Arge Bam The largest adobe monolithic building in the world

Arge Bam in the Kerman province In a wide dessert in the southern edge of the Iranian plateau, Arg-e Bam; the largest a...

Arge Bam in the Kerman province

In a wide dessert in the southern edge of the Iranian plateau, Arg-e Bam; the largest adobe monolithic building in the world is located. Bam citadel is one of the most important and valuable Historical masterpieces of Iran. Ancestors built this vast historical complex on a big rock near bam before the bam river in Kerman.

Bam citadel

Bam Citadel

Arge Bam history

Arg-e Bam with more than 2500 years' antiquity, had an important role in history and culture of Iran and Keep it safe from attack of enemies many times. Bam and its Cultural, as a part of UNESCO world Heritage Site is one of the most incredible Iran tourism attractions that you must see.

The whole building is a immense castle that the Citadel is built in center of it. Imposing Appearance of citadel that is the highest part of this building too caused to name the whole place names the bam citadel.

Bam citadel in Kerman

Bam citadel

Arge Bam construction

There isn't any Significant documentation about the real antiquity of this amazing historical phenomenon and archaeologist didn’t start a research about it yet, but according to historical documents and quotes from the predecessors, its seems this huge complex had built during Artaxerxes I of Persia, one of the most famous king of Achaemenid Empire and many Layers of construction on the walls and some parts of citadel is the proof of this Claim an shows all the constructions in Arge Bam.

Bam citadel walls

Bam citadel

Arge Bam extent

It looks like 150 years ago Residents of Bam leave this big building without any obvious reason and choose Barouy-e Sharestan in The northern parts of the city in palm tree gardens out of town. Experts examine the Breadth of bam citadel and its castle about 5 Hectare.

Due to the incredible security, Strength and Greatness of this extraordinary fortress, Imad Sultanate, one the rulers of two cities in Iran, named it the castle of God.

Bam citadel after earthquake

Bam citadel after earthquake

Arge Bam earthquake

Unfortunately, after the earthquake that happened in bam city in 2003, about 80% of Arg-e bam destroyed. Many countries like japan, Italy and France start a huge Cooperation project with Iran to start Rebuilding and Restoration this incredible ancient building and after all Efforts, Arg-e Bam got out from the list of monuments in danger.

Arge Bam restoration

Today Arg-e Bam The largest adobe monolithic building in the world after that tragic earthquake rises up like a Phoenix again and 99% of the project to restoration and saving it, is complete and the citadel is ready to accept visitors from all around the world and its Backstreets is filled with interested Iranian and foreign tourists again.

Bamcetidal after rebuilding

Bamcetidal after rebuilding

So about the question that everyone wants to know that Is citadel of Bam in Iran tour after the devastating earthquake worth the time to visit? Our answer is YES!

Informaton about Arg-e Bam

Address: The east side of bam. Kerman Province. Iran

bam citadel on map

Access time: 7 am till 19 pm

Cost for Iranian nationals: 30,000 IRR

Cost for foreign nationals: 200,000 IRR

Suggested visit time: 1 to 4 hours

Phone number: 034-44314520 


Nearest Tourist Attractions: New Bam citadel


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