located in the middle of the Zagros mountains and in the village called Shevi in Dezful.

Where is Dezful?

The water of this waterfall, after passing through the valleys and whales, flows to the Dez River and eventually drops into the dam of Dez Lake in Dezful. The access to this cascade requires a relatively long walk and it is better to be with a guide.

Where is Dezful?

If you are planning to travel to this beautiful waterfall in Dezful, we suggest that to visit it in Spring.

Pamenar Village and Shahion Lake (Dez Dam Lake)

If you've seen the Game of Thrones series, you are familiar with the Wall! Do not be surprised if I say that there is a wall in Iran in exactly like that wall in Dezful, but not a wall of ice, but a stone wall.

Where is Dezful?

To visiting this wall, you should go to the wonderful Pamenar village in the Dezful. Pamenar Village is a great place for tourists, with its warm and welcoming people, the favorable climate in spring and its amazing nature.

Where is Dezful?

Shahion lake is one of the most important tourist attractions in Dezful, which is adjacent to Pamenar Village. This lake is a great place for boating and other water activities. In the center of this lake is a beautiful island, which is a good place to camp.

Where is Dezful?

The boatmen of this village in Dezful, with a cheap price, show you the location of the lake in Dezful and if you want to camp on the island of Shahion lake, take will come after you the day after.

Kool Khersan Valley

Kool Khersan Valley is one of the most fascinating attractions of Dezful. This valley is 25 kilometers away from Dezful city. In the warm summer, you can experience temperatures below 20 ° C in this valley. It is very difficult and dangerous to travel to the Kool khersan valley without a guide.

Where is Dezful?

So be sure to ask a local guide to take you to this area and bring food and water well. Also, in the area of this valley, the surface of the water is high and very severe, so do not go too far in Dezful Kool Khersan valley.

Sufi Ahmad

Sufi Ahmed is one of the most beautiful and natural places in northern part of Dezful.

Where is Dezful?

The region remains virtually unaltered due to its geographical location. Undoubtedly, Sufi Ahmed is one of the oldest and most beautiful mountainous areas of Dezful.

Towbiroun Valley

Towbiroun valley is another natural attraction of Dezful, which has a very naughty and amazing nature. The height of the scary walls of this valley reaches over a hundred meters in some places.

Where is Dezful?

Within this amazing valley in Dezful, which is the result of thousands of years of erosion, there are a bunch of wild figs, waterfalls, and other plants that have doubled Towbiroun valley beauty.

Dezful historical attractions

We have all read in the history books that wherever there was water, there was also civilization. The great river of Dez is also beautifully crossed through Dezful and has played an indelible role in the formation and prosperity of this city.

Where is Dezful?

Maybe that’s the reason, many buildings and historical places are located in Dezful together. In this part of our article, we are going to introduce you to the most famous historical attractions of Dezful.

The old bridge of Dezful

The old bridge of Dezful is the most important historical monument of this city, that belongs to more than 17 centuries ago, as the oldest bridge in the world.

Where is Dezful?

This bridge was, in fact, one of the ways between Jondi Shapur area and the Mesopotamia, built on the orders of Shapur I, after the victory over Valerian, by employing Roman prisoners. Many historians consider this bridge to be the main reason for the genesis of Dezful.

Dezful old texture

Dezful, a 5,000-year-old city, is one of the most important cities in Iran, with its traditional and ancient texture besides the Dez River.

Where is Dezful?

Historically, according to the division, it is divided into 28 neighborhoods, which extends the indoor passage of the continuity of these neighborhoods.

Where is Dezful?

It has 12,000 residential units and is one of the oldest textiles in Iran. Most of the historical buildings of Dezful are made of brick and this is why Dezful is famous as the brick museum of Iran.

Dezful water mills and structures

Dezful has valuable aqueducts with several thousand years’ antiquities because of being beside the Dez river.

Where is Dezful?

These structures include water mills, aqueducts, baths, etc., which are a memorial of the majestic era of the Elamites and Sassanids. If you are planning to visit Dezful tourism attractions, do not forget these water structures.


One of the most famous tourist attractions in Dezful is its qanats. Dezful has one of the most beautiful aqueducts in the country. Because the gradient of the earth in the bed of doses as well as the elevated surface of the city from the Dez river has led to special engineering and astonishingly drive water from the river to the underground of the city.

Where is Dezful?

Therefore, the water of the Dezful qanats is not the water of the underground aquifer and is actually the flowing water of the river.

Where is Dezful?

The age of Dezful qanats is not different from the Dezful age itself, because, without these qanats, life in Dezful was very difficult. Today, the remnants of this millennial engineering masterpiece in Dezful make all tourists and visitors amazed.

Tomb of Yaghoub Leys Safari

Another tourist attraction is Dezful, a tomb located in the historic center of Jondi Shapur.

Where is Dezful?

The tomb of this Iranian commander who was also the founder of the Safarian dynasty is located ten kilometers from Dezful. He is also called the healer of the Persian language.

Jondishapur historical site

Ancient Jondishapur, which now only remnants of it around the city of Dezful is remained, is based on the historical documents, was of the beginning of the world first higher education system.

Where is Dezful?

The first university in the world, on the orders of Shapur I of Sassanid dynasty built in 1750 years ago in Dezful, that was the first science center in the world to teach such disciplines as medicine, philosophy, and astronomy to students.

Dezful Anthropology museum (Karnasian bath)

Karnasian bath is one of the most important monuments of the late Zand era in Dezful that has been renamed as Dezful anthropology museum.

Where is Dezful?

Visiting this museum will familiarize you with the culture and traditions of the Dezful people and their occupation and background in the past.

Dezful grand mosque

The first and oldest mosque built in Dezful is the Dezful grand mosque. The construction of this Sassanid style architecture mosque belongs to the third and fourth centuries of the AH. This mosque is constructed on one floor and has a great view.

Where is Dezful?

Dezful old market

Dezful old market, which built 10 centuries ago, is one of the traditional markets of Khuzestan province, which has been a place for the production and sale of handicrafts and artworks of the city. You can also buy Dezful snacks from this market.

Where is Dezful?

Dezful old market is now also one of the main trading centers of the city and is known as one of the most fascinating tourist attractions in Dezful.

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