Valley of Stars

Have you ever seen Madmax movie? When you look at the Valley of stars, it seems like that the film is shoot here, a very...

Have you ever seen Madmax movie? When you look at the Valley of stars, it seems like that the film is shoot here, a very special and dreamy atmosphere that reminds us of special and exotic locations. here is an amazing valley that is a part of the geopark of Qeshm Island and registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

valley of stars

An Iranian film called "Dragon arrives" is also being made in this valley, which has made it more familiar to the Iranian people.

A star has fallen here

This valley with its strange form of stones has led the adventurous natives to share several myths about it. Some say the valley of stars it has been created by meteor rain, and some because of the weird sound of wind between its rocks which is constantly whispering, call it the ghost valley.

valley of stars

But the most common rumor that in the past stars has fallen from the sky to the ground and they have caused such forms of rocks. This is why today it is called the valley of stars.

How the valley is made?

What is in front of you has aged more than two million years and created by the erosion of soil, rock and sand in the Cenozoic geological period.

scientifically valley of stars has been created due to the erosion of surface waters, seasonal storms and winds over time, and has caused these interesting shapes and forms of mountains and rocks of this region.

valley of stars

The material of most rocks in the valley is sandstone and calcareous cement; this made it easy to erode them on the basis of natural factors, and this may have lasted slowly for several million years until this place is in its current form. And has become a gem for Iran tourism in the great island of Qeshm.

Chah kooh

One of parts of valley with spectacular views is Chah kooh Strait that is located inside of it. it is about 100 meters deep and the reason that they name it Chah kooh is probably because the presence of water wells inside it. (The well in Farsi called Chah and mountain called kooh)

valley of stars

This strait was a place to store natural freshwater rain which has a high value in this desert region. It is said that this valley is probably due to the breaking of a great discus arch of the valley, which has created a large dome of salt.

Valley of stars or ghosts?

The stones of this valley are from sedimentary and limestone rocks belonging to the Zagros Mountains. When the wind blows into this area, due to the collision with the rocks and their holes, it creates striking voices that are somehow scary too.

valley of stars

That’s why the local people are therefore very superstitious to this area, and also consider valley of stars as the ghosts dwelling place.

What can you do in valley of stars?

To experience the best moments when you travel to the Valley of the Stars, you can do various things:

Surf and photography

By walking to the valley of stars, you'll find a way that is marked with cobbles, so that you will not miss the route. So don't worry and get an expedition. Free your imagination to fly and walk around your hands, and make a mark on every scene. From one flail with a garter, from another crocodile and from one eagle and it goes on.

valley of stars

The sharp cones, pillars, columns, arches, and blades and strip walls are the parts that you will see in the valley, which their erosion is clearly visible. Sometimes you see seams in these walls that have a frightening look.

valley of stars

You will be redirected to the roof of the valley by the certain way, and you will find a magnificent view ahead of you. You can watch a different view from the Valley of stars above this roof, and discover more statues. Each of the sights ahead of you is a good excuse to record the spectacular images, so prepare your camera and hunt for amazing beauties.

Stone Museum

Considering the globalization of Qeshm island and recording it as a geopark, geological training and familiarization of visitors with rocks and minerals is a must for a better introduction of this attraction of Iran.

For this reason, near the valley of stars, there is a small museum in which the rocks, minerals and fossils of Qeshm Island and nearby islands, as well as some other rocks belonging to other parts of Iran and the world are displayed. Visiting the museum can also be part of your travel and Iran tour in here.

Star Trek at Night

If you are interested in astronomy or you want to find a clear sky to watch stars, you can wait until the night. It is worth mentioning that for staying overnight in the valley of stars you'll need to get Qeshm's geopark management official approval.

valley of stars

The valley of stars is really full of stars. If you stay at night is in the valley of the stars, you will find the sky filled with stars, and it likes you can handle them with your hands and watch the sky for hours and never get tired.

Also at night, maybe the valley will turn into a thriller. Various sounds come from everywhere. You may be surprised at any moment by your legendary inventory. So take great care at night.

Buy handicrafts

Oysters and escallop are Persian Gulf souvenirs that ride on waves or by divers to the beach and become converted to accessories by the hands of the artists of the island. In the valley of stars there is a small booth to buy these beautiful and eye-catching souvenirs for your loved ones and give them a valuable memorial.


Do not worry about staying on a trip to Qeshm Island. You can stay in the midst of the homesteads that blend in with the tradition and culture of Qeshm and its people and offer good facilities, as well as enjoy the new experience, you can also help the local people's economy.

valley of stars

If you prefer the hotel you should know that only in Qeshm you can go to hotels and choose between them. Sites and houses are also other options for your stay on the island, and camping can create a new experience for you.


In recent years, this attraction has reached a certain reputation. One of the things that has been done in this regard for visitors and tourists is the accesses way to valley of and also welfare and health facilities.

Best season to travel to valley of stars

To visit the valley of stars it is better to go to Qeshm from late October to mid-May in autumn, winter and early spring.

Access path to valley of stars

Best way to go to this valley is with car, that why we recommond you car rental in Iran. To reach the valley of stars you should go to the south of Qeshm and then to the west, after driving about 5 km you'll see the valley of stars Panel and Berkeh-ye Khalaf village on your right. Then enter the sidetrack on your right to reach the Berkeh-ye Khalaf. A little bit beyond that village, a dirt road leads you to the valley of stars and the ticket sales area and parking lot.

Visits information

Visit time: Every day from 8:00 to 18:00 except mourning days

Visit Cost: 20,000 IRR per person

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