best resturant in isfahan

Where are the best Isfahan restaurants to eat Isfahan local food?

Because of the large tray that is used for cooking Biryani, this Iranian local food in Isfahan, it is not possible to bake it well in houses

Best Isfahan restaurants to eat Isfahan local food

When you travel to Iran, tasting Iranian food while traveling is as important and exciting as seeing historical Iran tourism sites. Some people even disregard going to the museums and visiting the monument but don't miss trying this Iranian local food. 

Biryani in Isfahan restaurants

For example, if you travel to Isfahan and not try Biryani in Isfahan restaurants, it’s like you’ve never been to this city or If you don’t taste Khoresht Mast, your travel to Isfahan doesn’t make sense anymore. Although this city is known for these two dishes, traditional Isfahan food is more than that.

Where to eat Biryani in Isfahan restaurant?

Because of the enormous tray used to prepare Biryani, an Iranian native delicacy in Isfahan, it is impossible to bake it properly at home as it is in restaurants. When most people see this Isfahan local meal in front of them for the first time, they assume they are ready to leave the restaurant while they are still hungry, but after eating half of it, they realize they can't eat anymore.

Isfahan local food Biryani

This Iranian dish consists of lamb mead with minced liver. They fry them and put them in the centre of a Sangak bread with walnuts and almonds. Along with this dinner, some restaurants will provide a bowl of curd Ab Goosht to assist guests grasp the actual significance of Isfahan's native gastronomy.

Biryani the Isfahan local food

You can find the best Biryani, this delicious Iranian food in these Isfahan restaurants:

  • Haaj Mahmoud Shefa'at Biryani: here is a very old restaurant on Majlesi Street, near the Sheikh Baha’i bath known as the Rismoon bazaar.
  • Shad Biryani: Near the Naqsh-e Jahan Square, Darvazeh Dowlat Street, at the beginning of Taleghani Street.
  • Azam Biryani: Azam Biryani has three branches that we can go to depending on our location in Isfahan we can go and try this delicious Iranian food. These three branches are:

isfahan restaurants Azam Biryani

  1. Branch One: Darvazeh Dowlat - The beginning of the Abbasid Chahar Bagh. This restaurant Iranian food has the possibility of taking out the food.
  2. Branch Two: Seyyed Mosque Street
  3. Branch Three: Kamal Ismail St. There is also a dining room here.

Where to eat Khoresht mast in Isfahan?

Most travelers, when they hear the word “Khoresht mast” that is means yogurt stew when you translate it, think that the people of Isfahan use yogurt as stew beside their rice. When they ask about its composition, they are not persuaded to try this famous Isfahan food, but when they eat a bowl of it, they take back their words, so you better try this delicious Iranian food as soon as possible when you are in Isfahan restaurants.

Isfahan local food Khoresht mast

Yogurt stew is a post-meal dessert cooked with boneless neck meat, yogurt, egg yolk, and saffron. If you want to try the best Isfahan Khoresht Mast, you have some options:

  • Shahrzad restaurant: Abbas Abad street. Shahrzad Restaurant is also one of the best Isfahan restaurants that the best Isfahan local food is served here and if you arrive late, we may have to wait for a seat.
  • Haj Behzad Khoresht Mast: Molavi street
  • Dada Khoresht Mast: Khaje Amid street

Where to eat Halim Bademjan?

One of the other Isfahan local food is Halim Bademjan. Most of the people of Tehran also have this Iranian food and cook it without meat that is called Kashk-e Bademjan but in Isfahan, it's cooked with the neck meat. We should mention that in some of the cities of Isfahan province, they also add lentils to it that makes its color a little darker.

Isfahan local food Halim Bademjan

You can try this famous Isfahan local food that is also found in Shiraz too in 3 popular Isfahan restaurants:

  • Mah restaurant: Upper than Naqsh-e Jahan square in Ahmad Abad street
  • Bakhtiari restaurant: Forouqi street
  • Ash-e Shirazi: NoBaran Intersection – Bozorg Mehr street

Whre to eat Halim-e Adas?

You can read in Iran history that there is a long-lasting fight between Iranians who eat Halim with salt and those who eat it with sugar. What about you? Have you ever tried Halim? With sugar or salt? Well, we should say that Isfahan people eat Halim with Adasi! (Adasi is cooked Lentils) means they mix the minced cooked oily lentils with Halim and call it Halima Adas in their Isfahan accent.

Isfahan Local food Halim Adas

The restaurants that we mentioned above, have very famous Halim-e Adas as local Iranian food. You can also eat different kinds of Ash in these restaurants. But if you only want to eat Ash, we suggest you go to Abbasi hotel.

Best place to eat is Doogh and Gosh-e Fil in Isfahan

A sweet and salty combination? Never. Most of the people run away when they hear the name of this snack but the ones that don’t resist new flavors find out that this mixture is delicious.
The quality of the Doogh and Gosh-e Fil that we eat as Iranian food in Isfahan, has a great influence on its taste. For example, if we order Doogh and Gosh-e Fil at the first Isfahan restaurant that you see, you may regret it.

Isfahan local food Doogh and Gosh-e Fil

We suggest you visit Naqah-e Jahan square and after exploring its attractions, go to the confectioners’ bazaar and Haj Mirza teahouse. Most of the customers of this store only go there for eating this Isfahan food.

Other Best Restaurants in Isfahan

  • Ashayer (Nomads) restaurant in the Atashgah area: You can eat delicious Kebab and Biryani in this restaurant.
  • Dizi Sara in Carpet bazaar: Dizi is one of the most delicious Iranian food, especially if you eat them at the friendly and lovely Dizi Sara.

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