Ten tips you need to know before traveling

Best tips you should know before travel to Iran Travel is always one of those activities, which even we have planned th...

Best tips you should know before travel to Iran

Travel is always one of those activities, which even we have planned the whole trip from the beginning, still does not go 100% according to the plan, and there may have been some things going on during the trip to change our trip itinerary in general.

iran travel tips

This is especially true when you travel to a totally different country with a different culture and history. Iran is such this destination for European tourists who want to take iran tour.
For this reason, considering the growth of iran tourism, we decided to write this article to collect some tips for you before traveling to Iran and even other countries, it is better to follow them in order to have a good trip ahead. Stay with us.


If you are a careful person and you really care about staying on your plan, surely unexpected events, delays and the last moment change of the programs will make you get upset and angry.
But if you want to make your journey more enjoyable, try to be more flexible than unexpected delays and events for at least a short period of time.

iran travel tips

Keep in mind that you've traveled for a short time to adventure, have fun and change the location and the atmosphere of your life, so look at each occurrence and adventure in the eye of a stage of this adventure that maybe you and your fellow travelers Leading to exciting events.

iran travel tips

Flexibility and acceptance of behaviors, events, and circumstances are the most important thing that makes travel safer for you and your fellow travelers.

Set a list

Always searching on the internet sometime before the start of the trip: fine restaurants, iranian food, most famous tourist attractions, ancient artifacts and souvenirs of every city in Iran. You can find this information in TripAdvisor too.

iran travel tips

Take notes one or two weeks before the journey from the information you collected or the list of items you need to take with you or what you need to do before leaving your home.
For example, if you have a list that reminds you what to do before leaving your home and line up each of them when you do them, you may save yourself from a permanent worry on the trip, for example, I've closed the window? Did I water the pots?

Learn the most commonly used phrases in your destination language

iran travel tips

If you plan to travel to other countries or you want to travel to Iran that speaks a completely different language, learning a few key words in their language, in addition to being very simple and may come to work, can be made when you buy or communicate with people in that area.

Having a copy of the important documents

If you are on a domestic trip, you should naturally carry identification documents, but in order to avoid missing out on these important documents, it is best to place it in a safe place after you have settled in your residence, and when traveling in the city do not accompany yourself. Just have a copy of it or your photo with you.

iran travel tips

If your destination is outside of the country, be sure to bring a copy of your passport and a photo of your passport photo in order to reduce the chance of missing your passport.

Research for destination distance spots

If you have traveled to Iran and decided to use car rental iran services because you wanted to explore and enjoy all your destinations in the shortest amount of time and at the lowest cost, the only way is to plan ahead.

iran travel tips

Find routes on the Internet with apps like Waze or google maps, and plan how you can see two or three nearby places each day.

Ask from the locals

It's always possible to search for a good restaurant or spectacular neighborhood on the Internet, and the opinions of other tourists are all about.
But in order to understand the local opinion and recognize the extraordinary places, one has to consult with local people.

iran travel tips

You need to tell them what you're looking for: what's the style of food and the restaurant, and ask them to guide. It has been seen that the local offerings are often better than Google and it’s always a pleasure for Iranian people to help tourists.

Do not plan your travel time by one hundred percent

Everyone who travels to Iran wants to make the most of their journey to a new place, in the limited time they have the opportunity to visit all the famous restaurants, all the historic sites and all the recreational sites of different cities of Iran. And it's natural that this is only by planning travel is possible.

iran travel tips

But the point is that planning one hundred percent of your time on a busy trip can make you distressed and do not give you enough fun and just think of the timing of your next plan.
Always have enough time between breaks for rest or delays.

Plan a few weeks ago

The sooner you go to book your accommodation and flight, especially your Iran visa, the more options you may have and you may find fewer prices.

Travel with an open mind

If you're on a train ride with strangers or sitting on a plane beside a stranger, try to respect his privacy, if you do not want to talk to him, do not disturb him.

iran travel tips

If you have seen the appearance or behavior of people in Iran that is strange for you, remember that you are in a country that is completely different from anywhere you saw before and you are only a visitor.

Put some of your necessities into your travel bag and put some items in your fellow traveler suitcase

By spreading your equipment in different bags and suitcases, secure yourself against the possible loss of a suitcase or luggage. However, if one of the luggage is lost, you both still have a bit of essential stuff.

iran travel tips

Do not keep all your cash and credit cards in your wallet; then, if your wallet is stolen or lost, you'll have no money. the best way is to hide the money in two or three bags.

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