Travel to Iran; Group tours or Travel solo?

Travelers use different ways to travel, traveling alone with a backpack, traveling with good or bad tours, traveling wit...

Travelers use different ways to travel, traveling alone with a backpack, traveling with good or bad tours, traveling with luxury ships at sea, etc. But usually those who travel a lot and have been professionally trained, prefer to travel without a tour to not engage in seemingly cumbersome travel rules.

Travel to Iran; Group tours or Travel solo?

Where is Iran?

It is always kind of scary and stressful if you want to travel to a new place or country. Now Imagine you want to travel to a country with completely different culture, language and people in a different continent. And this country also located in a reign where you every day you hear bad and strange news from there. Yes, you guess right. We talk about Iran.

Travel to Iran; Group tours or Travel solo?

Iran is a country with more than 4000-year-old history. But that’s not all. This beautiful country beside its historical attractions that all has special stories about most powerful dynasties in Iran from that time, is also a great destination for nature enthusiastic. From high mountains to hot deserts and beautiful beaches with wonderful weather, you can find them all in different Iran tours. That’s why we call Iran the 4 season country.

Travel to Iran; Group tours or Travel solo?

In recent years despite the bad promotions and news about Iran, Iran tourism has grown dramatically, and many tourists from all over the world travel to Iran every year.

Travel to Iran; Group tours or Travel solo?

With all of this still traveling to Iran is a challenge for many people and they really need some travel guides to see which way is better; groups tours  from travel agency in Iran or solo travel by yourself. Stay with us to give you the best advice for traveling Iran.

Iran group tours

Iran and its people and culture and cities and other things are unknown for tourists who want to travel to Iran. That’s why taking Iran tours are the first way that travelers think about it. But traveling with tour had some good and bad points.

Travel to Iran; Group tours or Travel solo?

 Advantages of group travel

1.Meeting new people: In one group, there are other people with you who are eager to discover new things in a massive way, and during the journey a sincere relationship is created between people.

2.No need for planning: In this type of trip, travel planning has already been done by the travel agency in Iran, and you will can enjoy your time, rather than worrying about where to go and what to do.

3.Prioritizing: Being on Iran tour has the advantage that local guides know how to behave in traditional places, but if you are alien to that culture and clash, you may end up losing it.

 Negative points of Group Travel

1.Cost: On a group trip with a tour, various fees for the Iran tours component are added to the amount you received, and this may not be worth your money.

2.Rigorous program: Traveling along the tour, it usually creates the requirement for you to be together with the group all along the journey, and you have few free time.

3.Program Compression: Of course, it depends on the group you are traveling with, but most of the time it's scheduled to travel, so you have to get plenty of places quickly, allowing you to get to know more places.

Given the recent currency fluctuations in Iran, this country is very cheap for travel. In fact, you can use the best facilities in Iran at the lowest cost and experience an exciting journey. But we still look at the packages in travel agency in Iran, we see that Iran tours are offered at relatively high prices, and passengers will also buy these tours because they are not aware of the real price of facilities in Iran.

Travel to Iran; Group tours or Travel solo?

Of course, this does not mean that these kind of travel agency in Iran are going to sell their Iran tours more expensive but, as you know, because there are many dealers in this direction, they have to raise their prices.

Solo travel in Iran

As we said, on a trip with tour, almost all of the predictions are already known. Of course, this does not mean that if you travel without tour, you do not plan ahead, but when you plan for yourself, you can definitely create a journey with your own pleasure.

Travel to Iran; Group tours or Travel solo?

For example, you travel to Bandar Abbas and the host constantly speaks of the beauty of Hormuz island. If you are on tour and not see the island in the tour, unfortunately, you will miss the chance to see its beautiful beaches. 

 Advantages of traveling alone

1.Independence: Everything is at your disposal. If you want to change your travel time, it is on you or if you want to stay in one place. It is also sufficient to plan for yourself and not need to coordinate with other people (other travelers).

2.Meet people: During your journey, you are responsible for everything, so booking a hotel, meals, transport, even if you want to use public vehicles or use the car rental in Iran services, etc. should be done by you, and this will make it possible to connect with different people.

3.Excitement: It's exciting to travel alone. It's just enough to start your journey with a positive view and prepare yourself for exciting adventure trips.

 Negative Travels Alone

1.Loneliness: While lonely on the journey has its advantages, but being in touch with a friend, fellow countryman, or in general, it can be very appealing, including being together in seeing new places, sharing Travel experiences but imagine that you do not have any of these, of course, at a certain stage, the trip will be tedious for you. that is why we do not recommend you to travel alone Iran, we actually recommend you to travel in Iran in a group of your friends or family without planned tours from travel agency in Iran.

2.Stress: we talk about the stress when you want to enter to a new country for the first time and you have stress for meeting new people and experience new feelings.

What is the best way to travel Iran?

One of the ways to see which way of travel is the best for you, is to use travelers' experiences which traveled to this country at least once rather than advertisements and banners, and these people usually use their blogs or share their experiences on social medias specially TripAdvisor about their Iran tours.

Travel to Iran; Group tours or Travel solo?

Our suggestion for you is to ask the people who have traveled to this country to know that Iran is safe, contrary to the imagination of many people. if you are a group of people who prefer to stay with the predefined itineraries by one travel agency in Iran, when you travel a new place, Group Iran tours are better options for you.

Travel to Iran; Group tours or Travel solo?

But if you are a group of people who love adventure and want to be free in your trip, or you want to reduce costs and to have more opportunities to travel, traveling alone is the best option for you. You can reserve hotels and local hostels or according to the number of your friends or family that you travel with, use car or van rental in Iran services and starting you journey, experience an unforgettable travel. and it should be noticed that when you rent a car, always a tour leader is with you so you won`t be worry about issues you may have when you visit a new city and at the same time you can have your own plan too.

What is your opinion of the respected reader? Have you ever been to tour? Do you think traveling with a better tour than a solo trip? Which facilities were satisfied with the tours and what were your dissatisfaction? Please share your feedback to our readers.


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