The Fin garden; a garden that turned into a dungeon

The Fin garden in Kashan 9 kilometers from one of the sunniest cities in Iran, Kashan, a lush and refreshing garden is...

The Fin garden in Kashan

9 kilometers from one of the sunniest cities in Iran, Kashan, a lush and refreshing garden is located and is most known attraction in this city.

About Fin garden

Baq-e Fin has a central garden full of 500 year-old Cypresses and orange trees that in spring smell of their blossoms spreads an entertaining fragrance in garden and it also has white lilies, Irises, Violets, Roses and many mansions surrounded by walls and Cylindrical towers.

Fin garden view

Abundant flowing water in streams with cyan tiles in a reign that water is really scarce and trees with big shadows that have expanded are in opposite of the big dessert of Kashan behind the walls of this garden.

The Fin garden history

Building this garden begins from the Buyid dynasty, however Abbas I of Persia, the king of Safavid dynasty, starts Building the Main mansion and thereafter it become more complete by his Successors. even the earthquake in Zand dynasty didn’t stop extending Fin garden and Karim khan Zand starts restoration this place. The construction continues till Qajar dynasty and Fath-Ali shah kingdom and its last restoration happened in Pahlavi dynasty and Since that time the garden has become its current form.

Fin garden paintings

Most important part of this garden

Although the mansions of the garden with all those paintings and works with mirrors and glasses and plasters make a wonderful view for tourists, the thing that make this garden different from the others, is not the old trees or flowers or building and not even its antiquity. The thing that make Fin garden in the category of other world heritages is its unique water supply system that it’s the result of Ingenuity of Ghiyāth al-Dīn Jamshīd al-Kāshī, the math genius that was the designer and Architect of this garden, however some archaeologists say that Bahāʾ al-dīn al-ʿĀmilī is the designer of Fin.

Fin garden ponds

Importance of water in this garden

Water is the main and most vital element in Fin garden that you can find it in different shapes there. Sometimes you can find it Stagnant in pools and spring houses, or flowing in the streams, sometimes eruptive in fountains or boiling from the holes of the pools that each of them associative a different meaning and it is the another reason that make this garden one of the most interesting Iran tourism attractions.

Fin garden myths

It comes in myths that one day prophet Solomon was crossing over a big dessert and knocked his cane on the earth and from that spot, a fountain stars boiling and flowed. And because of that, they named that fountain Sulaymaniyah, as the name of prophet Solomon but there are some other stories that tell this fountain was named Sulaymaniyah because Suleiman of Persia built a porch around and they named that because of him.

Inside the Fin garden

The Fin garden sad story

After this gardens and incredible water supply system, it's time to roam into halls of history, this garden with all of its beauty, is reminder of one of the most bitter memories in history. This garden Is the place that Amir Kabir, the worthy minister of Naser al-Din Shah Qajar and the man that was one of the samples of intelligence and courage and sufficiency in history of Iran was exiled and murdered.

Maybe that’s the reason when visitors entire this bath a Deep sadness embrace everyone and also the silence of them that came from their respect is added to The spiritual atmosphere of there.

Amir Kabir replica in Fin garden

Amir Kabir replica in the Fin garden

In this edge, this is the exact place where Amir kabir's hands vessels were cut. And they have put their replica in a short distance that shows this murder. and what a sad story is in this halls and perhaps this garden is famous because of this unreasonable execution.

If you become interested to see this wonderful garden, you shold put Kashan in your Iran tour list and visit its attractions.


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