14top attractions of Iran that you cant find anywhere

top attraction in iran

The natural areas of Iran are so beautiful and unique that their example can not be found in the world. We can talk about Iran's attractions as much as you like. Natural tourism attractions make up a large part of the world's tourism industry. The country ranks fifth in the world in terms of nature tourism. The beautiful nature of Iran is immersed in beautiful forests, deserts, and mountains, many of which have combined with the sea to create extraordinary landscapes.

Tabasi Desert, South Khorasan, Iran

Fever is derived from the word "fever," meaning heat. There is no doubt that the city of Tabas is ancient, as the traces of cavemen from ancient times remain in the valleys of the city, and many villages and places in Tabas have preserved their ancient and ancient names. Tabas is known as the "bride of the Iranian desert." If you want to see this wonderful dessert, you can rent a car. So, you can rent a car and visit this beautiful desert. The rich coal mines of this city indicate the existence of dense forests and large lakes in the distant past in this region. These mines make Tabas one of the richest regions of the country in terms of national wealth.


Niloufar Wetland, Bandar Anzali

One of the most beautiful places in Iran is the Niloufar wetland in Bandar Anzali. WetlandAnzali Wetland, located 40 km north of Rasht, is one of the most pristine areas in the north and attracts millions of domestic and foreign tourists every year. Anzali Wetland is one of the most beautiful and important wetlands in the country, which makes it unique. Iran tours help you find the best places to visit. So, before you travel to Iran, make a list of the most beautiful places you want to visit, and then relax and enjoy your trip. 


Alexander Wall, Gorgan, Iran

The defensive wall of Gorgan, which is also referred to in history books as the Great Wall of Alexander or the Red Wall, is a wall that is almost as old as the Great Wall of China. Another name given to this wall is the Red Snake Wall because there are a series of red stones in the general foundation of this wall, which is why it is called the Red Snake.


Red Coast of Hormoz Island

Hormoz Island has soils with different colors, especially red, due to the presence of minerals, and that is why the color of the waves on this island is red. In the year 700 AH, Hormoz was attacked by the Mongols, and most of it was destroyed. The best time to visit Hormoz Island is in the winter. Birds and turtles also migrate this season. Hormoz Island has a mountain rich in red oxide soil, which is not just a mineral for industrial purposes but is also used by the locals as a spice in their food, sauces, and jams.


Chabahar port road to Goater port of Iran

Chabahar is the only ocean port in the country, located in the south of Sistan and Baluchestan province. This seaside town has some of the most fascinating sights, from the Ban Mist Caves to Lake Lipar. One of the natural wonders of this area is Goatherd Bay.
The Greater Port in Chabahar, known as Goater Bay, is an old and small port located at the last border point in the southeastern part of Chabahar city. Today, the existence of mangrove forests as well as a variety of fish and crabs has been able to multiply the beauty of the port of Goiter.


Chahkuh Strait, Qeshm

Chahkuh Strait is one of the strangest attractions of Qeshm Geopark, which is located 70 km from Qeshm. The presence of numerous holes in the heart of the rocks of this valley has caused water to collect when it rains. The importance of water for the people of the region and its scarcity has also led to the use of these holes and the construction of a narrow canal along the main valley and the vertical valley to transfer water. For this reason, this amazing place has taken the name of Chahkuh and is highly sacred to the local people.


Tafoni phenomenon of Verdij village, Tehran / Iran

Verdij village is the largest village in northwest Tehran, with a population of about 500 people. The water of the villagers is supplied from several springs, especially Cheshmeh Chah and Cheshmeh Pavarza, etc. Other names for Verdij village are Stone Ghost Village and Adamak Jian Village. In hot seasons, Verdij village has a cool and pleasant climate. But in winter, the cold weather becomes so intense that it causes residents to leave the area.


Kandovan stone village / Tabriz

Kandovan is one of the most amazing rock villages in Iran and the world, It is located in the heart of the Kaleh Gandhi rocks and is also known as Kaleh Ghandi village. This summer and the historical village are located at the foot of the Sahand volcanic mountain and next to the Kandovan river. The first people to enter the rocky area of ​​Kandovan were the inhabitants of a village whose name was Cunning. This village was located two kilometers away from Kandovan, and the reason why the people of that village went to that part was that in the seventh century AH, the Mongols invaded Iran and the lands of this region and its surroundings and started killing. and have looted cities and villages.

Lipar Chabahar Wetland

Chabahar is a port city that, as its name implies, has a spring climate. Between the two mountains, which are not far apart, a reservoir has been created that collects the surrounding stagnant water and turns it into a 14-km-long catchment. We call this wetland "pink lip wetland" because:

  1. 1 It is a unique lake in Iran and the world.
  2. Pink Lake is not something you can see anywhere and only a few countries have it.
  3. Chabahar Pink Lake is a good destination for bird watching.
  4. 4 The endangered marble duck species lives in this lake.


Maharloo Lake in Shiraz

Maharloo is located southeast of Shiraz, and it is 57 kilometers from Shiraz to Fasa. This lake is located next to a village of the same name, a village that dates back to the Safavid era; in ancient times, it was called Dasht-e Gol. The intensity of water evaporation in this lake is very high. This intense evaporation has increased the salinity of the lake. Increasing the salinity of the lake water has caused the reproduction of a type of red or pink seaweed of a special color. The name of this red seaweed is red. Excessive growth and multiplication of this alga in Maharloo Pink Lake have caused the watercolor to turn red or pink.


Chabahar Tang Port Beach

The beautiful city and port of Chabahar are located in the south of Sistan and Baluchestan provinces and on the shores of the Oman Sea. This blue attraction is also known as marine light-emitting bacteria and is a biological phenomenon that has made this area amazingly beautiful. Phytoplankton is the scientific name for marine luminaries, and it is enough to go to the shores of Chabahar on some summer nights, especially in autumn and winter, in the dark of the night, and precisely when 1 or 2 hours have passed from the darkness of the sky. Stay by the beach and finally see the blue fireflies come and go along with the waves. Many of these plankton remain in the sandy soil of the coast, and much more return to the water.


Colorful mountains of Aladagh Lar, Tabriz

Mahneshan city is home to Aladagh Lar's beautiful mountains. Because of their hue, especially in inappropriate light and hot weather, these mountains are excellent subjects for wildlife photography. There have been iron deposits in this region as mountains and continental basins have formed. The alteration of solutes and their kinds in sediment color has resulted in the production of Ala Dagh Lar hills, or "colorful mountains."


Miniature (Martian) mountains of Chabahar

Chabahar's Martian mountains are neither stunning nor feature snow-capped peaks; they are recognizable primarily by their unique form. A stunning pink lake named Lipar may be found among these mountains. The combination of these mountains and Lake Lipar has resulted in scenery that should not be ignored.


Shiraz valley Koohdasht Lorestan

This gorge is 5 km long, and through it, there is a river flowing in the middle of it that joins the Seymareh River at the entrance to Shears. This valley is in Lorestan province, in 55 Kuhdasht cities in the Zardalan and Old Ghobad regions. This valley, which is located in a mountainous region, has a cold climate, so the best time to travel is in the spring and summer. Furthermore, the old trees, the lush environment, and the presence of springs have made this location a suitable habitat for birds.


What we said was a little information about this beautiful country. If you want to visit this country, you should pack your things, buy a ticket, and travel to Iran. Following that, you may easily visit all of these locations and capture the greatest memories for yourself or your loved ones.

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